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Briony Mettlestone

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Yellow Rose for @Isadora Novak

While Briony vaguely knew Isadora Novak as one of the older students in scouts is wasn't helping her track down the older girl at all. She'd been ready to give up and try again downstairs when she spotted the Gryffindor further up the corridor "Isadora! Isadora wait up, I have a rose for you," Briony said, hurrying through a crowd of passing Runes students. "Yeesh, I was starting to think you were using a bunch of secret passage ways or something," she said, adjusting her floppy flowercrown as she reached Isadora.
Isadora turned her head when she heard someone call her name, pausing to let the younger girl catch up. She smiled slightly at her words. "Maybe I was." She said mysteriously. She felt a little nervous about this rose, wondering if this would be the one from Cameron. What color did he send?

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