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Section 1:

Scheduling games
The game schedule will be discussed between team captains, the referee and the admin. All games will begin once team captains have submitted their lineups to the quidditch system and the referee posts to officially start the game. Any team that does not post their lineup within twenty-fours hours of the referee's first post will forfeit the game to the other team.

The starting lineup requires each team to have one Keeper, one Seeker, two Beaters and three Chasers named to the starting lineup. Other players, who may be available in case of injury or ooc inactivity, can be included on the list so that they may participate as needed.

Although teams should strive to be complete [7 players] when a game begins, a team with a minimum of 5 active players will be deemed acceptable for game play so long as the team has at least a Keeper, Seeker, 2 Chasers and 1 Beater active and posting moves throughout the game.

Please note that there will be a limit placed on the number of players that are allowed to be played by a single RPer in a game. An RPer is not to have more than four active players in a single game and no more than two players actively playing on a team without permission given by the referee. In addition, an RPer is not allowed to play Keeper or Seeker for both teams in a single game.

If a team does not post their starting lineup in time (see above), that team will forfeit the match.

If a team does not have at least 5 players post [both active and alternates] within 24 hours [real time] of the referee's official game start post, that team will forfeit the match.

If a forfeit occurs, the 'winning' team will receive 75 house points (half the points of a snitch catch) for their participation.

Substitutions are encouraged in order to facilitate smooth, continuous game play and to prevent forfeit. In game substitutions may be called in to the game by the team's captain at any time during the game by calling a time out. Substitutes must be current members of the team and named as an alternate on the team lineup unless discussed with the referee prior to attempting the substitution.

A player that is removed from the game may return to the game, provided that the team calls another time out and provided that the player was not removed due to injury.

Alternates play an important role to ensure continuous game play. Posting allows team captains to know which players are present and helps active players get closer to being able to post. Alternates must abide by the same rules as active players when it comes to posting.

Other notes
Because so much of the game is based on timing, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your quidditch player's time updated.

As in all areas of the site, netiquette applies to all aspects of quidditch, games and OOC discussions.

Section 2:

The quidditch game system is designed to help randomize the chances of players success for certain actions necessary to the progression of the game while also encouraging participation by rewarding players based on their level of activity, both in individual games and throughout their quidditch career. The system will log actions in games and practices and track participation in order to help determine a player's success rate. You are encouraged to take advantage of the button options during each post you make, provided you are able to do so. There are two options for each position. Examples of use for the 'other' option would be moving across the pitch for Chasers, dodging bludgers for other positions (provided the bludger did not hit you) . Increased activity and participation will result in increased levels of success in games!

Quidditch is a team sport, so players are encouraged to roleplay interacting with the others on the field as they attempt to try and lead their team to victory. Players should be sure to include their success or failure, and they are free to include other aspects of gameplay (e.g. location) in their roleplay as well.

Players are encouraged to participate throughout the game, from the moment they walk onto the pitch to begin their warm-ups until the end of the game. Players are also encouraged to post their team celebrating or commiserating after each match.

RPers should be mindful that it is their character who is playing, not you the RPer, so you should be targeting your own players on the opposite team if the situation calls for it and otherwise playing your hardest for all of the players on all of the teams you're playing on.

Goals = 10 points
Snitch Capture = 150 points

Players who commit penalties will be subject to removal from the game by the referee and possible punishment by their Head of House.
Blagging: No player may seize any part of an opponent's equipment to slow or hinder the player.
Blatching: No player may fly with the intent to collide.
Blurting: No player may lock broom handles with the intent to steer an opponent off course.
Bumphing: Beaters must not hit Bludgers towards spectators.
Cobbing: Players must not use their elbows against opponents.
Flacking: Keepers are not allowed to go behind the hoops to defend against goals.
Haversacking: Chasers must not still be in contact with the Quaffle as it passes through the hoop.
Quaffle-pocking: Chasers must not tamper with the Quaffle in any way.
Snitchnip: No player, other than the Seeker, should touch or catch the Golden Snitch.
Stooging: No more than 1 Chaser is allowed in the scoring area at any one time.
Wand Use: Using a wand against your opponent is prohibited.
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Section 3 :

#1: "Let Me See You" Rule
All players must be visible when posting to the game. Posting while anonymous will not be permitted.

#2: "Slow Your Role" Rule
Quidditch is most successful and fun when many players are on simultaneously; however, due to varied time zones, this is not always possible. In order to ensure that as many people as possible are able to be involved in roleplaying game play, players will be required by the quidditch system to wait for either someone else, teammate or opponent, to post or wait for four hours to elapse before posting again.

These exceptions to the rule are specific to quaffle possession:
a) If the quaffle is in the possession of someone who has not posted in four hours, you may post taking possession of the quaffle. You must be eligible to post this steal (either it has been four hours since your last post or you have had an opponent or teammate post before you). Please refer to rule 2a in your post.
b) If a goal has been scored or saved and the Keeper does not indicate tossing the quaffle to his/her teammates within four hours, the opposing team is able to take possession after that time. Please refer to rule 2b in your post.

#3 : "Time Out" Rule
Each team will be permitted to call three time outs during the course of a game. Time outs may only be called by the team captain. Time outs are allowed so that substitutions can take place. Captains should be sure to use the game system to call a timeout and make their substitutions.

Time outs will be restricted to a 60 minute time limit from the time that the captain hits the button in the game system. If the captain does not post his or her substitutions within the 60 minute period, game play will continue at the referees post and the team will have forfeited one of their time outs. Timeouts cannot be ended early by captains to allow the referee time to confirm the substitution(s). Warning: If a captain attempts to call a timeout after having used their maximum allowable timeouts (3), this will count as an action and you will be unable to perform a game system action for some time.

Time outs are the only time that players are allowed to touch the ground once game play begins. Any player who touches the ground at any other time, prior to the end of the game, will be removed from the game.

#4: "Bludger" Rule
Beaters will be required to select a target on the opposing team when hitting a bludger. Beaters will be notified through the system of their success in hitting their target, success in hitting another target, or failure to hit any target. All players must abide by the success or failure.

With each bludger hit, the victims' rate of success at performing the actions specific to their position will decrease. Any player who is hit by the bludger three times in one game will be forced to leave the game (unless it is approved by the admin that the player won't leave). The captain will be required to make a substitution, but this will not count as one of the three timeouts unless another position is also being substituted for as well.
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