Victoire Fontaine

Victoire Fontaine

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Curly 12 1/2" Sturdy Alder Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
5/2024 (23)
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My full name is Victoire Oceane Fontaine, which for any one who doesn't spek french is a real mouth full. Although no one calls me by my full name ever. Like they don't need to. Not even my mothers. She'll always leave out the the Oceane, the only one who does call me that, was my nanny, when she was super annoy with me, or when I wasn't listening to her because I was reading a book or something.

Victoire- Victoire is the french version of the English name Victoria. The name Victoria is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Victoria is: Victory; triumphant.
Oceane- Is also french, and really simply it just means ocean or sea. That much would be easy to tell. It's not hard
Fontaine- Derived from old French fontane "well". It was probably a nickname for a person living by a well, but I'm not sure that's what it actually means for my family. In any case, it's the name that we've had for a good number of generations.

Victoire was a name that my mother loved. She wanted a little girl, and when I was born, she steam rolled my dad into calling me Victoire. Though he honestly had no objections to the name, since it's french and also has english roots, just like he does. The second name was my Grandmother's name, and a name that has been passed down through the generations of the family to the first female of every generation. My dad's generation which is the side of the family the name comes from, didn't have any females, so this meant I was going to have the name no matter what. I don't use it too often, so I don't often have to worry about it. My surname Fontaine, is a name that's just a family name. I can't do anything about it. Short of changing my last name, but I don't think my dad would be too pleased if I actually did such a thing. He wouldn't be happy at all. That much I can assure you. I actually really love my name. Victoire sounds like quite an old name nowadays, but I think it suits me, and I think it sounds nice when I say it, or when people call it. It's a soft name really. And well, it's not the name most others have. My middle name means a lot less to me really. I don't care much for it, but since it's rarely used it doesn't bother me.

I dislike the shortening of my name. I hate the name Vicky, I think it sounds horrid, and really wouldn't suit me in the slightest. I think it would make me sound like a five year old. I could understand some calling me V, but aside from that, no variations of my name are ones that anyone is currently using. My nanny sometimes used to call me Athena, after the Greek goddess of Wisdom, Warfare and Divine intelligence. She used to say that I was wiser than my years, and I fought more for what I believed that anyone my age. She was also always calling me smart, so from that she every so often would call me Athena. It was never often, and only when I was feeling particularly down about myself. I don't think I'd really like anyone but her calling me that. So, I'd never tell anyone that it was my nickname.

Victoire has recently turned seventeen, she is now an adult in the magical world and is very happy about this fact, it opens so many doors to her that were possible before.

I was born on May 2nd, 2024. In the late hours of the day, in a hospital in the centre of Charleroi in Belgium. I was a few days before my actual due date, but was born a health size and weight, with a small mat of blonde hair at the top of my head. The doctors had believed I would be a boy, but they were wrong. My mother says I was the hardest one of my brothers and I to give birth to. Since it took close to 8 hours.

During her time at Hogwarts Victoire worked at Ollivanders, now as an adult she works in the ministry for magic in the department of International Magical Office of Law. During the 2047 election she volunteered on Claudia Holland's campaign.

Victoire's father is Patrice Fontaine, he was an EU politician who worked for the most part in Brussels. He left that job after failing to be reelected, and got a job teaching economics at the University of Melbourne. He was born in Charleroi, Belgium. But was raised for the most part in Brussels. His father was a large business owner, who had a small but substantial empire in the North part of Flanders in Belguim. Patrice is a muggle and for a very long time after receiving the letter about Hogwarts was distrustful of these magical school, and that Victoire could actually be a witch. Although he would concede that he doesn't spend enough time at home, or with Victoire to actually know. He's an incredibly smart man, who attended university in London, Studying at the London School of Economics where he received a master in Political Science and Economics and a doctorate in Economics. He married at the young age of 24 to Freija Leclercq, who was a lobbyist working Brussels for a Nordic oil company. After their marriage she worked under Patrice's father in the Fontaine company. Patrice is openly happier with his two sons than he is with Victoire. Patrice's mother was born in Belgrade, Serbia, but moved to Belgium to get married to his father. They had gone to University together. Patrice is the eldest son of his family, and has four younger brothers, all of whom hold positions in their father's company. Patrice is very close to all his brothers.

Victoire's mother is Freija Leclercq, a strong and driven business woman, who splits her time between the northern cities in Flanders and the headquarters in Charleroi. She has taken a temporary leave from her job to help settle the family into their new home in Melbourne. But is looking to expand the company out to Australia, and head the division there. Leaving the company in the capable hands of her husband's younger brother, second eldest of the brothers. She was brought up by her grandmother because her own parents died when she was five. They sent her and her siblings to private school outside of Ghent. Where Freija went on to study Law, with Business at university in Brussels. Continuing to work in Brussels until she got married to Patrice Fontaine. It wasn't a by chance encounter. Freija had seen him from afar on several occasions and had developed a small crush on him, and decided to ask him out. They got married when she was 24, and she took a job in her father-in-laws firm. Since it had excellent opportunities for her, and because she got along really well with him. Freija is a harsh and demanding woman who is very busy. She likes keeping busy and working. She's not as close to her two older sisters as she'd like to be. But she tries.

Victoire has two younger brothers, Louis-Philippe Henri, shows no signs of magic. He's a small boy and has like Victoire curly hair, though his is brown compared to her blonde. He is a very intelligent young boy, who has a keen eye for all things maths and sciences. He doesn't attend Hogwarts because he is a muggle but does attend Eton in England. He has since all his siblings but him are magical has decided that he wants to distance himself from them. He was born in January of 2026
The youngest of the family is Tholomyès Fontaine, showed signs of magic. He's a young boy who looks a lot like his mother more than anyone. Where both Victoire and Julien are a mixture of the pair, Tholomyès is like a male carbon copy of his mother, like she was at that age, Tholomyès is outlandish, impulsive and dramatic. He's very artistic and finds himself drawn to tragedy novels.
She also has a younger sister who was adopted into the family when Victoire was about 10, she loves her sister a lot, even though they aren't as close as she would like. Vénus Fontaine, can actually pass to be within Victoire's family, looking very similar to her youngest brother. She still attends school in Belgium, the sister school that Tholomyès and Louis-Philippe attended.
Victoire is close to all her siblings, she enjoys having Theo be magic with her, and can't wait for Venus to come to school with her.

Because of the fact that both her parents has a number of siblings, Victoire has a lot of extended family.
On the her father's side, she has four uncles, three married in aunts, and one married in uncle. The eldest of the children was Patrice, after that was Antoine, 39, was is married to Belgium woman from Chatelet. They have 2 girls, Clarisse and Sofia, 12 and 10 respectively. After that, is Vincent, 36, who is married to a German man who was born in Munich, they live in the German speaking area of Belgium with one adopted boy, who is named after Vincent husband, Klaus, who is 6 years old. After that are the non-identical twins Maarten and Stijn, 34. Maarten is the only one of the family not married, he is widowed, his wife not long after their son was born, lives in Chaleroi, the son was named Mathieu, and is 15, Stijn recently got engaged and will marry in 2035, to the mother of his three children, they currently live in Brussels. Lola, Hugo and Gabrielle, 6, 4 and 2 respectively.
Patrice's parents, Victoire's grandparents on this side are also currently still alive.

On her mothers side, she has three aunts, and three uncles married in. Her eldest sister, Olivia, 47, is in a civil partnership with her male partner, they live in Lille in France and have five children, Sofia, Jean, Jerome, Amadine and Flora, 19, 17, 15, 12, and 10 respectively. After Olivia is Roxanne, 45, who is married with three boys, currently living in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, Anton, Michael and Petra, aged 12, 14, and 16 respectfully. The second yongest is Alyss, 43, who was unable to have her own children, but adopted three, one who was aged 15 when adopted and the other two when they were young children around 2 and 3, respectively. The eldest is called Anna, who is now 23. The other two, Charles who is now 6 and Axelle who is now 7.
Freija's parents died when she was five years old. They were mostly raised by their grandparents, Victoire's Great grandparents, of which both are dead.

Because of this recent move, the pets that they used to own were given away to other family members. Victoire used to own a small short eared cat, which was blonde in colour and was incredibly small. Victoire called it Kirk, after captain Kirk from Star Trek, because she had grown up watching both the old original series and the movies of her century. She was sad to leave her cat behind, but realised that it wouldn't be able to make the trip.

Muggleborn, Victoire is the first of her large family to have any magical blood. None of them even realised there was a magical world, and have found it very difficult to comprehend it. Victoire is very proud of herself, being the first witch of her family. She feels this will mean that she will do better than all the others. She is very proud of herself.

Since this is the first time that Victoire has ever come into contact with the magical world she would be incredibly surprised that there is such a problem with blood status, since she would believe that any person with any magical ability would in this world be treated with respect. She would fight for her muggleborn-ness and wouldn't ever think of it as a disadvantage. In fact, she'd believed and argue that being muggleborn means your magic is greater than those to whom it's passed down to. Since for others it was something supposed to happen, and for her, she got it by the sheer fact she was better, and stronger. Victoire would always be on the side that it was never in fact a fault, that purebloods have it all wrong.

Up until moving to Australia, Victoire was lived in Charleroi in the french-speaking area of Belgium, more commonly known as Wallonia.

She is currently living in Melbourne Australia, in a large house on the suburbs of the city, but still close enough for an ease commute to the university where her father teaches.

Victoire is mixed, her family is from Belgium as is she, but she was born in the french part of Belgium and does identify herself as more Wallonian than Belgian. Some of her family are however from the Flemish speaking area.

Since moving to Australia, Victoire has gone through quite a change, so the place she'd loved to be is back home in Charleroi, her house there was older and had more character. Her room felt better, bigger and all her friends lived nearby. She was also close to her nanny who spent the most amount of time with her. And she misses her more than anything. She misses that more than anything, so Victoire would love to just go back.

FIRST HOME: A large, three floored house in the nice, rich area of Chaleroi. It was an old house built in the late 1800s, and renovated after being partially destroy during both wars. It has an old feel to it, but the interior is largely modern. Her bedroom is on the third floor, where her brother's bedrooms also are, they share one bathroom, and have a study area as well. Her parents mostly occupy the second floor, which is mostly open plan, and has a study for both of them, a large bedroom and bathroom. As well as room for exercise equipment. The bottom floor is the least used area of the house. It has a large kitchen and dining area, and a living area, all of which are rarely used. It has a small garden outside, due to the fact the house is fairly centre to the city.

Victoire is a little young at this point to know what she is. She's in a stage where she's not quite noticing how people look. She dresses very casually, and like a tom boy and doesn't pay attention to if she actually looks good. So, she doesn't pay attention to others either.

Victoire is currently in a relationship with her classmate, Jean Snow. Due to his family however they haven't told anyone about the relationship and nor will they likely ever. She does however really enjoy the relationship and though it has it's issues she loves the intimacy and she does love him.

Victoire has had a few crushes while in primary school. Though they were mostly just her liking from afar. She had a crush on a Spanish boy in her class who was only there for a year, and then also a crush on a girl who eventually just became her best friend, and all romantic feelings left.
While in 2nd year, she has developed a very small crush, on the fourth year student, Perseas. She doesn't fully realise that she has a crush on him, but she certain cares for him and cares about him dearly. She will feel the crush probably grow with time, but for now, it's a small crush on someone whose just shown her a lot of kindness since she arrived at Hogwarts.

Victoire has been enjoyed her first kiss which was with her first boyfriend, Jean Snow. Prior to that all she experienced were the usual the usual kiss on the cheek greeting which replaces the english handshake when meeting family members and friends. For Victoire this consists of three kisses, and not one as it is for some in the French speaking area of Belgium.

Victoire has shared her first real kiss with Jean Snow, much within the same time frame as her first normal kiss, non-french kiss, and she will admit to really loving how nice his lips are on hers.

During her time at school she dated Jean Snow, until just after Avie Mitchell's death


Not yet.

When I was a kid ,
i used to buy and sell gravity ,

Victoire takes after her father in having blonde curly hair. Which his is now dyed a dark brown colour, and is too short for it to be noticeable that it is curly, Victoire has long, just below the shoulder length dirty blonde hair which sits in natural wavy curls. She has a fringe and her hair is generally very messy and falls into her eyes and face. She loves her hair, and doesn't like to keep it up too often. Though it can be a nightmare to wash. She will often keep it up with a lose clip, or ribbon. She doesn't brush it often, and lets it sort of just grow out. It's unruly, and her mother is always telling her to brush it, and keep it tidy, but never forces her, so Victoire keeps it as it is.

Victoire loves the fact that she has blonde hair, and would never change it for anything in this world. She would considering dying the ends of it something like purple or blue. But nothing that would last too long. She loves her hair, and thinks of it as her best feature, so she would not be interested in losing it. It's also why she's always wary when cutting it. She doesn't want to ruin her hair, by messing up how it's suppose to look. She loves her natural hair, and would only really dye it to keep it that way when she's older.

Like most others in her family, Victoire has light blue eyes, which are a stark contrast to her fairly pale skin, which due to her location is very rarely tanned. Her eyes have a little yellow around the pupil, but this is only visible if someone is close to her. She likes her eyes, but it's a little annoying when her eyes are pretty much the same colour as everyone else in her family, so she's feeling less than unique.

As a young girl, Victoire's body can be describe as small and slim. She's shorter than most others, and will not very likely be overly tall. She has a thin build, just because of how young she is, and because she takes part, or took part in a number of school activities in her last school. Both athletic and non-athletic. She knows that she's going to grow over the next few years, but really has never been bothered by her appearance. She rarely makes an effort to make herself look good. And doesn't exercise for the sake of, rather simply because she enjoys it.

Aside from a few freckles around her body, Victoire lacks any real birthmarks. She has no freckles on her face, and they are few and far between. She is unlike both her brothers and her father who all have a good number of freckles and a couple of birth marks. Victoire has none. She feels a little cheat, since freckles and birth marks make a person more unique, but in the same way, where she also doesn't mind.

Victoire has never needed a blood transfusion, but her mother thought it was necessary for Victoire to be aware of her blood type, so now she knows it. Victoire did some reading on B- when she found out, because she knew very little about blood. Just so she could find out who she could donate blood to, and who could receive her blood. However, since she is so young and has a very small fear of needles it'll be a long time before she actually will think about donating.

Victoire is Right handed.
She is naturally right handed, like all the others in her family. She has incredibly neat hand writing, despite her young age. Unlike her younger brother whose writing is a mess. She can not write with her left hand, and while she has tried a number of times, struggles so much, and the writing itself is so awful, she just gives up. Preferring the right hand.

To Come

Since Victoire is from Belgium, her english isn't great. It has gotten hugely better in the past few months since moving to Australia, but she speaks with care, and a has a fairly light french accent when she speaks. She'll spend most her few months at Hogwarts carefully translating every sentence and word spoken to her. But, she worries she'll have more difficulties when pronouncing the spells.

As her mother was born and raised in Ghent, and her father in Chaleroi, Victoire is fluent in both French and Flemish. Her french is better than her Flemish, but that's due to the fact that she lives in the French speaking area of Belgium. Her Flemish however has no hint of french in it. She's also fairly fluent in English, learning most of it from her father, and various muggle tv shows that she would watch in both English and french. Her nanny spoke French with her most of the time. So, of the three French is her strongest language. Victoire also has some, but not much, knowledge of German, because of her cousins currently residing in the German-speaking area of Belgium. They don't visit often, but when they do, Victoire likes learning it from them. She also doesn't find it too hard, because of her Flemish.

Victoire has a very slight allergy to chocolate, but this allergy has decreased in severity over the years, and the family doctor expects that in a few more years, it will be as if, Victoire was never allergic in the first place. Though he advises her to not over do it. Which is not a huge bother for Victoire, since she only really likes chocolate in small portions rather than large ones that then make her feel sickly, even without it become a reaction.

Victoire has a very casual style, she likes dressing in reds and blues. She will in the summer wear large oversized t-shirts and knee length socks. She wears knee high socks with skirts and shorts, and matches that with tank tops and large american style jerseys. She wears boots with jeans and boyish t-shirts. She dresses casually, and often messily. The few times that she'll wear a dress will be incredibly rarely. She's mostly wearing skinny jeans, or chinos that are dar blue in colour. She likes mixing colours, even if they shouldn't be mixed together. Her uniform is always worn messily, tie never done properly, socks higher than normal, shirt never tucked in, sleeves rolled up. Jumper or cardigan on top. In the summer, just wearing the school blazer, which is a few sizes to big for her. Her hair, always loosely tied back with either bows, or clips. Messy buns where barely any of the hair actually stays in the bun. Despite her slightly more casual style, Victoire does love skirts and often wear one. She doesn't really care about her appearance, so she'll wear whatever she likes. She'll wear things she found in must-go bins, or the high end stores. She'll mix and match. She thinks of fashion as just a way of picking the clothes she likes and wearing them. She doesn't care if she looks a mess, or if it doesn't fit her.

Yvonne Strahovski

Dove Cameron: 1st-3rd

I knew how to fly ,
i would teach you for a fee ,

Victoire likes a lot of things, she enjoys reading a lot. She loves books about history, all parts of it. Anything and everything about history she loves reading about. She has a particular interest in civil wars and revolutions of any kind finding them truly fascinating, but also in ancient civilisations of Europe and Africa. Victoire loves learning, and she loves debating with people. She finds herself getting very passionate about things that might not otherwise interest her when it comes to debating. She likes the fact she's a muggleborn witch and would never think of that as a disadvantage, she loves wearing a uniform, as it takes away the time from her morning she'd have to dedicate to finding clean wearable clothes. Victoire loves singing and humming to herself. She hums when she reads, and she sings never very loudly, but enjoys it. She loves the colour red, and loves learning languages and comparing them. She loves playing with kids her age, and having fun. She also believes very strongly in working hard and has a strong belief in herself.

Victoire hates injustice, though at her young age she realises that whatever she might do wouldn't exactly do much. She hated when people are too stubborn and stuck in their ways to change their outlook, which is in part ironic, since Victoire is herself very stubborn. She dislikes people who are bullies, and will always fight against them. She hates mostly mundane things, like icy, cold weather which just isn't fun to be out in. She dislikes gardens that don't get properly looked after. She's not a huge fan of hospitals or places like that. She is very distrustful of people who say that they do not like history.

Victoire has a number of good habits which could also double up as bad habits, depend on how you look at them. She's incredibly hard working, and works hard for everything. She loves reading, and will read at every possible moment. She reads anything and everything, rarely having any sort of filter for things. She's more advanced in her reading that most her age. She has a strong sense of self belief and knows that she can achieve anything if she works hard enough. Victoire is incredibly passionate about things, and will never really relent. She'll do excessive amount of research for even the smallest of tasks. She cares for her friends, and will put their needs in front of hers if she needs to. She's a natural leader, and she does enjoy getting her way, but instead of forcing people she'd rather change their minds.

Victoire is incredibly passionate, which also can make her at time incredibly stubborn, so she'll rarely back down from a fight. It makes her short at times, and ruthless. She doesn't expect everyone to share her views about things, but she'll be vocal about them, which isn't always a good thing for people. She can been overly excited about things that people might find silly, or pointless. She can at times over think things, or even jump to conclusions about certain things, though she tries to not. She's wary of things she doesn't know. She can at times appear to not entirely care for people, even though the opposite is try. Just when she gets passionate about something, it's the only thing she'll focus on. She can be a little harsh, and not very good with sensitivity of others, though she might try. Often she goes off in to little fantasies, which help nothing.

Since she is now going to magical school, her goals for life have somewhat changed. She wants to do the best she can in magic, prove that she can be a great witch, despite not being blessed with magical genes. She hopes that she'll be able to get everything that she wants from her education, and that at the end of it all, her parents might find the space to accept her for who she is, and not expect her to be something that she is not. She also hopes to make many friends while at school, and continue debating.

Victoire would be very taken aback by this, she would see her family all gone. Every single member of it gone. As much as Victoire would've rather her nanny be her mother, she is afraid of being alone, and would not be able to handle well, not having her parents, or her brothers, or her extend family. Without them, she isn't sure what her life would be like. She would see any, possibly all of them dead, leaving her completely alone in the world. In a place that she is unfamiliar with, completely alone would be her greatest fear.

Victoire would love a patronus, and it would most likely take the shape of lioness. Since they are the ones to fight, to get food, and to protect the young. Victoire fights for herself and others, she works to get everything and she is incredibly protective and loyal to her friends. Which is why her patronus would likely take that shape.

Getting her letter. She had never thought she could ever get such a thing. It had been completely unexpected. They had been sat around the dinning table, having been in Australia a week, so boxes were still arriving from Belgium, and an owl flew into the room, and the letter was dropped in front of Victoire. She opened it, and was in complete awe. She thought it was first a prank by her parents, but they knew nothing about it. It came with many instructions and well she couldn't believe that she was a witch and that she had the good fortune of such a thing. She would work hard, and this opportinuty for something great made her smile non-stop until she went to Hogwarts.

She has a dream in which it turns out that her nanny is actually her mother, and that her nanny, who is her mother is a sibling of her real biological mother. Meaning that she keeps her family, but she is also less of a disappointment to her actual parents. Knowing that her nanny would be proud of her no matter what.

Her worst day, was shortly after her younger brother was born, when she'd been about three. He was brought home, and Victoire had been left with a nanny who was new, and Victoire didn't know yet. Her parents ignored her as they brought home the child. She thought that they could no longer see or hear her. Since they weren't paying any attention to her. She felt angry at the new baby, incredibly upset about it. It wasn't that her parents had been neglectful toward her, just that they clearly preferred the new baby over her. She felt alone, and it was the worst feeling in the world to her. Which is always why she fears being alone. Though, it was also the day that her nanny told her that it would be alright, and that her younger sibling was bound to get more attention, that it was alright to be upset over it. Victoire cried herself to sleep that night, but eventually she came to understand what had happened.

Like with the boggart, Victoire's nightmare is her family being dead. Even more to that, for a long while growing up, after her brothers were born, she had a recurring nightmare where she disappeared and she was still there but no one could see or hear her, and more that, that her parents just didn't seem to notice anything was wrong about their lives, not even that Victoire wasn't there anymore.

She would admit that she'd terribly afraid of failing, of not being good at magic no matter how much she tried, and that she would never in the end help anyone. That she would be a failure.

She would imagine herself back in Chaleroi, with her nanny in their old house, learning magic together. As much as she loves the magic part, and honestly can't wait to be learning magic, Victoire misses her home and would like to go back. This will most likely change as Victoire grows up and develops her abilities in school.

The fresh smell of books, libraries and book stores. The smell of waffles and pancakes, lavender and lilies. She loves the smell of the sea, the salt air, fresh mint toothpaste and freshly brewed coffee.

Victoire looks up to her former nanny, and probably this will always be the person that she inspires to be like. Her nanny was at university while looking after Victoire, and dedicated her life to childcare and children's rights. To Victoire her nanny was a beautiful and kind woman, who is exactly what she'd love to be. The person who told her to fight, and stand up for herself. To never be ashamed of who she is, and always fight for herself and others even if it seems pointless. To be proud of her mixed heritage, and most proud of her french language. She showed Victoire how to do most things a mother taught their child. While reminding her that she could be whoever she wanted to be. Love whoever, dress however and never expect no for an answer. Victoire gets her passionate nature from her, and most of books are ones that she was bought by her. For Victoire there is no other person in her life whom she could look up to in such an easy fashion as she did with her nanny.

No one in her family is particularly religious, they never attended any form of religious building, and she was taught about religions in school, never at home, so for the most part having grown up with out it, she doesn't believe in anything. She doesn't think there is a God, but in part would sort of wish for it to be true. She doesn't pray, and she doesn't fight for others to get in the good books, Victoire believes it's just the right thing to do. She loves churches, the cathedrals and all that, and is respectful of those with religion, she is just not a believer.

Victoire is a Taurus, due to her birthday being May 2nd

Underneath their cool, calm and collected exterior, Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. They will let others get close, but only so close as they want them. Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees they simply won't budge. And, there is no such thing as an open-book Taurean. Their feelings, fears and desires often run far deeper than anyone around them would guess. Taureans are sometimes regarded as snobby, withdrawn, boring, or even sulky. The truth is, when Taureans manage to operate very adequately on their own form of automatic pilot, they can switch off from the world around them very efficiently. This is the sign that strives to create tomorrow in advance, rather than leave it to fate.

Strong, loving, stable and sure are the watchwords for the bulls of the Celtic lunar year. Cows/bulls are the ones you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, honest opinions and solid advice (particularly in relationships). These Celtic animal signs have bullseye intuition and can spot a liar from a mile away. Because they're highly intuitive, they can be misunderstood as moody or over emotional. They also come by stubborness honestly. They have excellent taste, and have a flair for classy elegance in fashion and home decor. These signs are as trustworthy as the day is long, and know how to keep a secret.

Victoire is a complex girl who is an incredibly intelligent, and passionate girl. She will always fight for those who she feels need to be fought for. She'll stand up for herself and has a good idea of what she's worth. She's not overly harsh on herself, but will take the failures that happen in her life as something that went wrong because of her. She rarely blames others for her mistakes, believing that approach to be solely for cowards. She loves to lead, and enjoys getting her way, though she'd rather get her way by persuading others to her view point that any brute force. She's incredibly loyal and caring when it comes to friends. If her friends need her, she'll go to their aid. She will stand up for her friends to those who see fit to bully them. She doesn't really take no for an answer, and enjoys a good amount of debate with people. During her childhood, Victoire was starved of affection, and this means that she can be wary when it comes to people, and touching. She will try, and always give everything her best. From this, Victoire's passionate nature really comes to light. She will read everything and anything to do with a subject that has caught her interest, and will love talking about it to others. Victoire is shy in some respects, she is nervous about her acceptance into the magical world, so she'll act more brash and rise to any accusation that she can't do things as well as someone born to a magical family. She's also shy about her singing, and will rarely, if ever sing above a whisper. Victoire is because of her strong nature incredibly brave, and will rarely back down from a fight if need be, though she'd prefer to use words and not fists. Victoire is in short a young witch who is loyal to her friends, hard working and passionate.


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Victoire Fontaine

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Charles DeGualle School in Charleroi, attended both the preschool and the primary school

Victoire attended her primary school until they moved to Australia. Her parents had decided once they got to Australia that she would start in the new term, and for the time being she'd learn from home. Which due to her acceptance to Hogwarts never actually happened. Since attended primary school in Belgium for just under 5 years. And she enjoyed every minute of it.

While it was a private primary school, and there was a uniform, there were no houses. With only about 20 students in each year, there was really no need for houses. The school had thought about putting them in, but voted against it.

At six years old, everything for Victoire was massive, she couldn't believe the grandeur of the school. It had as a part of it the preschool and the secondary school. It was huge, and it was incredibly busy. There were students everywhere. But, everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming, and Victoire had no problems fitting in with the other students. Many of whom were also her neighbours, so she knew most of them. She was also glad to no longer just be at home all the time, and able to always have others to play with.

There was no formal sort of marking scheme, but Victoire was intelligent and was one of the the smartest people in her year, so had their been grades Victoire would've done very well in them. She worked very hard, despite the fact it was just primary school. She wanted to be the best, and the way to do that was by working.

By far, her favourite class was history. She loved every part of it, and often did much more work than necessary. Both of her parents had a small amount of love for History, so there was an endless supply of books for her to read, and the teachers who taught history were always Victoires favourite. Of all the subjects she did, it was the one that Victoire found she could do with so much ease. It was endlessly interesting, with countless possibilities.

Victoire had never enjoyed music. She loved singing, and she loved playing the odd, terrible tune on the piano. But having to preform in front of others and things like where not things that Victoire liked to do. She didn't see why she had to do it, and if was the one class where Victoire was not one of the top students. It's one of the few areas that she is truly shy about. And doubts her talents in it a lot.

Having always been there to prove herself to her parents, Victoire never missed a day of classes, in all her years in school, she only missed two, and both due to illness where she was physically unable to get herself to school. Aside from that, Victoire was always in class, and would've never really dreamed of not being there. There were a few times, where Victoire wished she could leave earlier, since she had generally finished before others, and had interests in other places. Or when she'd already done the work, and read up before the class and was therefore ahead of the class.

Victoire was an avid member of the debating club, and the student council. She worked hard in both. Enjoying going to debating contests against other schools, and she enjoyed the pretence of the student council. Victoire understood that it would be unlikely that she ever manage to change anything in the school, but she liked being a part of. Victoire was also part of the football/soccer team, playing a striker and always enjoying it. Most of time Victoire would leave school relatively late because of the clubs she was in. She is eager to join clubs in Hogwarts.

She left in the year before positions were given out, so aside from being on the student council for close to three years, she never achieved any other positions, though Victoire was sure that she would've been a junior prefect. She's looking forward to things she can achieve while at Hogwarts.

I walked through that storybook life ,
full of "have" and "have nots" ,

Curly 12 1/2" Sturdy Alder Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: Alder wands are best held by those who are kind and helpful and becomes a loyal and trusted helper itself when controlled properly.
Core: The animal is known for its healing qualities and unbridled beauty, so it is no surprise that wands with unicorn hair are particularly successful at performing healing spells. Wands with this core bond with their first caster, making wands with this core not good as hand-me-downs. These wands are useful with charms and transfigurations.
Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.

Victoire is fascinated by her wand, how it picked her she doesn't know, but she finds that it's perfect for her. She doesn't know why, but it feels like part of her. Like an extension of her. When she first went into the store, she wasn't expecting much she didn't think anything would really happen, but she as soon as she found it, and she'd given it a wave, it was like a bit of her that she hadn't even known had been missing was suddenly found. She couldn't believe it.

Having read up about sorting before going to Hogwarts, Victoire knew what to expect and where she might end up, but she had been nervous. What if the hat couldn't place her. She trusted it, but she didn't know if it would actually be able to place her. She was pretty unsure about where she would end up. She didn't think she was particularly associated with any of the houses. She wanted to be sure it was a good fit. Victoire was also glad that she wasn't going to be the first to be sorted, and she actually got the chance to see what actually happened and which house was which. She was incredibly nervous until she was sorted, then, in that moment she knew whatever the decision was it would be the right one.

Hogwarts New Zealand is the school that Victoire is very happily attending. She received letters from both Hogwarts New Zealand and Beauxbatons, because of when she moved, but, in the end Victoire knew Hogwarts would be the better fit for her. It also put a lot less strain on her parents who had no clue as to what was happening to their daughter.

Victoire couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it was real, that what she was seeing was her school, where she'd be studying for seven years. It was grand, and a castle. The hallways were filled with students, and it had grand rooms, with high ceilings. It felt magical to her. Like the there was just magic in every possible corner of the room. She was excited and keen to explore, to visit the library and learn all she could about her new world. She wanted to take part in every club and know everything about the place like the back of her hand. She was in awe, as soon as her eyes laid upon the school, and she knew it would be a perfect fit for her.

I was sorted into Gryffindor. Which I was hoping for, so I'm glad that I managed to get it. It'll be good fun I'm sure.

The lose red bow, barely tying her golden blonde locks up, slipped further with each little step. The young girl was in complete awe, she had never known such a world existed. She was what was called a muggleborn, and she was nervous. It was difficult enough that this was her first time in New Zealand, she'd only lived on this side of the world for a few months, it was new. All of it. The option of going to study in France had been in front of her, but her father had insisted that New Zealand would be good enough. Though, Victoire doubted that he actually know what good actually was in this case. He was a muggle, he had never been in contact of magic, he had never seen magic used, nor would he for another while. Victoire it seemed was the odd one of her family. And so, she found herself alone, in New Zealand, at Hogwarts New Zealand, with a crowd of boys and girls her own age, and she had no idea what to expect. It was strange to her that she was in such a place. How could this all possibly exist and yet, the muggles not know that it was there. She couldn't understand it, but she was eager to learn all that she could. It was a new and interesting opportunity. Victoire would fight to stay in this school, she would do all she could to be the best student. Victoire wanted to prove herself to all of these students who more than likely actually knew about the magical world, and all the things like that. She knew that she would be part of a small amount of people who didn't know much about magic. Sure, since getting the letter, she'd gotten everything on the list, and read up, but it didn't really all add up. She needed more. More to read. Thankfully, she was finally at the school, and they would be sorted and at last she'd be able to go find the library and read up on some of the things that had been puzzling her. Victoire realised they had stopped, so she took the opportunity to fix the red ribbon in her hair. Tighten it, and make it a better bow. It was the ribbon given to her by the woman who'd practically raised her, and that hadn't really been her mother. She let her eyes look over the other students. Victoire, stood a little smaller than most, she large blue eyes, and long, curly blonde hair. Strands of which framed her face giving her a much young look, though she was the same age as the rest of the students.

It was at that, the doors opened, and the students moved, Victoire who'd not been paying too much attention was nudged forward by some more eager and focused students. She followed inside and noticed the four tables, just like the book had said. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw. Victoire had found it hard to place herself into the house system. She thought she could be in any. She knew that she'd been a bit badly placed in Slytherin, due to the fact she was the first of her family to be a witch. Victoire wanted to either be Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. She wanted to prove that she was smart, and she believed that because she was passionate and stubborn she'd make a good Gryffindor. Once the group stopped at the front of the room, the girl pushed through to stand right at the front. During this time, she pulled out the ribbon from her hair, realising that she should probably wait to see where she got placed to see if she could really wear it again. The professor in front of them motioned to a hat, who began singing. It moved, and was singing. Victoire could almost not believe her eyes. How could it do that? She was mesmerised by it. The girl wanted to know the how and why of that hat. She wondered why the voice sounded like it did, how it had gotten it's ability to tell where students had to go. Victoire was almost upset when the song was over, she wanted more. But, the sorting got underway. She was eager to be sorted, but was not so eager to have wanted to be the first, thankfully, with her name this was hardly the case. "Fontaine, Victoire" hearing her name in that sense made Victoire laugh. She knew there was a Fontaine de la Victoire in Paris. She wondered if that was a conscious effort by her parents, Victoire was not really french, but she was from the French speaking part of Belgium, and she spoke fluent french. The girl had the ribbon tightly in her hand, she sat on the stool, hoping that her thoughts weren't too focused on how amazing she thought magic and the hat was, so that the hat would be able to place her. With the hat finally placed on her head, Victoire Fontaine waited for the verdict.



FIRST - FOURTH YEAR: As first years go, this for Victoire was pretty fair, she didn't do as well in classes as she expected herself to. She has been working hard in the classes, but as a first year new to magic it was hard for her to be able to actually keep up with everything. She did however make plenty of friends and joined a good number of clubs of which she is very happy.

Victoire graduated in 2042

Graduation came more as a relief to Victoire than anything. She had studied hard for it, and was excited to be graduating but with all that happened in her final semester she knew it would be good to close the chapter on Hogwarts and be able to move forward with her life. She was very nervous about giving a speech, but it all went fine, she was happy to have achieved all that she did in school and would never change it for anything.

How could this be the end of her schooling? How could seven years have passed already, it felt like just the other weekend that she had first arrived, with the red ribbon in her hair, and sorted happily into Gryffindor. So many things had happened in between then and now, and though being a first year felt miles away the sorting process was as fresh in her mind as it had been the moments after it had happened. This sight was so familiar, she was staring at the front of the hall, where the headmistress stood and in a matter of moments she would be called up by her and she would stand in front of all her peers. The only difference between those two, was the people in the hall watching her, and the fact that she would be speaking, but it was reminiscent of that time. The memory played in front of her as she listened to the head mistress greet them. Of course, their year group wasn't really finishing on the high note that others might've and Victoire didn't feel anticipation or joy about this ceremony more relief that she could finish this year, it was just a pity that this year had gone so badly and that it was her last. She was nervous to graduate, happy to have achieved so much but her final year, final semester was wrought with so much she'd never wanted to deal with that she knew that the strongest emotion she felt was relief. She knew the way was forward, she had to move forward, the future was in the palm of her hand and all she had to do was follow the right path, once she left this hall there would be no looking back.

Victoire looked up as the headmistress called upon her and Jean, and Victoire spared a small glance at the head boy before standing and walking to the podium. She had prepared a little something, not too much because she doubted that anyone here would want to stay longer than necessary, the head girl glanced at her fellow students, the graduating class, people she had spent seven years with, and the loss of Avie had never felt so plain, because he should've been here with them, he should've graduated with them. Quickly Victoire cleared her throat staring down at the podium before letting her eyes glance back out at the crowd in the hall, "Welcome friends, family, professors and my fellow graduates," Victoire gave a small smile to the crowd taking the smallest of pauses, "It is difficult to believe we've been here seven years, we've had seven years of classes, studying, quidditch, seven years of halloween parties and yuleballs, seven years of each other." Victoire had begun thinking about a speech the moment she'd gotten the head girl position but so much had changed what she'd originally written didn't seem right, "We've learned a lot during our time here at Hogwarts, our professors worked tirelessly to give us all the best shot at life outside of these walls, but perhaps the greatest lesson we've all had to learned is that life is short, a person could be here one day and not the next. As we venture out into the world, let us remember that. Let us strive to be the best at whatever we do, let us strive to find happiness even when things are bleakest, let us strive to never take a moment for granted." Victoire took a small breath, pausing for just a moment, "Congratulations Class of 2042, it has been a pleasure. À votre santé, thank you," Victoire finished taking a moment to just smile at her fellow classmates before standing back and allowing Jean to move forward.

As Jean had finished his speech, the proceedings of the day continued, and while this wasn't the graduation ceremony she had pictures as a child when she'd seen the university students graduating, it did hold in her mind the same level of importance, it wasn't like wizards seemed to really do further education in the way that muggles did, and though when she'd first come to the school it had been a point of concern she had in her time at the school come to realise that it wasn't too necessary, that she wouldn't need it. Her studies within school could be continued at her own pace outside of school and didn't really need to be measured by exams. But in any case, this was her graduation, and though it held a number of emotions she wouldn't have otherwise associated with this day, she couldn't help the slight glimmers of happiness and pride that filter though her emotions. She had done all of this, she had managed it, she had worked hard throughout school and it had paid off, it would pay off. The teen straightened up her uniform, glancing into the crowd and finding her both her parents and her brother, having a limited amount of tickets it hd been prudent to invite the brother with whom she had first shared this world with.

Given that her surname was one of the first, it wasn't too long into the ceremony when her name was called, she brushed down her skirt as she walked across the stage, shaking the headmistresses hand and thanking her in the process. She held the piece of paper lightly in her hand as she walked away from the headmistress and once again took her seat, she placed the paper delicately on to her lap, clapping politely for all the others within her year who were celebrating this day with her. When it final came to Jean's turn, she felt a small amount of sigh for what had been between them, what hadn't been allowed to continue outside of school, her feelings for him still existed, she knew it would take more than a few weeks to get over it, but she was proud of all he'd achieved, even if she could not long tell him as such. The ceremony didn't last much longer, and for that Victoire was pleased. When it was closed and she realise with a rush of relief that it was over, that her school was done, she couldn't help the calm that washed over her. She had managed a lot in school, but the wider world was hers and Victoire had no intention of stopping until she had mastered that. Never would she be not good enough. Victoire smiled to herself, before making her way through the crowd, calling to her parents in rapid french. This was only the beginning as far as Victoire was concerned.

Victoire was made a prefect in fifth year, and then in her final year she became head girl. At being made prefect Victoire was flattered, but it was being made head girl which she felt so honoured by, it's one of the two highest positions students can achieve and she wanted to do right by it, she wanted to be a good head girl.

First Year

Potions: E

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: E

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Flying: A

Second Year

Potions: P

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: P

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: A

Third Year

Potions: P

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: P

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Ancient Runes: P

Care of Magical Creatures: P

Fourth Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: A

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Muggle Studies: E

Arithmancy: O

Sixth Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Muggle Studies: O

Arithmancy: O

Apparition: Pass


Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Muggle Studies: O

Arithmancy: O


Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Muggle Studies: O

Arithmancy: O

Victoire would say that her best class is the astronomy class. While being one of her favourite lesson, she would say that it's one of the best because of how much it can teach you. She loves learning about the stars and learning about things she really didn't know about previously. She loves learning about it, almost as much as she enjoys learning about politics. She just thinks that it's an endlessly fascinating thing.

Despite how hard she tried in it, Transfiguration is the class which Victoire struggles with the most. She loves the professor and the way the class is taught but for her, the spells in that class are the most difficult spells that she has to deal with. It's just really hard for her to keep up and really wrap her head around the fact that they are able to do such things. She has a similar issue with charms, but it's not as serious.

Easily, Victoire's favourite professor is the history professor, also the Ravenclaw head of house. While she'd always thought her favourite professor would be the head of her own house, she loves history more. She loves the class, everything they have been learning in it and all of that. She loves everything about the class, and the professor is so much better than she ever expected him to be. Most history professors she's had tended to be boring. But, not him.

Victoire doesn't really dislike any of the professors, she would say that the one she liked the least was Professor Styx, but that's just mostly due to the harsh nature and cold presence that he has. Victoire respects his teaching style and is much more used to that from her old school, but she really thinks that perhaps he should hold back a little bit on his blatant hatred of kids.

When I was a kid ,
my grandfather was a preacher


He was something like a teacher ,
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Victoire's favourite colour is red. She loves the way it makes her feel when she wears it. She loves the way it looks in paintings and she loves roses that are red. She loves the boldness that red can be.

Victoire doesn't really have a least favourite colour. There is no colour that she would avoid, since she's the kind of person who believes that every colour has it's purpose and you really like colours in certain situations over others.

Victoire is a huge fan of summer. She loves the spring/summer transition, as the spring flowers stay in bloom as the flowers take over. She enjoys the new amounts of sunlight and warmth. She enjoys being able to go outside more often, and wearing less layers. She loves when her skin tans ever so slightly. She likes the idea of new beginnings and the period before summer where the temperate is not overly hot.

The depths of winter, where the storms rage, and everything is just bleak. Where nothing looks happy, and the sunshine is rare and treasured. She really hates the way the wind can be so strong and so freezing. She doesn't like the short days and long nights. Things are just better with more light.

While Victoire loves school, she is not in the slightest a morning person, for that reason, she really loves sunsets. She likes the colours they can take. That it can change from night to night. And how easy it is to see a sun set over a sun rise. She loves sunrises, but prefers sunsets because she doesn't have to be up super early for them.

But you could never spend his wealth ,
Victoire was born in Belgium, she is the eldest and sole daughter of her family. She was born with next to no complications and was a healthy baby upon being born. Both of her parents are incredibly busy people, with high powered jobs which meant that being around to raise Victoire was not a top priority. She was raised mostly by a Belgian nanny who taught her the importance of education as well as the importance of knowing what was going on in the world. Victoire was an active child who liked reading with others as well as playing around. Her younger brothers were always preferred by her father and he spent a lot more time and patience on them that he ever did with Victoire. But Victoire really holds no hard feelings about this. She and her nanny have always gotten along very well, and were far closer than any of the other members of the family were with anyone else. Victoire attended private school in her home town, while her two brothers were sent to private boarding schools when the became of age. Victoire began showing signs of magic when she was about seven. Obviously being muggleborn no one quite understood what was going on, but it became clear when Victoire received her letter to Hogwarts.
Victoire's family moved to Australia a few days before Victoire's eleventh birthday. She was pleased for the move and though she left behind the nanny that she loved the move was important to her and her father, during which time they grew close. However things changed when Victoire was accepted into the magical school and her parents realised that they had a witch in the family. Victoire was very pleased and as was her mother. Her father seemed less certain about it and was very skeptical about it. However they allowed Victoire to attend. Being at school and away from her home has greatly changed the dynamic in her family. Victoire has been distanced from them because of it. Victoire loved learning magic and really took to it while at school. It came both easily and naturally to the girl. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning magic and her education has improved with time.
Upon arriving at Hogwarts Victoire was sorted into Gryffindor house and was rather shy about being in a house with others, unlike her siblings she had prior to the school never lived in a boarding school, and this was a new experience, but she settled in well, making a few friends and began working hard at her classes, all of which to her young mind were interesting. She made friends with Perseus and they got along exceedingly well during their brief friendship and Victoire developed a small school girl crush on him. They attended the Yuleball together when Victoire was in third year.

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