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Preston Abraham Paine

Preston- [English] Priest's Town. Preston didn't really like his name much when he was younger, but he has grown to like it. He has never met anyone else with this name so he likes that it is unique.
Abraham-[Hebrew] Father of a Multitude. Preston's father is named Abraham, so he wanted his son to also share his name. Preston is proud to have his father's name as his middle name. He doesn't use his middle name very often though.
Paine-[Old French- Paien] Villager, Rustic; Heathen. Preston likes his surname. He thinks it sounds powerful.
PB: Luke Bilyk (former), Nolan Gerard Funk (current)

D.O.B. : 2/27/20
time: 10:50 PM
location: Nelson, New Zealand at a private clinic
Sign: Pisces

Height: 6'1
Weight: Average - about 170 lbs
Build: Athletic - Preston enjoys remaining active; he does a lot of running around at his job as a Magical Zoologist. He also enjoys spending as much time in the water as he can and still surfs and swims.
Hand: Preston is left handed, but it seems that he favors his right hand when using his wand.
Eye: Light brown
Hair: Short but a little on the shaggy side, brown, straight.
Unique marks: Preston has a long scar on his foot which he got from cutting it on a broken piece of a shell while at the beach. He also has a scar on the back of his head, which is pretty much covered by his hair. You can feel it if you touch the back of his head though. He got this one from being hit in the head by a passing surfer. He was knocked unconscious by the blow. Preston also has a small scar on his upper lip from a fight.
Style: t-shirts with button downs over, hoodies, jeans.

Occupation: Magical Zoologist, Shop Owner of Eeylops Emporium


Mother: Eleanor Regina Paine
Born: 1982
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: Housewife. Head of several committees.
Relationship: Preston loves his mother, but they don't really spend much time doing things together and they don't have very much in common. She's also very apprehensive around him now that she has learned he is a wizard and refuses to ask him questions about his classes.

Father: Abraham Paine
Born: 1978
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: CEO of a publishing company
Relationship: Preston admires his father and looks up to him. He is much closer to his father than he is to his mother. When he was younger and home from school, his father would sometimes bring him into his office to show him the family business. He also spent time sailing with his son. Ever since finding out his son is a wizard, the two have shared a closer relationship. Preston's father seems genuinely interested in learning about his son's life and classes.

Mother's side of the family:

Grandfather: Alan Michael Pritchard
Occupation: Businessman
Status: Deceased - he died when Preston was 4 years old.

Grandmother: Genevieve Pritchard
Occupation: Accountant
Status: Resides in Australia

Aunt: Emily Pritchard
Occupation: Housewife
Status: Resides in Australia w/ her 2 children; widowed

Cousin: Edward Vaughn III
Occupation: 10th grade student
Cousin: Mitchell Vaughn
Occupation: 8th grade student

Father's Side:
Grandfather: Alaire Paine
Occupation: Retired professor
Status: Resides in France
Grandmother: Leslie Paine
Occupation: retired
Status: Resides in France

Uncle: Claude Paine
Occupation: Professor

History: Born in 2020 to Eleanor and Abraham Paine, Preston was a miracle child to his parents. After years of unsuccessful attempts at having a child, they turned to medicine to help Eleanor get pregnant. Just as the married couple had been ready to give up and turn to adoption, Eleanor had learned the wonderful news that she was with child. Her pregnancy was not without problems, especially since she was already near 40, but it was made easier by the services that the growing family was able to procure. When Abraham made his way into the world, it was to a world of luxury. His father, the head of a popular publishing company, worked long hours to provide his family with the things that his own family had not been able to afford. Preston wanted for nothing except perhaps more time with his parents. While his father kept long hours at the office, Preston's mother kept busy with countless committees and appointments meant to preserve her fleeting youth.

As soon as Preston was old enough, he was sent to an elite boarding school, one that Preston's father had attended on scholarship. Preston loved being around other children (his parents unsuccessfully having tried to get pregnant again and then giving up on the matter, thankful that they had one son), and he thrived in his new environment, joining clubs and teams. Other than his obsession with water and water sports, there was nothing odd about Preston's upbringing. He suffered the same cuts and bruises that other children his age did and his interest in art was considered a valuable way to spend his free time. So, it was to great surprise that Preston received a letter admitting him to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in New Zealand. Preston had laughed at the letter, thinking that it was a good prank from his best friend, especially since no amount of research by his father could dig up any sort of reference to the place.

It wasn't until he received a second and then a third letter that he and his parents finally took notice. His father took the news in stride, thinking that it would be wonderful to have a wizard in the family and stating that he always knew that his son was special. His mother's reaction was quite the opposite. She adamantly refused to believe it and would ignore all talk of it. As the weeks went by and the new school year approached, Preston had resolved to forget about the letter. His friends were back at his boarding school and that was where he planned to be when the school year began. What neither he nor his mother knew was that his father had already accepted the enrollment on his behalf. The argument that transpired on the day that the news was revealed was life-changing. His mother hesitantly admitted knowing that magic ran in her family (through her father) and how she had hated magic ever since her father had passed away. After that revelation, she refused to say anything more, only adding that she would never admit to anyone, not even the family, that Preston was in magical school. The family devised a story that Preston would be transferring to an even more elite school and Preston made his way to learn magic with the thought that he would hate it so much that his parents would transfer him to a real school in the coming year.

Keeping in line with the statements that she had made on that day, Preston's mother refused to acknowledge his enrollment in a wizarding school. His father, however, wanted to know everything. He began to spend more time with his son, using the opportunities to ask his son about different aspects of the magical world. This would continue throughout Preston's schooling.
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