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what started as a friendly game of chasing..as now turned into a lone runners nightmare - as Andromeda struggles to the 5th floor corridor.

"Just another 2 flights!" she was breathing heavily at this point but ...determined to go on.."TAG!" she called and made her way to the staircase...
Carly like always was lost. She heard runnind and the girl, witch was Andy, hit Carlys shoulder and shouted out "TAG!" "What is going on here?" Carly yelled but it was too late and Andy was already around the up the stairs.
"Maybe you should stop and take a breath. You don't look so good" Said Carly with a smile. "I mean, i could not even do the first 2 floors!"
Andy laughed..."Randa is on her way too...down there somewhere!" Andy looked over the bannister to see if she could see Miranda, she didn't know if she had given up or not!
"Boredom was setting in! have ....to ...run!" Andy smiled before attempting the next flight of stairs.

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