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Ten was sat on her own for a change at the Gryffindor table, munching on her breakfast before classes were about to start. It was a good thing to be honest that she was hungry, it was usually the only time that the first year wasn't chatting to someone as she had her mouth full.
Veronica used the back of her hand to stifle a yawn as she moved through the Great hall crowd toward the Gryffindor table and took a seat. She smiled at one of the girls from her dorm who she ended up sitting across from. "Morning," She said as she began to pile bacon and eggs onto her plate.
"Mhmm," Ten murmured through her food, watching Veronica sit opposite her. "You know you were talking in your sleep again?" Ten took another scoop of breakfast, wondering if Veronica was even aware she talked at night at all.
"Oh yeah?" Veronica asked taking a bite of bacon. "Did I say anything interesting?" It was quite a new experience for her to sleep in a room with other people so she was curious to hear what weird things she did while sleeping.
Ten thought for a moment, "Something about taking Bailey? Your parents are big drinkers?" she asked, trying to just sound curious more than anything. She was pretty sure she didn't talk in her sleep herself, Ned would have said something by now.
Veronica shrugged as Ten told her what she had been saying in her sleep, it didn't ring any bells and she couldn't remember dreaming anything that would fit with what she apparently said. "Weird, my dad doesn't drink that much, at least not from what I see, my mums dead, step mum doesn't drink in front of me either so no clue," Why she'd be dreaming about Bailey being taken was especially strange, her big sister wasn't going anywhere. "Bailey's my sister, she's a second year, and hasn't gone anywhere,"
That made sense. Sort of. Ten glanced down at her food as she explained the situation about her parents, and then her sister. "I only have a brother, but he's too young to be here. I have an Eluned though. She's sort of like my sister." Ten glanced around to see if anyone else was listening, "Technically she's my aunt but don't say I told you so." Ten liked to keep that bit to herself usually, but since they were talking about their families. "And my mums dead too," she added, taking a bite out of some toast.
It was refreshing to be able to talk about her mother in such a relaxed and casual way without people around her getting upset or assuming that she would, Veronica had mourned her mother and while she missed her every day she had long been comfortable talking about her. "Eluned seems nice, I have Bailey and my twin sister Millie at the school, then there's my twin brothers who are a couple of years younger and a baby sister," She scooped a forkful of eggs into her mouth and swallowed them. "I have a lot of siblings," She laughed. "Sorry about your mum, it sucks,"
"There's two sets of twins in your family?" Ten asked, feeling a little sorry for Veronica's mum. "That's nice though, a big family I mean. My aunt, my other aunt, she's about to have triplets," Ten wasn't quite sure how Ned was going to feel about it when they arrived, but Leda and Mervyn were adamant they'd make a good family addition. "Thanks. Yeah. You too. How'd she die?" Ten quizzed, polishing off the rest of her food and taking a sip from her juice goblet.
Veronica nodded as she chewed on some bacon, "Yeah, that usually gets people's attention," She laughed lightly, she didn't understand why people found it so strange, it was just normal to her. "Triplets sound like a lot of work, she should talk to my dad he's raised five kids reasonably close in age," Veronica wondered if she should tell Ten about her mum, it wasn't a pleasant story after all. "She erm, studied magical creatures and got a little close to something dangerous, how about yours?"
“Yeah? Who is your dad?” Honesty Ten didn’t expect to know who it was but maybe if she did then she could tell Leda to go and meet him. “Oh, that’s rough,” she replied, what a way to go. “Sort of similar I guess. She was a potioneer and something dangerous got a little too close to her,” She shrugged. She actually knew how it felt to have a mother die to a magical dangerous creature. “My mum was in Gryffindor too so I’m glad I am.”
"His name is James Cade, he's an auror," Veronica beamed as she talked about her bad, unable to suppress the swell of pride. She nodded as Ten told her about her own mother and how she died, they had similar stories as they both seemed to die as a result of their work. "My mum was a Gryffindor too, my Dad too so I'm glad I get to follow in their footsteps,"
Ten didn't think she knew who James Cade was, but an Auror sounded like a fun job from what she'd heard. "My dad was a potioneer too, but my mum was a Professor at this school for a bit. I want to go and find her classroom and her office soon," It had been on her list she the moment she knew she'd be attended the same school as her mum, although she was a little stunned to realize it would soon be a reality. "My dad was a Hufflepuff though. And his daughter before he got with my mum, she was in Slytherin." Asides from Ravenclaw, there was a family member in every house.
"Your mum was a professor? That's so cool," She couldn't help but wonder if their parents had crossed paths at any point before their mother's respective deaths, the magical community was small after all and if their parents had gone to Hogwarts they might have known each other. "Seeing her classroom seems like it would be emotional, will you be okay going there alone?"
Ten hadn't really considered whether it would be emotional. Truthfully, Ten never really felt emotions. Not that she didn't get concerned, especially for her plants or for Ned, or excited whenever she got to do something fun, but more that Ten very rarely ever cried, or felt sorry for herself. She just wanted to look around the classroom and just maybe they'd come across something left there from years ago, and essence that she'd never have seen before. She shrugged, "you should come too, help me look for things?" she asked, knowing that Ned would also probably join them, and the three of them could check out the classroom before the professor came back.
It was refreshing for Veronica to talk to someone about her mother and for it not to delve into an emotional conversation. She wasn't sure how she would feel if there was a place in the castle that was meaningful to her mother, there likely was as she had spent seven years at the school, and she had met Veronica's father there, but she didn't know what places were special to her mother, her father didn't talk about her much, she always suspected he couldn't bring himself to do so. "I can do that, when were you thinking of going?"

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