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Katya Balik

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Katya couldn’t believe it. She and Ezra had finally found some time to stop working and actually spend some quality time together. Though they’d been dating or several years now, they were both generally quite busy people and often made time for themselves, separately. When Kat had first met Ezra, she’d taken an instant liking to him and it had evolved pretty quickly after that, but it had been after seeing him with his ex Karah, that things about him had started to make sense. Failed relationships tended to do that to a person, after all. She loved Ezra with all her heart and nothing would ever change that, but she’d realised quite recently that they had been together just shy of seven years and their relationship hadn’t changed. Realistically, Katya wasn’t getting any younger and she was worried that without a nudge in the right direction, Ezra was never going to ask her to marry him, if that was even what he really wanted. She didn’t actually think that he would have stayed with her for this long if he didn’t love her, but then if that was the case, why had he not asked her yet? Potentially, after everything with Karah, Kat had thought that maybe Ezra was waiting for her to ask, but that seemed silly. She was beginning to think that maybe he’d forgotten that they weren’t married. They’d certainly been together long enough that they would be considered married in quite a few countries with all those rules around relationships. One of the reasons Katya had chosen to move her career to the Sanctuary was to hopefully remind Ezra and let him see she wanted to stick around, but alas, it seemed the love of her life just didn’t notice. Time to take matters into her own hands, she supposed.

Katya stood up out of the water and made her way onto the sand. She’d always loved the beach after all, it was warm and nice under her feet. She’d spent her formative years in an orphanage in Poland, beaches had not been a thing she’d seen a lot of. The first thing she’d done when she'd been adopted was to head to a beach. "Mio?" She called, heading over to where he was sitting and grinning. "You should come into the water, it is very nice." Mio of course was a shortened version of a nicknamed she'd called him when they'd first started dating and she'd kept shortening it and changing it slightly until it became Mio, which she adored. "Perhaps you will want to let me cover you in sand, or build a castle, or sunbathe with me?" She asked, kneeling beside him and smiling.

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