Open Writing The Feelings Away

Noel Waldgrave

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Noel had been having so many mixed feelings when Minnie broke up with him. He had been sad, angry and confused. He wished he could go back in time and make sure Minnie was being an prefect. He would sacrifise his own position for her. And he wanted her to know that, he had told het that. But Minnie just wanted to look out for herself and choose study above him. Her parents above him, and ofcourse he had pity for her. Noel wished he could do something or talk to her parents, and explain things. Minnie and him studied all the time together. And perhaps he was an distraction to her, she was for him. But they achieved their goals together, and why not give up Quidditch instead of him. Noel needed to understand things, perhaps talk to his mother or even Liam to ask advice. That was the last thing he would do, but perhaps he had some advice which would help him. He was sure that Liam would tell him to make Minnie jealous with another girl, that sounded something like he would say. But Noel was not like that, he didn't want to hurt Minnie. He gave her the space right now, since he needed it himself. This was also an important year so he needed the focus for the classes, quidditch and brotherhood. The Gryffindor took an seat in the window at the owlery and looked at the letter he had written to his mother. He felt better now it was all on paper, and perhaps she had some advice for him how to deal with this pain. He had never felt so in love before, but also not that heartbroken. Why were things so difficult with girls? He was sure that Minnie still liked him. But perhaps he had liked her more than she did him after all? '' Stupid badge.'' He said while he looked at his own and threw it on the ground for an moment. All this pain for an badge.

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