November Albertson

November Albertson

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June 4th, 2030
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Full Name: November Finn Albertson

Date of Birth: June 5th, 2030

Current Age:

Basic Appearance:
Willow Shields, young
-Crazy dirty blonde hair with a pale complexion is what most people see when they first look at November. Plus the large eyebrows. Within a line up kids she might stand out, not for being the biggest or smallest, the ugliest or prettiest. But you'd pull her out for her eyebrows. Dark and out of control, maybe one day she'll manage to tame them. Her hazel eyes open wide as she looks around at the world. But she can pierce your soul with a simple glare, though she doesn't often glare. Only does when she comes across someone purposefully trying to make her feel bad. She has a slim body type, one that signifies her life of reading and being more sedentary but also good metabolism.

November is one of the sweetest girls you'll meet. She's really caring and wears her heart on her sleeve. Mostly her attitude on life stems from how she was raised, in a loving home with the freedom to safely explore the world around her. She's very whimsical. November is the type of person who can get overly emotional about the littlest thing, however. It's the biggest downfall she has in her young life. It's not that she gets angry but when dealing with something that makes her feel bad she's more likely to cry than the next person. She'll just get choked up while trying to talk and the poor girl hasn't even had to deal with this emotional state while being a 'woman' yet.

- David Albertson, 51, Father
He sees the world as it is, well mostly. David is a muggle without any understanding of the magical world. He works for the local library on the board of directors and has expanded his understanding of the known muggle world vastly since he was in University and changed his careers to become a librarian so he could read more. Now higher up on the ladder he is enjoying his duties and hardly regrets his life so far.

-Rebekka Jones Albertson, 47, Mother
She is an artist, and has many talents in her daughter's eye. She knew about the magical world, having a sister who was a witch but Rebekka wasn’t born with any magical powers and is unsure of exactly what her lineage is in the magical world since her parent’s died young. Her sister and her were kept together but once her sister was off to magic school she became more alone. That's when art came into her life. But her life has been filled more of regret than her husband, that was until the day she met David at the library. She fell instantly, it took him sometime, mostly because his head was wrapped up in his books. But now as a still struggling artist she couldn't be happier. Three kids tire her out but she is proud to be their mother.

-August David Albertson, 18, Brother
He is the typical big brother, protective of his little sisters but constantly picks on them. You won't be seeing him stalking the corridors in any Hogwarts Castle, this guy is completely muggle. He is relaxed but enjoys hanging out his friends in town more than hanging around home to watch another Disney Channel movie or TV show.

-September Linn Albertson, 14, Twin
They aren't identical to be exact, however most of how one would describe November would also fit well for September. A larger forehead (mostly because she doesn't have her sister's eyebrows) and straighter blonde hair are the biggest differences from her twin. The lack of magical powers as well bodes for a similar story of their mother's. Yet the girls are lucky that their mother and father are both still alive and well.

Area of Residence:
- New Hope, Pennsylvania

Blood Status:
- Muggleborn?

- Completely Muggle on their father's side. But one close relative from her mother's side is a witch. But that's the extent of where magic has seemingly run the family. Her cousins are also magical, mostly due to the fact her Aunt married a wizard.

Special Abilities:
- None that she'd cry out on the rooftops about. But one day she might become a master of some type of magic or flying, we will see!

Interests or Hobbies:

- She loves to read, almost every book she has been able to get her hands on she will read cover to cover as fast as she can. November has spent a lot of time her first few years of school in the library reading.

Additional Skills:

- Magic, well according to her family that's an additional skill.

- Willing to try new things.

-She's rather shy and not the best at talking to others, she hasn't bothered to make many friends at Hogwarts. So far a study partner, Flavio and a girl who hardly has time for her, Noemie are her closest friends. Both in Ravenclaw not Hufflepuff.

Describe your character in three words:
- Whimsical. Bright. Quiet.

Favorite place to be:
- At the library with her father. She loves sitting at his desk and pretending to rule the world of books.

- She has been home schooled by her mother, but she does have a friend from down the road. Errin Green. November has always wondered why it was spelled with two r's but then again her friend wonders why she was named after a month.

Hogwarts House:
- Hufflpuff

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:

- She will probably join the ranks of the Hufflepuff. But since getting her letter, she hasn't learned much more about magic. She just hopes to do well in her new school and make some friends. At the current stage in her Hogwarts career ladder she hopes to continue to get the good grades she earned during third year. She'd like to reach the top of her class in her house and get the most house points this upcoming year. Although she knows it'll mean answering more questions in classes and talking to others more.

Best school subjects:

- Herbology, History of Magic, CoMC.

Worst school subjects:
- Quidditch

Extracurricular Activities:

- Maybe she'll try out for Quidditch, but she isn't very athletic. She'd be more likely to join a herbology club.


- 2047

Current Job:
- Student

Plans for your future:
- One day she might make a really good nurse, either at the hospital or in the school.

Your Patronus:
- Badger

Your Patronus memory:
- n/a

Your Boggart:
- A version of her father dead.

Your Animagus:

- Not an Animagus.

Mirror of Erised:
- Successfully graduating school!

A page from your diary:
A long time ago, in a far away land, there once was a girl. She looked just like me, and even had the same name and everything. She went away from her family when she turned eleven. She had to go to a special school. All the towns people wondered where she had gone and her parents came up with a story because the world wasn't ready to know she was a witch.
Well that sounds exciting . . . and that's my life. I get to go all the way to New Zealand with my Aunt. She's taking me there to my new school, only because she's also a witch. No one else in my family is. And her kids are going to the school here in North America. But for whatever reason I've been summoned to Hogwarts, New Zealand. I've been told that there is another one in Scotland, or there about. I think this is grand, it'll be a big adventure. I just wish Sep could join me. But she isn't a witch. Just me, and my Aunt. Well her husband and kids too. I have to prepare now. When I move there it'll be the end of Winter and Spring will be starting. I won't have to deal with a terrible winter of PA anymore! Well, if I come home for school holidays I guess I will. But that's okay. I'll miss it here by that time, anyway.

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