The last of the last

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Hell had no space to stretched, hell had no comfort but the voice of inside your head. Hell was small and uncomfortable, hell did not even have the ever desirable to be breath easy. It's mostly bleak and no light ever shine, no light ever broke across the long corridors. Hell was loud and noisy only when the noise was that of someone dying, otherwise hell hardly awoke. It stayed soundless, which drove those in hell to sanity. "Sleep brings no rest to me...." said the man, sitting by the edge of his cotton teared up bed. "The shadows of the dead" he recited, oddly he could remember such a poem in the middle of hell while his soul was forever devour by the dark enigma that prey of his once healthy anatomy.

He heaved over, his fogged mind already erased of most of his good memories, he so tired and old. "My wakening eyes may never see" he continued in faint whispers, "Surround my bed" he question this odd line in the poem, the one that never made sense to him, but at last as he resumed reciting the poem, he could feel his atmosphere change at instant. The air grew cold, and his body shook for the last moment of life passed him. He knew already what was going to happen, their dark figure hover over him, and as he took that small moment to recover his last memory, he was forced into the air and threw against the hard walls.

"My only wish is to forget" he said in cold whisper, "In endless sleep of death" terror followed him in restraint and he was kissed by the pale of their ugly lips. His soul rip away from his body, and he no longer felt apart of this world anymore. The end was bitter sweet....if only it had long lasted for him to enjoy and relish in thoughts.

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