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Casper Kinnek

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6/24/2038 (22)
Cas had been struggling with his muse that day. Not feeling up to being cooped in his studio, and with his main muse busy at work, Cas had decided to go out for the day. With a warm scarf and a stylish wind-breaker, Cas had gone out to Obsidian Harbor. Finding a seat, he watched the crowds, searching for some muse. Eventually, he settled on sketching the clouds peeking out over one of the shops. He was sitting cross-legged, bent over his sketchbook. His blond hair fell into his eyes, and he hummed softly as he worked, lost in the process.
Ivy was nine. the best thing about being non was that she was now allowed to walk to the ministry after school. It was good. she had time to look at the shop windows, and on Fridays she got her pocket money and her mum let her have another hour before she had to be at the ministry. today was a Friday and she was walking down the harbour trying to decide if she wanted some new coloured pencils, a magazine, an ice cream, or save up for something bigger. she had just passed the ice cream parlour when she saw someone familiar sitting on the bench on his own. She went to sit next to him "Hey, Cas. what are you up to?" she asked sitting down next to him and swinging her legs
Cas hadn't been expecting any company, much less Ivy. He was drawn from his work as she sat down with him, and he looked up to her with a smile. "Hey," He greeted, before shifting to face her more. "I needed muse, so I was just out here drawing," He told her, offering out his sketchbook so he could show her what he'd been working on.
Ivy smiled when casper greeted her it felt cool to be hanging out with cas. because unlike lin he wasn't her brother. he was in a way. but he was also just a cool guy who wanted to hang out with her.
she looked at the book and smiled. " That is so cool." she said. looking at how caspers skill could make a few lines look like. a complete shop. she traced her finger just above the page following the shape of it. "how do you always draw so well? it isn't fair" she said. it seems so simple but still clearly the menagerie. " The menagerie is one of my favourite shops and you even put the cats in the window" she said. looking closer. he really was very good. Even though she wasn't sure exactly what his relationship was to her she was glad that they were friends.
Casper chuckled, letting Ivy take his sketchbook to look at it. "Lots of practice," He told her with a small grin. "I could teach you if you'd like, but as with anything it would take a lot of time and practice to get really good at it." He told her, running a hand through his hair. He smiled, looking back at the menagerie. Just because Linden wasn't available, it didn't mean that the shop wasn't. "Which cat is your favorite?" He asked her with a gentle smile. For him, Lapis was the best cat in the world, but that was a biased opinion.
Ivy wasn't sure how someone taught drawing. She had done art at school, and it seemed like some people were good at it and others weren't. She was defiantly not someone who would make a career out of art like cas could. "maybe I just need to practice more." she said. Not sure if she had the patience to really practice.
She looked at the cats in the window, examining them as best as she could from the seat, which was set a fair way back from the storefront. not that she really needed to examine them. She knew her answer. She paused for a minute as if contemplating. "It's a hard choice. a few of them in the window look cute. though it is hard to tell from here. The only answer to the question it is lapis" she said. leaning against Casper, her attention returning to the book as she turned the page. the picture was clearly a quick sketch of someone, back turned in the kitchen cooking. it wasn't detailed. in fact quite the opposite. but there was something in the posture or was it the shape that showed it was clear it was her brother in the kitchen. "did he know you were drawing him then?" she asked
Casper chuckled. "Well, practice does make perfect," He offered. He wasn't sure Ivy would stick with it, but that was alright. She would find her passion somewhere. He studied the cats as she did, though it was too close to get a good look up close. He laughed out loud at her statement. "Well, Lapis would love to hear that," He teased her, running a hand through his hair. He leaned back, not having to look at which drawing she was talking about. There were plenty of drawings she could be talking about- and all appropriate, he never brought the other sketch book out of the flat. "Probably not," He chuckled. "Though he knows he's my muse. I don't think he'd be surprised." He mused, giving her an impish grin.
Ivy smiled as cas laughed at her comment. She was glad to make him laugh. Though she was being serious. Lapis was by far her favorite cat. though maybe if she had one of her own that would change.
she was surprised that cas didn't think lin had seen the other picture. "it's nice. i think he would like to see" she said.
when cas said that lin was his muse it sounded pecia; but she hadn't heard of ot gefor. "What is a moose" she asked. wondering if it was a special name for a boyfriend.
Casper smiled softly. "Well, maybe I'll show him then, if you think he'd like it," He told her, taking her opinion seriously. When she asked what a muse was, he blinked. "Muse," He chuckled, correcting her pronunciation. "A muse is like a source of inspiration; something that helps you when you want to do things." He tried to explain, hoping he didn't sound silly.
Ivy giggled. “of course he will like it. He looooves you”. he said drawing the word out to emphasise it. She loved both of her brothers. And enjoyed it when she got to go annd stay wi th them. They were far more fun than willow. she knew cas want her brother it was easier to think about him as one as that is what he was to her.
She listened as Casper told her about what moose’s were and nodded. okay. Is a moose always a person or can it be something else. she asked curious. She didn’t know what hers was or if she had one?
Casper laughed lightly. "I certainly hope so," He offered with a gentle smile. He laid his arm over the back of the bench he'd been sitting on. He smiled softly at his little sister. He considered her question. "I don't think it has to be. Some people find the beauty in nature to be their muse, or listening to music. I think everyone has their own muse, you just need to find it," He offered, reaching over with the intent to try and brush back some of her wild curls. "Linden just happens to be mine."
“You could pick anything in the world to be your moose. And you picked my brother.” she said. does that mean you are his? she asked. If anyone else was here he would probably say to stop bugging cas with questions. But she was here with just cas. And it sounded interesting.
Ivy flipped through the book to see what else case had drawn. there were some more pictures of lin. a lot of pictures of lin some causal like the one of him sitting half sideways in a chair half curled one foot on the seat reading. a couple when he seemed to be posing. and some that were not real. him with all kinds of animals. there were also a few pages of just hands or just eyes, bubble people in different positons. and one page of a landscape with a tower set on its own in a deserted landscape. it was a simple sketch with just hints of colours. purple the ground was what looked like purple heathers with a few spots of bright colours. and the tower had dark walls with ivy growing up them, it looked like a place in a story. maybe where the witch lived or where the princess was trapped. not someone evil but someone who liked being alone. "this is nice" she said.
Casper laughed lightly. "I did," He smiled warmly. Linden didn't know it, he was sure, but the other man had really become Caspers light. He shrugged at her question. "I don't know, you'd have to ask him," He offered, running a hand through his hair. He let her flip through his book, watching over his shoulder. He smiled as she paused on a landscape. "You like that one?" He asked. "I could paint you one for your room if you'd like."
Ivy smiled, glad that she could make Casper laugh. "I will do. maybe that would work out what my muse is" she said. she nodded when cas asked if she liked the picture and then shook her head when he asked if she wanted him to paint it for her room. "No i still have the one you painted for my birthday up. I think the paint has just about had time to dry" she said teasing him at how often he offered her paintings. she liked Caspers art but liked the familiarity of her room. and having new paintings as often as cas offered them to her didn't really cause consistency. She turned the page to another picture. This time it wasn't just Linden in the frame. it was of a sofa and it must have been one of their movie nights as she was on it asleep curled up against Casper a bowl of popcorn balanced next to her. and cas was leaning into lin who also seemed to be asleep with his arms wrapped around cas, and Lapis was sitting on the back of the hair one paw dangling towards them. even from the picture it just looked like a cozy family. "this one makes us look like a family. what movie were we watching that put me and lin to sleep" she asked seeing if she could remember which moie she had slept through.[/B]
Casper chuckled, watching as she changed the page. She was right, of course, he knew he offered her a lot of paintings. "That one?" He thought back. "I think we were watching one of those Horse movies," He chewed his lip. "What was it? Spirit or something?" He looked to her. "You know, the one with the horse that got stolen from his home?"

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