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Tullia Whitlock

irish; aspiring astronaut; beaux 3rd year
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03/2048 (13)
Tullia hadn't thought she'd end up at Beauxbatons, she had been so set for Hogwarts, but with all the changes in her life and her getting into the junior space summer camp, she had come to the area and it had been decided she'd go to the school. So rather than a house, or New Zealand, she found herself in France at a school that felt too fancy for her. But, the girl had already scoped out the library - it was amazing - and she was now coming out to the quidditch pitch. She was keen, in this new country, to get involved in the things around her, the different sports, where she might not have otherwise bothered at Hogwarts. She had a second had broom in her hand and was just heading to practice. As she walked to the pitch, in the very warm late summer sun she spotted a boy about her age with a football.
Duke was having a great time on his own. He'd probably set up a bit of an informal match later, but right now, he was too busy playing on his own. At least, until he noticed a girl with flaming red hair walking his way. "Hey, heads up!" He called, before trying to pass her the ball.
Tullia hadn't noticed the ball until a second too late and was just able to duck out the way of it. "What on earth?" she said, the irish accent bleeding into her words at what she said. "You can't do that to people," she told him with a frown. She huffed a little before grabbing the ball and the tossing it back towards him.
Duke frowned, catching the ball easily. "Hey, calm down," He offered in surrender, holding up his hands. "It's pretty common, well, friendly, I just thought we could have fun." He gave her a friendly smile, putting the ball under his arm before walking over. "Duke Dallaire," He introduced himself.
Tullia didn't think it was pretty common to be throwing a ball at someone who was just walking. "I'm doing something else right now," she told him. Tullia was listening as he gave her his name but then shrugged. "Tullia, and I have places to go," she said.
Duke laughed lightly, kicking his ball up into his arms and jogging after Tullia. "Wait up, red!" He called, giving her an easy smile as he reached her. "I'll come with you," He offered. "Where are we going?" He questioned, trying to map out where they were in his head. But he hadn't seen which way she was headed so it was hard to guess.
Tullia watched him as he caught up with her. She slowed her walking, letting him catch up. Though maybe the first introduction had been a little rough, she did need friends. "My name is Tullia, Duke," she said when he caught up with her. "And I'm going to the quidditch," she said. "Where I am going to borrow a broom and practice ahead of the try-out,"
Duke smiled, and wandered along after her. "Oh, sure, I can come practice with you?" He offered, holding up his soccer ball. "What position are you going for? We could toss this back and forth?" He suggested, wanting to be helpful now that he knew where she was going. "Friends?" He asked with a cheeky grin, holding out his hand to shake.
Tullia shrugged a little. She wouldn't stop him from joining her, but had figured he was less interested in those things when he had a football under his arm. "Beater, so you can toss it and I can hit it," she offered instead before shrugging. "If you prove yourself in our practice, then I'll think about it," she definitely wasn't going to promise this boy anything.
Duke laughed lightly. "Challenge accepted," He offered with an easy smile, starting towards the pitch. "You seem pretty intent on the whole Quidditch thing. You really love the game that much, huh?" He questioned, wanting to get to know his new maybe-friend a bit better.
Tullia shrugged a little to him. "I'm just keen to be playing sports and flying, both of which are achieved with quidditch, so it's just logical for me to play it," the girl replied as if it was better. "You seem pretty intent on getting to know me," she replied. "Why?" she asked. It was pretty much probably just because they were both first years and it made sense, but she was curious about it.
Duke listened to her answer. It made sense, and it was a good one. He chuckled at her question. "I like being friendly," He offered easily. "I guess you could say I'm an extravert. I enjoy being around people, enjoy making new friends." He shrugged like it was an obvious answer. "I'd like to be your friend, and I don't mind working for it."
If the boy, Duke, was an extrovert, then him wanting to make friends with others made sense. "I think you mean extrovert," she said with a slightly pompous air. "You'll be putting in a lot of work for something that won't be worth it," she informed him. "But I won't stop you," she added, since she didn't think he could be stopped, best to just let
Duke laughed. " Nah I'm absolutely an extravert. I like things to be a bit extra," He replied easily. "And I think it is worth it," He teased her gently. They were getting closer to the pitch, and he was starting to vibrate with some excitement. "I can't wait to play- if your games are going to be held here, I would love to watch you play," He nodded decisively, knowing he'd be at every one of her games thaat he could.
Tullia rolled her eyes at him, of course he had an answer for it. Of course he was extra. That much was pretty obvious to her. "Sure, I'll let you know when they are, since you might be so extra as to miss the notifications on the notice boards," she teased lightly. Though her voice was a little more on the serious side than actually teasing.
Duke laughed and threw her a playful wink. "Thanks, Tully, you're the best." He smiled easily as they walked onto the Quidditch pitch. He started stretching, rolling his neck and touching his toes. "I'm so ready for this," He laughed lightly. "Come on, let's see if you're any good on that broom," He gave her a sly grin before taking off into the air, not even bothering to play at first and instead just zooming around and throwing in a few twists just to show off.
Tullia watched as Duke flew up into the air and then rolled her eyes at how he did it. She wasn't sure she'd ever like this guy, tolerate sure, but actually like was unlikely. He was so...full of himself. She placed her broom down and in practiced steps put her hand over it and summoned it into her hand and then kicked off into the air. It was clear that she was not as sure on a broom as he was, but not unskilled. Just having not had as much occasions and spaces to practice. That and the more time Tullia spent on the broom, the slowly more confident she became.
Duke flew to Tullia, keeping pace with her. "You know," He called out to her, smiling easily. "I think with a bit more confidence you're absolutely going to be the best on the broom," He complimented her. "Have you spent much time on a broom before?" He questioned, curious about his new friend.
It felt silly to Tullia that Duke was keeping the pace with her so much more easily than she was managing it. "Some," she replied a little shortly, mostly just trying to focus on staying upright on the broom and not falling off. She would grow more confident as time went on but she could admit currently her confidence wasn't at its peak. "Why aren't you trying out?"
Duke shrugged. “I’m just not that into it. I like to keep a variety, but I don’t like to spend too long focusing on a single thing. I like playing, just not enough to do it full time.” He offered easily. “But I am totally free to fly with you all you like,” he gave her an easy grin.
Of course that was what this boy said. He was good at something but it wasn't interesting enough, didn't keep his attention enough so of course he wouldn't do it. Tullia rolled her eyes at him. Perhaps if he just tried to do it for longer he might like it. "You won't be totally free every time, and that's fine, I'll make the team and then be able to practice with those people."
Duke pouted a little. "Aw, but I want to spend more time with you," He told her, giving her another easy smile, just flying lazily beside her. "What else do you wanna do then?" He asked. "We could like... eat lunch out by the lake or go exploring the castle?" He offered, thinking that she might want to do other things than just sports.
Tullia wasn't sure why he really wanted this. Why he was so desperate for her to spend time with him. "Fine," she agreed, if it would get him off her back, and give her a bit of space. This would just be the way to do it, and she could let him down easily enough afterwards. "Now are we going to practice or just stand around?"
Duke laughed and nodded, setting off to practice with her. He was really having a good time, enjoying just playing with her. They kept at it for close to an hour before he approached her again, a wide smile on his face. "Hey! Having fun?" He asked, throwing her a playful wink.

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