Closed The Shopkeeper and the Snake

Luxen Silverback II

The Snake 🐍 Among Sheep 🐑
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Brian V
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Mixed Blood
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Single (Not Looking)
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Curved 12 1/2 Inch Unyielding Yew Wand with Doxy Wing Core
Luxen couldn't believe when he'd stumbled upon the surname Burke and that it had belonged to a family of shopkeepers. Particularly one that had a shop located in Bleak Street where his own family had once founded a shop. Even more impressive was discovering that Professor Styx's wife had in fact managed that shop before becoming a Professor at Hogwarts thanks to his book on old wizarding families he had been read months ago. It was fortunate for him that 'Purebloods' loved to brag about their status and thus were rarely unknowns if you knew where to look.

He knew that he wouldn't actually have Professor Styx as his Transfiguration Professor until much later but had decided that he needed to meet her before the end of the year. Her husband didn't seem to particularly like Luxen compared to some of the other students but it didn't mean that his wife would feel the same way. He didn't know much about his family's history on Bleak Street and she was perhaps the only one at the school that had first hand knowledge of what his grandfather had been like. He had checked out 'Transfiguration and the Dark Arts' by Lupin Thirdwest earlier and still had it in his hands when he walked up to Professor Styx's office door and knocked several times. It was late in the evening but considering she taught advanced Transfiguration, he suspected that it was likely she was still working there.

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