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Life is a curse we’re thrown into
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Curly 13 1/2 Inch Sturdy Mahogany Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core
Starting on the campaign trail was always the hardest part, Carter thought. He'd been young and inexperienced the first time and he had a lot more knowledge behind him now, yet he still struggled to really know where to start this off. He had imagined conversations with Kiera almost every night and he liked to think she would be proud of him, here beside him. But he really just didn't know for sure. He wished now that he had told her he was thinking about it, at least mentioned it in passing conversation. It was surreal knowing they'd met around this time ten years ago. A simple horse ride, the discovery of who she was. It was all coming back to him like a faded memory, broken into tiny pieces. He smiled, it was a part of her he would never let go of.</SIZE></COLOR></FONT>
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