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Ambrose Webb

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Ambrose admittedly knew very, very little about American football. He was more of a rugby fan himself but he had also almost forgotten to bring a Halloween costume so had grabbed an older one at the last minute. Next year he would perhaps put more thought into it, now he was just glad he had remembered to bring a costume at all. Plus, wearing the helmet was kind of fun. Even if it had kept him from also bringing a ball because he knew he'd have to carry the helmet when he got tired of it. Or when he wanted to grab a drink like he was doing now. That probably would've ended in a disaster. Ambrose glanced around, taking a sip of his drink as he looked at all of the costumes that passed him by. Some were cool, some were a little low effort and others were.. interesting to say the least. He enjoyed it though and it made him appreciate that he hadn't ended up coming in his own clothes just because he had been silly enough to forget.
Tanith was eager to see what the Halloween feast was about, even if she felt shy about it. Hopefully Teddy would be there. She hurried into the hall, fussing with her outfit and smoothing out her skirts again- only to knock into someone. She yelped, and stumbled back, hands shooting out to try and steady whoever she'd run into. "Omigosh I am so sorry!" She apologized immediately. "Are you alright?"
After getting himelf a drink Ambrose had decided to walk around and see what sort of activities there were at these parties. He had noticed the tent and was eager to check it, but the apple bobbing seemed fun as well. Not to mention the pinata. Before he could pick where he wanted to go first someone ran into him though, causing him to spill his drink. "Nah, youre good." He responded immediately when she apologised, not even thinking about it. Accidents happened and being mean about it wasn't his cup of tea. "Aaand luckily this is an old costume." He added with a nonchalant smile when he looked down to see half his drink had now found its home in his shirt. "But yeah, all good. Honestly."
Tanith smiled shyly, though the smile dropped when she saw the drink on his shirt. "Oh, dear, I'm so sorry," She apologized again, looking for some napkins or handkerchiefs or something. She looked around, chewing on her lip and taking a deep breath. She looked back up to him, peeking through her ginger bangs. "Would you like to go over to the snack table and I can try to help you clean up?" She offered.
Ambrose shook his head when the girl, whos name he was trying very much picking his brain for but could not come up with, apologised again. "Nah, really, it's fine." He ensured her, glancing down at his shirt once more. "If anyone asks I'll just say it's fake blood or something." Ambrose laughed. At least the red-ish colour he could play off, it would've been more awkward should he have been drinking pumpkin juice.
Tanith took a deep breath and did her best to try and let it go. She didn't want to fixate on it when he didn't seem to mind. So, she turned to face him with a more genuine smile, hands folded behind her back. "Fake blood is a good cover," She agreed. "My name is Tanith," She held out her hand to shake his.
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