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04/2045 (14)
Emmanuel had been to Bleak Street a couple of times. it was always an odd experience, but with his grandmother on his mother's side visiting the country before they all went back to Nigeria, Emmanuel had been nominated to accompany her and hold the bags. He didn't mind doing that, just, it was bleak street. Emmanuel knew his grandmother was seeking out specific books, she had been talking about them, and said they had a chance of being in the Silver Snake. She had insisted that Emmanuel remain outside, so he was beside the shop, leaning against a wall, holding his grandmother's purchases from the quill shop and potions shop. He had a book out, he knew he should be paying attention, but they had stopped by Flourish and Blotts and she had gotten him a book, which he was eagerly reading as he waited for her to be done.
Remy was not supposed to be in the wizarding part of town, but Remy was also rather bad at doing what he was supposed to. Mentioning magic at home upset his mother, especially now when he had the excuse of going to Hogwarts. He couldn't practice spells at home, but his father's old potions supplies were still locked in a cupboard and Remy was filled with curiosity about what could be in there. He hadn't been able to get past the locks himself and had decided to buy his own potions ingredients in order to study them over the break. The likelihood of someone he knew spotting him in town and reporting back to his Squib mother was unlikely, but Remy was feeling a little paranoid that day and took a route through Bleak Street. Paper bag of potions ingredients in his hand, he walked past buildings until he saw someone around his age just reading. Remy recognised the other boy vaguely and remembered seeing him in the library often. Creeping up slowly, Remy peered over his shoulder to see what he was reading. "Are you trying to learn about the history of being mugged by dark wizards?" he asked, the corner of his mouth curling upwards.
Emmanuel jumped, startled by the sudden voice, but he was quick to keep a hold of his book. It was brand new and to drop it on to the ground would be disrespectful. He glanced up at the boy, someone from school, though the name escaped him. He glanced back at the book and smile. ”I am sure that would be a very interesting book,” he said. Perhaps not the point of what this boy was saying, but he could imagine a book about stolen items would be interesting. ”Are you looking to steal something from me?” he asked.
Remy snorted, actually agreeing with the boy. It would have been an interesting book and it was a little saddening that it probably didn't exist. He doubted he'd actually read it though. "Dunno, you got anything worth stealing?" he asked, stepping closer and making a show of pretending to look for valuables.. "You should write that book, what with all your research out here."
Emmanuel reaching into his pocket and took out five galleons and offered them to the boy. "I have five galleons," he wouldn't mind if the boy actually took them. His family had plenty more money. Five wasn't going to go amiss at all. "As much as it would be interesting, my research is in early history, so I could at a stretch do a book on Ea-nasir, but not thieving,"
Remy was tempted the take the galleons. His family weren't broke or anything, but he only got muggle money from his mum to try discourage him to shop in the magical world. Five galleons could get him a lot of study resources, but his pride wouldn't allow it. He rolled his eyes instead. "I'll cease my criminal ways in the name of knowledge," he joked. "What's Ea-nasir?"
Emmanuel wouldn't have minded the boy taking the money and then when it was clear he wasn't going to take it put it back into his pocket. He gave a wide smile, "He was a merchant in 1750 BCE, where a guy sold some poor quality copper to a man, who then wrote his complaint on a clay tablet," Emmanuel was gleeful as he told him, clearly interested in the story and having done a lot of research on it. "Ea-Nasir is said to have kept most of the complaints made to him.
Remy laughed incredulously. Some guy who sold bad copper being immortalized forever because of it was hilarious. Usually he found history only vaguely interesting, but mostly too dry for him to bother with it outside of his classwork, but this Ea-Nasir guy was kind of his hero now. "Why would he keep them?" he asked. Being terrible at business was one thing, but holding on to the receipts of people who were mad about it? Remy couldn't imagine what that was about. "Were people early history all that strange?" Remy raised an eyebrow, curious now that he was in the presence of an apparent expert.
Emmanuel laughed lightly and gave a shrug. "I have no idea," he said, though he really enjoyed the story, partly knowing that someone would write a complaint on a clay tablet and send it to the person. Taking such time over it, and then for the tablet to be kept, like a muggle restuarnat printing out and framing a bad review. "Yes, I'd say so," he replied with a little laugh, "But no less strange than the people of our day," Emmanuel didn't think the people back then, this guy, were all that different to some of the people you could find nowadays.
Remy considered the boy's words and then nodded thoughtfully. He'd met plenty of strange people, and that was with them all living in the same world and not even separated by years of the earth spinning. "Well then, I supposed I must endeavor to live a life strange enough confound future historians." he joked. He couldn't picture himself being in any way remarkable, but he was more than a little impressed that 'guy who sold bad copper' was enough to get one remembered. "Remy Forrester, look for me under the Experimental Potions Failures section of the library in about ten years." he introduced himself, chuckling at his self-depreciation.
Emmanuel smiled excitedly, thinking perhaps he might be able to persaude Remy to join his history club, he was sure the boy was interested enough in some aspects of history. Emmanuel thought it would be cool to be remembered like that in history. "Emmanuel Okoye, I will be writing the book how on to get robbed while in Bleak street," Emmanuel replied while holding out his hand to Remy with an easy and friendly expression.
Remy shook Emmanuel's hand and considered how he really should go and do that "being friendly to people" thing more often, seeing as this wasn't a terrible experience. Learning cool history facts from strangers he approached on the street wasn't a bad outcome for an afternoon. "I look forward to reading that book," he said honestly. It did sound like a fascinating read and Remy actually hoped Emmanuel would write it.

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