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Professor Davenport took to the large stage in which would pose to be the battle ground for the duels that were going to be taking place over the remainder of the year. He folded his arms over, his white-gray suit forming over with his arms.
"Welcome, students. This room that we find ourselves in is the mighty Dueling chamber. It is used by those who wish to perfect their skills -- those whom want to perfect their mental state; even for the common practice that some need to engage themselves in after a lesson of Defense against the Dark Arts. None the less; this is a room of great value, not only to your very peers, but to the school itself." The Professor nodded to those in the room.

"Beyond me here," Professor Davenport pointed behind him to a piece of parchment pinned to the wall. "Are the rules of dueling and the way to go about acting whilst in it's midst's. I expect that it shall not be an issue for the vast majority of you to follow - however - if any one finds the need to abuse the developed rules in any way, know this; you will be hindering every one else, whilst also hindering yourself. Basic misbehavior in this room will result in disqualification from the tournament of Dueling - as well as - the stopping of further Dueling club sessions until I feel that they can go ahead without risk." The professor spoke. His words were simple but full of meaning. This didn't mean that the students couldn't have fun; but to keep it within reason; thats what was expected.

Stepping ahead, toward the crowd that was lower than himself, the Professor gave the heads below a brief looking over. "Right then. Without any further adieu, lets get this show on the road!" Clasping his hands together, the Professor invited those whom were first up to begin.

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