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Ethan Alexander

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02/2045 (16)
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Ethan knew that the forest was technically forbidden and even though he had even gotten caught once, he wasn't about to stop going in. He was a sixth year after all, and in all his years he had never even found the slightest thing that would cause him alarm. It helped that his hideaway wasn't all that deep into the forest. But it was still sturdy and holding strong, He hardly had do to any work to it as he returned for the year. Today he was making heading right for it with some books and his journal to do some reading. He had even thought ahead and had grabbed an apple from the lunch table to snack on as he went. Ethan took a bite of his apple and the crunch sounded a bit funny so he stopped to listen for the sound of anyone, or anything approaching. But after a moment when there was nothing he continued on his way.
Cecras was disgusted to discover that another Centaur had debased themselves to the servitude of human. He saw it as a betrayal of their proud heritage, a surrender to the very species that had long encroached upon their sacred lands. As his protective instincts surged, Cecras found himself growing increasingly vigilant, patrolling his territory up to the very boundary, venturing closer to the human territory than usual. On this particular patrol, Cecras stumbled upon a structure unmistakably crafted by human hands. He halted in his tracks, his gaze narrowed with suspicion as he surveyed the foreign construction with interest, and annoyance at it's very existence.
Ethan kept his eyes on the ground in front of him. He knew the way by heart by now and was more concerned with watching his step. But as he turned the last corner he finally looked up and stopped dead in his tracks. For a moment he was totally stunned. After countless trips into the forest and wishing to see some kind of creature he thought he might be dreaming when he saw a centaur standing right in front of him. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do and everything he had learned in class and from books left his mind in an instant. "H-hello?" he called out, uncertain if he should have run or said something more polite.
Cecras observed the structure noticing it seemed to have bsen crafted without magic, by the hands of a human. It appeared innocent, likely the handiwork of a young wand carrier exploring their abilities. However, its presence encroached upon centaur territory. When the voice greeted him, Cecras looked up, his bow remaining steady by his side. "Hello, young wand carrier," he spoke with a firm yet measured tone. "You are aware that the forest is off-limits to the young, are you not?"
Ethan was still stunned as the centaur spoke and was only broken out of his surprise when he noticed the odd way he spoke. "That's me....a wand carrier?" he said in agreement even though he was sure his confusion was apparent. At the next accusation he could feel his face get warm, he was caught and unlike the time with Weston there wasn't even the chance to pretend he hadn't been trespassing. He opened and closed his mouth a few times as he tried to think of something to say that might get him out of this. But he had never been a very good liar. "Yes." he said finally. "Are....are you going to destroy my shelter?" he asked and was surprised how much emotion was in his voice. All at once he overwhelmed by the thought of losing something that he had held dear since he was eleven.

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