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We Should Stop Meeting Like This

Justin Cliffeton

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Professor Justin Cliffeton led Silus Hollister to the office of his Head of House, Professor Jonathon Spenser. He couldn't understand why visits like this had to be necessary, why couldn't the students just behave? He had just witnessed Silus pick a fight in the Library, the most public of places and if the other boy hadn't of had the sense to not fight back it could have gotten really messy really quickly. He knocked on the professors door and gave Silus a look that said not to push his luck here. When they were allowed inside he motioned for the student to take a seat and then turned to Professor Spenser. "Apologies for this, but I just caught Silus here picking a fight in the library. The other student has a rather bad black eye as a result of this." He said with a sigh, a frown on his face.

Silus Hollister

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Silus barred his arms across his chest and huffed as he took a seat in his Head of House's office. He played around with the ring in his lip, and began twiddling his thumbs as he awaited the discussion of his "punishment". Oh, please, not only was Silus convinced they not be able to deal a punishment cruel enough to do have an effect on the him, but nature couldn't change.

Silus was simply a devious little s***, and nothing could be done about it. He bit his lip, holding back a snark remark, and smiling grimly. "It was a black eye, it wasn't like I attempted murder. Besides, I hadn't meant to hit him quite that hard. He's obviosuly a wimp if he can't handle a slight thwack in the eye."

He looked upon the two, his eyebrows arched, looking at them as though he was in the right -- which as far as he was convinced, he was. "I don't even work out." He said, his tone dead serious, only the deviant gleam in his eyes were a tale-tell.

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