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Savannah Walters

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02/2046 (15)
Savannah knew this costume was a little bit of a cope out. She'd worn some nice clothes, and then stuck a white coat over it. She had a muggle stethscope and that was it. She'd done all she needed to for it. Savannah had seen other costumes, but there were none that she would be willing to wear. This was just much easier. The ravenclaw prefect walked into the great hall and was glancing about at the different things going on. Trying to spot anyone she knew but mostly just headed to the drinks table and grabbed herself a pumpkin juice. She wondered if technically as a prefect she was supposed to help make sure everyone at this feast behaved.
Dorian usually sat these sorts of things out, and for very good reason he thought bitterly, avoiding a kid who went past in costume on a skateboard and scowling at their back fiercely. He hadn't even had a costume, choosing to just wear plain black instead but Ezra told him he needed to be more social. Frankly Dorian would rather be back in Ravenclaw tower where it was quiet and didn't smell nearly so much of pumpkin everywhere.

He had seen Anisha, dressed up like some sort of princess, the blonde hair throwing him enough that nearly moved to speak to her before thinking better of it. Savannah was much safer ground, he figured, joining her near the punch bowl with a overwrought sigh. "Would have thought you'd be reading," he said, feeling actual disappointment that for once she wasn't. Talking about books sounded a lot more entertaining than whatever seemed to be going on on the dance floor or in the great, bloody big tent set up in the Hall.
Savannah hadn't been at the drinks long when she'd been joined by Dorian. She glanced at the boy and shrugged. "I am capable of not reading at events," she replied before just glancing back out at the things on offer. "Where's your book?" she asked him, since she also couldn't spot him with any book either. "Although I would've figured this wasn't your scene at all,"
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