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Open where the wild things hide.

Willow Cullen

The unsure Gryffindor
OOC First Name
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Too Young to Care
Knotted 14 1/2 Inch Flexible Willow Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core
Willow was looking for an adventure. it had been raining for the last week. straight pretty much and she wanted some fresh air. today it was dry, the clouds were threatening a light shower or two later but for now, it was dry. She left the castle and after a wander in the garden, she wanted something different. she headed over to the lake to start circumnavigating it before taking a turn off when she was a little way around and out of the sight of the castle. she wanted an adventure, she didn't want to ask for trouble. she wandered through the first few layers of treas the sunlight slowly filtering out she wandered following tracks left by animals skirting near to where she thought the edge would be, close enough so that she could still see the light but far enough that she would not be seen or heard. as she wandered she let her mind wander. thinking of how glad she was that the talent show was over. she had been so nervous when waiting to perform, her performance had gone well and she was glad that she had done it. she was glad that she had been one of the early acts. so she could watch the show without fear.

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