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Magne Kleos

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02/2050 (11)
Magne had never attended a halloween celebration, it hadn't been something his schools prior to this place had done. At least he didn't remember doing it. Perhaps the school in Norway had, but he'd been too young, the one in Greece hadn't at all, but they had been some small handful of students. But he'd just come dressed mostly as he always did, but had decided he could say he was dressed up as a modern sailor. He knew it was a bit of a cop out, but he just wasn't sure of being anything else. The ravenclaw was immediately in awe of the great hall. It was truly incredible. This school didn't do things in halfs.
Sunday walked into the party, fashionably late and feeling good about her costume. She'd gone for something clever, she thought, and she was eager to see what other costumes there were. She found a boy in her classes right away, and walked up to him, thinking to herself that he was cute and could possibly be useful to have around. "Hello," She gave him her best smile as she slid up to him. "My name is Sunday. It's... Magne, isn't it?" She asked, trying to be charming.
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