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Stefan Archer

Head Librarian
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4/2015 (33)
Stefan had left the Gryffindor boy with his head of house and was making his way down to the Ravenclaw head of house, where he knew Professor Spenser would be and where Professor Spenser could give the taller of the two young first years into trouble. The librarian was pretty pleased that this entire thing with them was almost over, feeling relieved over the fact that he could go back the library and not worry about anything else, he had his jumper pulled over his hands as he walked to the office, really eager for this to be over with. He brought the student to in front of the man's office and knocked on the door, waiting for this professor to open the door and then for the student to be dealt with, he was just ready to get back to tidying the library and making sure no other trouble makers ended up in the restricted section.
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Lawrence followed behind the librarian dutifully, head down. He wasn't sure if he regretted his actions - but he certainly regretted being caught. He didn't meet the librarian's height, keeping his eyes to the floor and utterly silent as he had been the entire way up here. He had never actually been in trouble before - especially with his head of house. He didn't know the man extremely well at all, but from what he had seen he seemed nice... but this was pretty back. They had snuck into the restricted section, but they hadn't touched anything - would that help? They didn't try to run? They didn't lie, either - would any of this help? He looked at the librarian momentarily, wondering if he should apologise to the man for causing him trouble, but decided as the knock was made that silence would be best.

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