The Valentines Dance

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Professor Katherine Alicastell

Hogwarts Headmistress Wizengamot Interrogator
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As always, the Great Hall was lavishly decorated for yet another yearly event for both staff and students to enjoy, and take a much needed break from the stresses of school life, even if the new term had only just begun. The room was bright, with splashes of red, white and pink in place of the usual house colours, and the long, rectangular tables were replaced by smaller, heart shaped tables that lined the sides of the hall. Even smaller and much cozier, yet open tables dotted the area for couples to enjoy some of their time away from the crowd, one on one, without allowing them too much privacy. The ceiling, usually appearing as the outside sky, was obscured by an elaborate canopy of leaves and vines, with large roses constantly shifting from bud to blossom, their petals dropping slowly down to the guests below, disappearing before they could reach the floor.

Even the house elves were enjoying the Valentines atmosphere, as they seemed to every year. Dressed in white towels embroidered with hearts and sporting large, feathery wings, they appeared almost cherubic, if not for their bat-like ears and large eyes. They worked to fill fountains of raspberry flavoured punch, and set the tables with an assortment of cakes and baked goods fresh from the kitchen ovens down below.

Allowing everyone to settle, Katherine greeted the student body, welcoming them to the great hall event, and hopefully a joy filled evening. Once she had finished speaking, the Headmistress raised her wand, conjuring a pair of floating harps that began to play slow music on their own accord, signalling the start of the dance. From her position at the head of the hall, Katherine kept a watchful eye on everyone gathered, to ensure of no inappropriate behaviour.
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