Red Rose for Lucas!

Flavio Morales

Duckling | Ravenclaw captain & chaser
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Straight 16 1/2 Inch Rigid Blackthorn Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
Flavio immediately recognized the name of his second rose recipient, being in the same year as the other boy. So with this knowledge of their name and house the Ravenclaw headed down to the great hall hoping to find them as they ate breakfast. It was still early but not early enough that the hall was empty, and when Flavio reached the Gryffindor table he was pleased to see the person he was looking for was there. "Lucas, hello." Flavio greeted, smiling politely as he approached the boy. "I hope you do not mind me interrupting, but I have a rose for you that is particularly special." He announced, knowing the colour of the rose was red. With the colour in consideration it wasn't difficult to guess who was likely to have sent the rose, and Flavio hoped Lucas would be happy about it.

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