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It's time for Sorting!! 🎉🎉

As usual, there are two routes for bringing new characters into the school for Y35:

Sorting is the best & quickest way to bring a character into the school. The sorting hat places them in the best house for them and they enter as a first year (11 years old). We recommend this to all new members on the board. We also encourage you to fill out the sorting form based on what your character is like (not what house you want them in :glare: ) - there have been known to be some terrible things that happen to people who aim for a specific house. There are some changes to sorting, so we encourage you to thoroughly read through the information on sorting topic!

This means your character is older than 11 and started their magical studies somewhere else. This can also mean that your character is only wanting to attend HNZ for a short period of time (1 or 2 semesters) as part of an exchange program. These are applications and are by no means guaranteed to be approved. We look for devotion to the characters and reason for transferring/exchange as primary ways to decide who transfers in and who doesn't. This should not be used as an avenue for ensuring a certain house or just getting a seventh year.

With sorting having now commenced, Y34 roleplays should be moving towards ending. We also ask that new students not join any Y34 roleplays since you wouldn't yet have been at the school. :p New students should absolutely feel free to begin their own fun Y35 roleplays. Don't forget to leave them open for even more magical fun! :D

After you've been sorted, don't forget to let the sorting hat know what you think by heading to the reaction topic!

If you have any questions or concerns about the sorting process/application or believe you should have access to post and can't, please feel free to reach out to Emzies via PM. Sending the message to both of us will ensure whichever of us is on can begin to address your concerns.

🎉:party: HAPPY SORTING!!!!! :party:🎉

(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)

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