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Closed When a blessing comes in twos

Irene Meredith-Holland

hnz librarian | expecting | jacob's ♥
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Jacob's ♥
Knotted 15 Inch Flexible Ebony Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
Irene was in the Mungo's for her routine check up. Jacob wanted to come but had business to attend to. Quidditch business. She slowly ambled to her assigned healer when she felt pain. Stopping by the door, she gave out short breaths to control her contractions. She counted the minutes and they seemed to be getting closer. Knocking on the door, the woman went inside.
They were just about to start the routine check up when another contraction came through. She gripped the desk and barely managed to pull out her wand and quickly conjured a patronus to her husband. The healer called the others and prepped everything. Irene was hoping Jake would come immediately.

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