Closed One Foot Over The Line

Kellen Corvus

Kellen stared at the tree line. She hadn't explored the forest in any of her three years at school. Of course she'd considered it, but she didn't want to get in trouble. She was sure she was already disappointing her folks by not playing quidditch. They never said anything to her about it but she would be crazy not to think that. With her mom being a professional Quidditch player how could they not expect the same from her.

Finally she took a step closer, and then another. She was touching the trees now, looking around to see if anyone was nearby and watching.
Osiris Vale was no stranger to the Forbidden Forest. He had been there once with Miro so far, and was busted. At least he learned how to make fire without using magic, or a match. It just made his hands raw. He could handle that. He just hoped that he would not be caught outside again. Maybe he should not head in with a bright lantern so that he could hide in the trees. But before he could even enter, he saw a Slytherin girl, near the tree line. He watched for a few minutes, and only saw her take a step closer. He sighed and approached her, “If you are going to walk in, just walk in. Don’t be a chicken.” Ozzy walked past her and in the trees, just enough to turn around and smirk mischievously.
Kellen looked to the side at the voice, her large orbs narrowed slightly. "I'm not being a chicken, I'm being cautious. Calculating your next move can keep you out of a lot of trouble." She said to the young boy. "Aren't you in my house?" She asked, before taking another step into the tree line, turning after she did to face him. The taller girl looked him over, yes she was sure he was a slytherin, she had seen him before. "Trying to lose us some house points as well? Or just admiring the trees?"
Ozzy doubted that was the case, but he kept his eye on the Slytherin that was slightly older than himself. Actually, she might have been Astraea's age. Interesting. He could get more intel on his sister. "Someone sounds like they are scared of crossing authorities." If that was what she meant anyway. "Yeah, I'm a Slytherin. And it isn't the first time I've gotten in trouble for being in the forest. I just like the creepiness. Reminds me of home." Especially if he could find some acromantula webbing. Ozzy had no issues crossing into the trees, even looking up to see if he could find a tree to climb. "What year are you in?"

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