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May 16, 2044
Monday Weeks, ever since he transferred to Hogwarts New Zealand, had done nothing but exceed. Top Points Earner for his house 2 years in a row, the Quidditch team beater, and a dueling champion on top of that. When he thought he could not climb any higher, he was now a prefect of his house. Monday was unsure if he wanted to drop anything to make things easier on him because he felt like his sanity would crack under the pressure, but somehow he persevered. Monday even had some clubs that he was involved in, just not as much. His social life was nothing to be happy about, but the prefect eventually found himself in the owlery so that he could send a letter out to his mother to inform her of Friday’s sorting. Gryffindor, just like Wednesday. Monday remained the only Ravenclaw, and there were no Slytherins yet. Saturday and Sunday could make that happen. Monday had to think that this year, the fifth years all had new professors to endure. New methods of teaching. The OWLs. Monday crossed his arms and looked out the window. Of course, as he was thinking, he could hear someone coming his way. "It might be unintentional, but it is rude to sneak up on a prefect."
Emmanuel had come back to Hogwarts with an eager attitude. He had had a good break, spending time with his family always did that. he was feeling positive about his fourth year and the state of his classes. He had written a lette to his parents, letting them know of his safe arrival at school and his promises to have a good year at the school. Emmanuel was climbing the steps up to the owlery and once inside did spot that his owl was standing right next to a person and it was clear they had realised it. "I am sorry, it is unintentional," he said and he tried to summon his owl to him so he could leave this boy but his owl did not move. "My family owl has decided today he's not flying to me," he explained, as he then obviously had to get closer to him to reach the owl.
Monday did not expect an apology so quickly, especially since his accusation was a bit off the wall. He looked over his shoulder to see another Ravenclaw. Monday was only confident with who those in his year were, not any other year. The prefect noticed that he seemed to be struggling a little bit, and explained the problem. An owl problem. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few owl treats. He approached the slightly younger Ravenclaw and held them out. "Try this. Animals are often enticed into obedience with food," Monday felt that it should work. He’d try it himself, but he had no idea which owl was the lad’s. "I’m Monday. Apologies for my accusation earlier. I’m a little on edge today." If only he knew why. Probably just typical teenage things with his hormones everywhere. Surely, that would explain it. He did not like it because it meant he was not always in control.
Emmanuel didn't have any snacks, but knew this would've likely made things easier for him, and leading him to not disturbing this boy. He took the owl treat and then gave a sharp whistle and the family owl made its way to him. ”It is all good, my friend! We all have those days,” he assured the boy, Monday. The Ravenclaw gave his family owl the treat which it took eagerly and then Emmanuel extended his hand out to Monday. ”Emmanuel, we share a house,” he introduced himself, and he knew Monday, well, he'd never met him properly, but he was on the quidditch team, the top points' earner. ”Can I ask you a question?” he asked.

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