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Felix Carnahan

5th year🔥menagerie asst.🔥middle child
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Curly 9 Inch Swishy Oak Wand with Boomslang Venom Core
04/2043 (15)
Felix was finally starting to move past the losses of last semester and while his season was over he didn't want to get too out of practice before next year. Not if he wanted to stand a chance against Slytherin or literally any other house. The sun was shining bright and hot as he got out to the quidditch pitch and he wiped his face with the hem of his shirt before letting go of the snitch. He closed his eyes for a few seconds to give it a head start. He hummed to himself until enough time had pass or rather, he got bored and wanted to get into the air. He couldn't see the snitch anywhere so he figured it was good enough. With a deep breath he grabbed his broom and got ready to kick into the air.

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