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Arthurian Taylor

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Jess S
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Half Blood
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Chaos (Kiara)
Springy eleven inch Aspen with billywig stinger core
2/7/2037 (23)
After his proposal to Kiara, albeit an impromptu one, Arthur knew that things needed to change. He'd packed up all his things, much to the silent pleasure of his mother. When he wasn't out on the ocean on his uncle's ship, he'd been staying with his parents. He and Kiara had found a nice little two story house, though, one near her work. It was a three bedroom house with a lovely little yard and room for a garden. He'd moved in his things and she'd brought hers. He'd been unpacking things by hand, enjoying the slower process. He hummed softly to himself as he unpacked, reminded vaguely of the ring box in his pocket. "Kiara," He called. "Do you have a minute?"
Kiara felt like her life was at the best possible point at the minute, she enjoyed it a lot. She had a nice job, she continued to study medicine, she was engaged to her first and best boyfriend, she still had friends and went out with them, and even to the top, she was moving in with her fiancee. She selled the house that she was living in while studying, she knew her parents wouldn't want her to but she felt ready to start everything from a blank page with Arthur. So they found a cozy home that was a literally five minute walk from her job and all together, it was extremely comfortable, even more, they had Kiara's pets there. And while Arthur was unpacking his stuff by hand, Kiara had finished unpacking hers with wand and already sat down in the kitchen with a test from university and her cat Coco on her lap. Though, it wasn't long until she heard Arthur calling her and she moved Coco to the couch and went over to him. "For you, always," she nodded, clearly answering that she had the time for him.
Arthur looked up, smiling as Kiara entered the room. He turned to her, taking a few steps forward. "Great," He chuckled, grabbing hold of her hand and dropping down to one knee. "Kiara Wood," He did his best to sound formal, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the ring box, opening it up and offering it out to her. "Would you accept a formal marriage proposal with a ring this time?" He teased her, hoping she liked the ring set he'd picked up. He gave her an impish smile. "Disclaimer but that would entail a lifetime of being snuck up on and dealing with my dragon breath every morning." He teased her with a playful wink. "But I will always love you, my chaotic goddess."
Kiara wasn't sure what happened but as always, she just went with the flow. And as he got on one knee, she started to giggle, was he going to propose again? And as he said her full name, she blushed and when she saw the ring set, her eyes went wide. She was absolutely in love with it. "Even with a paper ring," she giggled as she nodded and then leaned down to him to kiss his forehead. And then she laughed as he added about his morning breath. "Oh, I think I can handle it. I love you too, Arthur, I will always love you," she didn't care about him being on the knee, she just went in and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much, baby," she whispered quietly, feeling as happy tear rolled down her cheek. "Let me take a close look to rings," she giggled as she let him go and wanted to see rings.
Arthur chuckled, slipping one ring onto her finger, then closing the box and putting it back into his pocket. He stood, catching her up in his arms and spun her around, setting her back on her feet and kissing her temple. "That one is your engagement ring," He told her. "I'll slip the other one onto your finger the day I marry you," He promised, kissing her temple again. "Maybe once we're moved in we can start planning the wedding?" He offered, rubbing her back gently.
Kiara was a little confused as he hid the box but then he explained the plan and she giggled. "Aww, you're the cutest, that's so cool," she hugged him tightly and kissed him gently on his lips as she was looking up at him. "I love you so much," she repeated once more just feeling like she was overfilled with joy, happiness and love. "Oh God, yes! I even know what kind of dress I want to wear already, do you want... Oh yeah, no, that won't really work," Kiara wanted to know if he wanted groomsmen and then just kinda understood that Arthur was too introverted for that. "Beach? What do you say about beach? Or church? Or maybe mountains?" she knew that she just agreed to wedding planning only after fully moving in but well, she was too excited not to offer everything right away.
Arthur chuckled, relaxing against the counter. "Come on, can you marry a sailor and not have a beach wedding?" He teased her, reaching out for her hand. "I could ask my brothers to be groomsmen, or my uncle. I'm sure we have time to sort it out." He offered easily. "Why don't you get a wedding binder put together and we'll start saving for a wedding?"

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