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Samantha Jacobs

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23 (06/2037)
Hello everyone!

Apologies for not being on the site for ages! I've lost my muse for a bit and been busy in real life, but I'm ever so slowly getting back in the swing of things! The last couple of months have been tiring and quite busy - My family and I had lots to do during the xmas period, as well as planning our trip! We finally have things planned for our trip to The States in July! Which I'm super super excited about!

But yes! I am back, ever so slowly! So if there are any past plots you'd like to discuss as well as any current/future plots, I'm all ears! Though I may pick and choose for now, as I don't want to put too much on my plate!

But I'm excited to be back and plot a few things with you all!
Welcome back!

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