Open Rekindled Friendships

Sara Benivieni

sixth year • chaser • a bit lonely
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8/2032 (15)
-open after Marijke-

Sara never thought she would ever get to the point of wanting to be away from Hogwarts, to be back at home with her siblings. This whole semester had been lonely for the sixth year and right now, she would do anything to make herself feel less alone. She still had Quidditch, but hadn't really met up with some of her friends from her younger years at the school in a long time. She missed doing anything else besides studying and being up on a broom, even though Quidditch was currently the only thing that could distract her from her thoughts. Earlier than day the brunette had received a letter from Leo, asking if she was alright and how he was getting worried because she had hardly sent any owls the past few weeks. She had, of course, replied with the most common, typical excuse any person would use, that she was busy. She knew very well however that he wouldn't buy it, still, she hoped he would just let it go. She decided to clear her head by spending the afternoon at the lake, hoping to just sit and soak in some sun without needing to think so much. When she found a good spot, Sara lay down and after a few minutes, closed her eyes, trying to ease the headache she'd had all morning.

Leif Odegard

Norwegian || Charismatic & Confident
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It was a good day, weather wise, and Leif had decided that he'd find his girlfriend and get her to go outside with him. He had been looking for her for a little while, but for some reason he couldn't seem to find Therese anywhere. Eventually the boy gave up and headed out alone, being sure of the fact that he'd come across her sooner or later. Outside he didn't even need to think about where he would be headed, as his feet quickly led him towards the lake. It was one of his favourite spots at Hogwarts and Leif loved just sitting down at the water's edge when the weather was nice and enjoy the sounds of the water and the sun on his face. The lakes edge was graced by multiple people sitting outside and enjoying the day, however one person in specific seemed to have caught Leif's eye. Not far from him a girl was laying in the sun and although she seemed fine, he couldn't help but notice a certain look of discomfort on her face. Leif made his way over and as he drew closer he realised that he actually knew the girl. Or at least, used to know her? He had been friends with her in his first years at Hogwarts, but that friendship seemed to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Within a couple of seconds the boy had reached the spot where she was laying. Her eyes were closed and Leif tried to make it somewhat obvious that somebody was approaching, as he didn't want to startle her. "Hey," He spoke up eventually. "Sara right?" He asked her, carefully waiting whether she'd want to engage in conversation with him or ask him to leave her alone.

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