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Minnie Lorenza Calida

Minnie - Origin of the name Minnie: A pet form of Miryam, a Hebrew name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished-for-child," and "mistress or lady of the sea."
Lorenza - The name Lorenza is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Lorenza is: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Oldname with many variants.
Calida - Greek Meaning: The name Calida is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Calida is: Most beautiful.

Minnie came after a very difficult period in her parents life, they had been trying for a child for a good number of years, with little success, and had begun looking into both magic and muggle methods for improving their chances when her mother finally fell pregnant with Minnie. It was a very tricky pregnancy, with her mother eventually giving birth at just 29 weeks, making Minnie very early. She was additionally tiny when she was born, given the difficulties that her mother had and the earliness of her birth, which was why her parents began calling her Minnie ust as a term of endearment, and it became her name. They had a few names planned in their head for her or him, had she been a boy, but none of them suited as well as Minnie did. They had thought maybe she’d grow out of the name and that they’d come to regret it but they haven’t. Minnie likes her name, there are the odd jokes about her name, but it’s not that uncommon a name that she has reason to be singled out because of it. Minnie has always liked the story behind her name, finding that it was just a name that suited her, and had started as a term of endearment, so much a more interesting story than her parents picking the name out of a book or from another member of their family. The middle name, is her mother’s maiden name and a long running tradition of her mother’s side. Her mother kept her surname when she married Minnie’s father, but agreed to have Minnie take the father’s surname, so long as the middle name was the family name and it came with the argeement that she could switch them around at any point without ill feelings from either parent. Her surname is of course her father’s surname. His family had moved around a lot, his great grandfather had been born and raised in greece before moving to Mexico, and finally her grandfather moved to the UK before her father’s birth, and despite all these moves, they’ve kept the name. Minnie doesn’t mind her names, or her full name. It’s an interesting enough name, and in her mind it’s just that. A name. She knows that names carry a lot of weight and certain her parents have reminded her the importance of a name, but she also knows she has to earn the surnames and the status that comes with them.

Given that Minnie is already mostly a nickname, she does not have any other ones. There aren’t any deep desires in Minnie to actually have a nickname, she doesn’t believe that she particularly needs one. Nicknames are for friends, and Minnie doesn’t have any. Her parents can often use terms of endearment with her like sweetheart, sweetie, honey etc, but those are not nicknames. She would only really respond to them on occasion and only from her parents. Minnie doesn’t mind nicknames in general but does just figure that she doesn’t need one at all. At best Minnie knows she would respond to someone saying Min, or something like that, but that would require her to have closer friends who would feel comfortable doing that and Minnie doesn’t yet have that. She has always known that nicknames were terms of endearment and friendship so she thinks it makes more sense that she wouldn’t have one given that she’s got very little of that.

Minnie is currently 15 years old. Her birthday has always been a relatively quiet affair, her parents shower her with age appropriate gifts and they go out for dinner to a nice restaurant, which as the years have gone on have gotten increasingly more fancy and upscale. Minnie had never been to a birthday party before, she’s never been allowed one or even to go to one, and she would love to experience such a thing, but she appreciates the time she can spend with her parents and enjoys the dinners that they have in a nice restaurant. She knows that even if it’s her birthday, there’s no time in her schedule for more than one event and her parents would always rather she spent it with them.

25th March 2037. Minnie was born in the late morning on the 25th March 2037, her parents had been very careful with the pregnancy, her mother had suffered many miscarriages before and they were overly cautious with this occasion, but other than her mother not feeling great for most of it, Minnie was born at term, with a relatively easy birth. She was a fairly loud baby when she was born, crying louder than any of the other babies born at the same time as her. Minnie was a small baby despite the full term, her mother had been very careful of her food intake, but this had just resulted in Minnie being on the smaller size. It wasn’t a particularly long birth, and because Minnie was born pretty healthy she didn’t have to stay hospital long, within a couple of days Minnie was brought home. Her parents were very pleased with this, they have subsequently tried to have more children, but eventually after more miscarriages gave up when Minnie was about five, focusing all of their attention upon her.

Name:Sofia Lorenza
DOB: December 2010
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Property Developer
Blood status: Muggleborn
Name:Pedro Calida
DOB: August 2013
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Park Ranger
Blood status: Muggle

He was born and raised in a suburb of London. His father was in the army before the move to the UK. He was raised in a very strict, religious family. He was studious student, achieving highly in school, so much so that he attended Cambridge university before joining the UK army. Where he served until moving to live in New Zealand with his wife. He is a muggle, who came to learn about the magical world when he and his wife finally got married. He is a very strict man, strong morales and work ethic. He now works as a park ranger in one of the national parks of New Zealand. He stayed at home during the first 6 years of Minnie’s life, being a fundamental part in her education and early development. He still is the person who takes most control of her education. When Minnie didn't achieve prefect he was very disappointed in her, all of the work that he and her mother had put into it had felt wasted since she hadn't got it. He still has high hopes for his daughter but is very short with her now and is in the middle of Minnie and her mother. He's not entirely sure having another child would help it. But he'll go along with it if that's what his wife wants.

Muggleborn witch, she attended Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. Her parents were property developers who worked out of New Zealand, having moved to the country when they first setting up the company able to find a good piece of development. They weren’t keen to send their child far away, but knew she had to excel in school wherever suited her best and they’d learned that Hogwarts was the best school to send her to. Between the work she was doing at Hogwarts, especially in the breaks, she was made to continue her muggle subjects, achieving perfect grades in both, spending a year after graduating hogwarts catching up in her muggle grades. She attended Cambridge university where she met her future husband. They had a long distance relationship for the first ten years of their relationship, he was doing his thing and she was working in New Zealand taking over from her parents. She grew the company, expanding into magical property. She works exceedingly hard for everything she’s ever gotten. When her daughter didn't manage to gain the position of prefect she was exceedingly disappointed in her and after an agrument stopped talking to her daughter entirely. Since then she has been looking into how possible it would be to try to have another child or to adopt.

Minnie is an only child. She has never really wanted any siblings either. In her schedule there would be no time for her to spend with the sibling and could imagine that they too would have no time either. She is quite satisfied with the current set up of her family, and would do little to change it.

All of her grandparents are alive.
Her mother had no siblings, her father has two older brothers.

Minnie has a complicated relationship with her family. She is exceedingly close to both of her parents. Her father spent a lot of time in her early years being there with her for most of the day. She is very close to him, they’ve always had a very personal relationship. She is also close with her mother, a little less close than she is with her father, but still very close. They’ve always been a very close knit family. With only three of them, it’s just always been that way. Minnie has some problems with her parents in that they control a lot of her life. Keep her to a tight timetable, and ensure she barely has any real time for herself - though that time she does have is still usually spent reading or working. So in recent years she’s acted out a little against her parents. She’ll always listen to what they have to say in the end, but she’ll argue about it on occasion, put up a rather loud and large fight, but will always eventually do what they say. This has put a bit of a strain on the relationship between her and her parents as they come up against a forming Minnie who is more vocal and increasingly more combative against their wishes. She’d never do anything to harm them, or hurt their feelings and she is always first in the family to apologise, but she is growing into a person who despite loving her parents dearly would like for the family to be a little less close and for her parents to control a little less. As Minnie has grown up, and gone to magic school, the relationship with her parents has become very strained. Minnie has pursued things like quidditch more than her parents wanted her, she's argued against the schedule they've set and voiced her frustrations a lot about the way they want her to do all of the classes, and the way that they've treated people she talks about. Minnie feels the weight of her parents pressure and there is little relief from it, it is something with clouds every decision and movement. She receives very little praise from her parents, who make her feel like she just isn't perfect enough, isn't doing enough. Minnie is always trying to balance the love and respect she has for her parents with the near crushing pressure they have for her. She feels more and more recently that the love they give her is conditional, if she does perfectly in everything she's worthy of their love and if she doesn't then she's not. More often than not, they make her feel like she hasn't earned it, but Minnie doesn't know what else she can do to receive it. Her entirely family relationship broke down when Minnie went into her fifth year and was not made a prefect. Her mother stopped talking to her, entirely shutting her out. Actively ignoring her. Her father has been more there but not exactly speaking to her and being very distant with her. To minnie it feels like they've just pulled all of their love away from her and she needs to earn it back, so she's keen to work super hard at everything to get it back. Part of her knows it'll be near impossible, but it's her family and she'll do what she has to to try.

The family has one owl, it is a snowy owl that Minnie’s mother got when she was in her last year of school and has remained the family owl ever since. It is most friendly with Minnie’s mother, but good to all of the people in the family. It is an old owl now, but still more than capable of doing jobs, which is it’s only purpose in the family. It is not necessarily a pet, though by the definition of a pet it is. Minnie has always used school owls to send the letters home, despite it being clear that her parents want regular updates on whats happening in school, and not for a lack of money, they’ve never gotten her an owl, or given her the family owl. Minnie isn’t entirely sure why, they never were sending that many letters while at home, but she just uses school ones whenever she has to send letters. Minnie has always likely owls and hoped that she would get one of her own, but it’s never happened.

Minnie is half blood, her mother is a muggleborn witch and her father is a muggle.

Minnie has never been concerned with blood status, she has to work hard for everything, even if her parents have a good amount of wealth and status, she will need to work for her own. So, this extends to how Minnie feels about blood status, you can’t work for it, you can’t change it, so it doesn’t matter, what matters in life is how well you do, what position you end up in, how hard you’ve worked for something. She believes in working hard to achieve goals.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

There’s a little park next to her house, no more than a five minute walk from where she lives, and it’s the best park. Whenever she can and has the time to go, Minnie will go. This does not happen often, she doesn’t usually have the time to go to the park, with so much else to do but when she does, she loves it. It’s usually filled with other kids and though she doesn’t always play with them, she still enjoys spending time at the park. She likes reading in the park, and going on the swings. She likes the ones that spin around. It’s just a nice place for her to go, and a little different from the day to day stuff of being at home. Studying in the house rather than being outside.

Minnie has lived in the same house all of her life. It is a medium sized home with three bedrooms and split over two floors. The third bedroom is used primarily as a work space for Minnie and her father, where she would do the extra work her father asked of her. Minnie’s bedroom is modestly size and modestly decorated, she’s never been allowed to put things on the wall, or change major aspects of the room without asking for permission. Other than that the house as grand enough hallway, a large living area and adjoining dinning area, a kitchen and a conservatory. It has a large back garden, which is protected by magic and is a space in which Minnie learnt how to fly. The living room is well spaced, again, tastely decorated and the dinning room is kept grander. The kitchen is slightly smaller than either of her parents wanted but it is a good size for their family. Minnie likes the kitchen, it get a lot of natural light and has always been a good place to study for her. The garden is a little wasted on her, since other than using it for physical exercise Minnie has never really one to “play”. It is a very well kept house, always tidied to the highest degree and kept in a manner as her father would say that they’d be pleased to welcome the pope to dinner in it.

Growing up in a relatively religious household, as well as just a strict household, Minnie thinks of herself as heterosexual but she hasn’t had too many experiences with people yet that would lead her to think otherwise. She is quite open to other orientations, but has not herself had much interaction with it, to know what a lot are or what any of it really means.

Single - Following not getting the prefect position she decided she needed to focus on her studies and so she broke up with her boyfriend in the September of 2052 and is from that moment single. She doesn't believe that she will have time for any relationship and so is not looking for anyone and also isn't using this as an occasion to "work on herself" but more that she does not have time to be looking for anyone new and doesn't have time to dedicate to it. She also doesn't really want a new relationship because it would be a distraction to what she needs to be doing.


Minnie shared her first kiss with Noel Waldgrave in her fourth. year of school. She was invited to attend the yuleball with him, and after sharing a dance, and a little drink she kissed him on the lips. It was a rather nice kiss, Minnie enjoyed it. And she was happy to share this first kiss with him rather than with anyone else. Thread

Her first french kiss was with Noel Waldgrave in her fourth year of school. She attended the Valentines feast with him, and they shared a more deep kiss than they had in the past.

Minnie started dating Noel Waldgrave, a then fourth year gryffindor during the yuleball of her fourth year. They had been friends for a couple of years, or well, going from tentative acquaintances to friends, and have crossed this threshold into being together. She liked him enough, thinks that Noel is a respectable person, he gets good grades and is relatively well behaved. He comes from a good family and he is someone that her parents have given a little approval for. They started dating during the break between semesters in 2051 (Y36). This was Minnie's first relationship. They broke up in September of 2052 (Y37) after she didn't get the prefect position and decided to focus on her studies. She was deeply upset about the break up, more so than she thought she would be about it. She'd come to really care about Noel, more so than him just being he right sort of person for her to date. In the argument she had with her parents after not getting prefect she disliked how harsh they were about him. But she did agree that he was a distraction and she couldn't stay with him. Break Up Thread

Too young

Too young

I love it when we hang out ,
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Minnie has long black hair, she has always had it sit long, stretching down to her chest. It stays very straight and she does a lot to maintain it. Her parents have always been the ones to organise her hair cuts and have always decided what kind of style it would need to sit in. She has never minded the way that her hair looks, it’s long, black and when left alone can be naturally wavy. She likes having her hair be quite natural, but her parents are very insistent on presenting a certain image, thus she keeps her hair in the same style every day. She’ll have it up, in a loose bun or ponytail, but largely it remains down, sitting over her shoulders, having been straightened that morning. She likes her hair a lot, spends a lot of time taking care of it, ensuring that she’s using the right products for it. She’ll always keep it up and out of the way when she has sports or is studying. She doesn’t like when it falls into her face when she’s concentrating.

Minnie has never dyed her hair, nor is ever likely to. It is strictly forbidden in her household. She’s too young for it, and she wouldn’t be allowed to do anything more than keep her current colour. She can also agree that for Minnie to change her hair, given how dark it is it would be quite dark. She’d however be inclined for the option when she was older, and the only thing stopping her would be what her parents think about it. Her father is very critical of people with varying hair colour, anything out of the norm, and would be strictly against Minnie having anything of the sort. She would tend to agree with her father on most things, but she doesn’t agree that it’s always bad, sometimes spotting older people teenagers and adults with odd hair colours that look really really nice. She doesn’t think however, that she’d ever be brave enough to go up against her father and change her hair colour.

Minnie has brown eyes, they are the same as her father’s eye colour. Something she specifically gets from him. It’s the most noticeable similarity between the two of them, largely because Minnie takes far more after her mother. She doesn’t mind her eye colour, though, much like her parents she’s always been keen to present a good image to people, presenting a good and clear appearance, she has never really mind about her eyes and how they looked. She cares abbout her appearance but knows that if she can’t back it up with more it’s pointless. She likes her eyes but it isn’t a major factor in her life. She likes the fact that they are just like her father’s. She’s always been close with her father and wanted to be more like him for a large chunk of her early life, so having this clear connection is good to her.

Minnie has no noticeably scars or birthmarks, she has maybe a few freckles but none that are noticeable either. She has always been very active as a child, involved in a lot of sports, but with her mother’s magic, none of the cuts she’s gotten over the years have ever scarred. Something she is quite thankful for.

Minnie has always led a very active lifestyle, between her sports in school and her father insistence that she be healthy and active, she has a slim body. She’s a little smaller than most people her age, but this has never bothered her. She’s always been described as petite. Something she definitely has never minded. She likes her build, and likes the way that she looks. She’s always been a big fan of sports, she might prefer books but she’ll lean into sports too when she needs too, understanding the importance of having both in her life.

AB (+ve)
With her mother being magical it’s never been necessary for them to worry about whether or not she knows her blood type - potions work better than anything else, but given that they live in a largely muggle community and had always known that Minnie would attend muggle school, they had decided it would be very important for her to know her own blood type. She’s never had to use it, Minnie has never been active enough to ever merit getting hurt enough to need a blood transfusion the muggle way. But it is just something that she knows..

Right Handed
She has only ever written with her right hand. She isn’t keen on writing with both hands and doesn’t believe it any help for her to learn. She has enough to do right now, that it would not benefit her in the slightest to also be able to write with her other hand. So she never bothered to learn. Her father has always been pretty old school in certain manners and did joke around with Minnie when she was older about how if she had been left handed they’d have taught her to write with her right hand instead. So she is right handed and thankfully so..

Minnie has mostly a Kiwi accent with a little english mixed in, given that her mother was raised in NZ and her father was raised in the UK, it makes sense that while she has mostly a kiwi accent there’s a little hint ever so often of the english from her father that can escape. She likes the way her accent sounds and likes sounding like her mother more than her father. Minnie speaks very politely, she’s not the wort to use slang or say things in a way that wasn’t polite. She just wouldn’t have been allowed to growing up and therefore any that have entire her vocabulary have quickly be chased back out. Her accent is reflective of the more prim and proper manner in which she aims to speak.

Minnie can speak fluent english - having been raised in an english speaking country, but she is also fluent in spanish, since both of her parents speak it and they wanted her to be able to speak two languages she speaks both english and spanish. Her father really took charge of her education before school and during school and often made Minnie do assignments in both english and spanish. Expecting her to be well versed and capable of doing anything in both languages. She likes being able to speak two languages, she learned some other bits and pieces of languages in school, but loves being able to speak two fluently, since they never really learned those languages in school that much.

Minnie has no known allergies

Since her mother picks out all of her clothes, Minnie has a style that is not her own. She dresses politely and conservatively. Not something she minds, she likes dressing nice, likes putting on nice clothes, wearing little heels with skirts. She would like to expand into other styles, particularly she doesn’t wear a lot of casual clothes and would very much enjoy trying to dress a little more casually. She knows that it’s important to dress well, since it will affect how people see you. She’s been taught to take enough pride in her appearance to actually care about it enough to do something about it. She’ll always do her best to dress well with the clothes that she has, but her parents play a rather large influence on how she dresses.

Camila Mendes

When you hang my heart against the wall ,
And play with darts ,

Minnie likes sports, she’s always been very active and thus has largely fallen in love with sports. She loves the feeling after doing anything active, where she just feels really really good. She also really likes school and education. Her parents have her doing more classes and subjects even after school, and this started when she was very young, so she’s grown up with education and succeeding in school being such a huge part of her life that she loves learning and reading. She’s very intelligent, very keen and eager to pick up anything and read it. She likes learning pretty much anything, and will give anything a go. She loves reading in general, it doesn’t really matter what it is, she just likes reading a lot. Her favourite thing to read - which she keeps a bit secret from her parents because they certainly wouldn’t approve are teen romance novels. She just really enjoys all of those books. They aren’t the sort of books that have great moral dilemmas or any great meaning, they’re books meant to be enjoyed and minnie certainly enjoys them.

Minnie has never really had any friends in school. She’s not often allowed to any of the events that other kids have, and in the recent years they’ve stopped inviting her to things, this is a very big annoynace to her. She understands why, her parents would never let her go to anything, anyone she has gotten friendly with is then vetoed by her parents as somone Minnie could be friends with and finds their own friends. She hates not being even asked to go do things with others. Even if the answer will always be no she thinks that it’s just cruel to not even ask. Especially when she’s likely to still hear about it. She doesn’t like when people aren’t patient with one another, she knows that people learn at their own pace and so to ask others to speed up or to get frustrated when someone isn’t going at the pace they want she finds pointless and unnecessary. She doesn’t like having to get up early. Her days at home tend to start early around five thirty in the morning, which as she’s gotten older has gotten increasingly more difficult. She’s never had a proper lie in, only when she’s very unwell will she get to sleep more but she’ll still get woken up first thing to eat something and to shower.

Minnie’s goals have changed from when she was first at the school. To begin with, she had always had the goal of doing well in school, in all her subjects and do right by her parents in each of the classes given how much work they had put into her education pre-Hogwarts. She had also had the goal of working with her mother, of achieving so highly that she would work with her. Worthy of working with her, and her last goal had been to write a book. These goals have changed, she wants to do well in her subjects and that is still very much a goal but it is also just something he can’t not do at this point. She needs to do right by her parents because she worries about what their reaction would be if she didn’t. Minnie still wants to write a book, if anything that is her biggest goal in life, once she’s done everything else she needs to, she will in her mind write the book she wants, she will do the thing that she wants. It is no longer a goal of hers to work with her mother, Minnie questions wether she’d ever be good enough and doesn’t in part want to have to work herself t the bone for it. She knows that she will have to do it, but it is no longer a goal of hers. If it didn’t happen she’d be happier. If their family lost all the money and her mother no longer had that job Minnie would be happier than she would be if she had to work with her mother. A last a new goal that Minnie has is that she just wants to be happy. She has only brief encounters with happiness currently, and she just wants to be happy, like no strings attached, no worries happy. .

If Minnie had faced a boggart when first arriving at school she would’ve seen either or both of her parents dead. But this much like many things in her life has changed. When she faced a boggart in her third year of school it showed her instead of her parents dying, her failing. She failed or did poorly on something and it was her parents frustration and disappointment which had terrified her. She had thought herself silly, where others had seen mundane normal things, a bad grade had been what she feared the most, and really this fear has only gotten worse. She doesn’t want it to be so, but she’ll do things over and over until they are perfect. She fears not doing well enough in a wider sense, like not getting good reports from teachers. Not doing well enough with her few friends, letting down the people she cares about, about quidditch and about not getting the things her parents expect. She’s just terrified of not being perfect.


The day she got her hogwarts letter. Though this was likely something to happen, given the fact that her mother is magical and she’d been showing the signed of magic from seven she couldn’t wait for the letter and the joy she felt at finally getting it was immense. She knew that it was coming at a good time, when she would be able to go to a new school and use that time to grow and explore different things without her parents hanging over her, watching and deciding every move she would make. Minnie knows that they’ll probably still try to influence a whole bunch in her life, but at the very least this would still give her quite a bit of freedom from them. So, getting the letter was the confirmation of the future that she was likely to have.

Minnie’s life has had some difficulty, usually when she doesn’t want to do something her parents want her too. They’ve always both been very strict with her, and she was very unwell for about a week with a pretty bad flu, and on the first worst day of it, after she’d expressed to her parents that she hadn’t been feeling good the night before she was forced to still do a full day of school, clubs and after school lessons. By the end of the day Minnie was so unwell she could barely move, and was laid up mostly in bed for a whole week after. She had certainly pushed herself too much, and she just felt awful for the entire time. It was the worst day she’d ever experienced even if for most it wasn’t too bad compared with them.

Deep down, Minnie really resents her parents and the way that she was raised. The tight schedule that her parents keep her on gives her very little time to do anything that she wants. It has prevented her from making and keeping friends, no matter how hard she’s tried. She resents how early her days can start and how tired she can feel after so many hours of being awake and active. She resents that there’s little time for just herself and how she feels this desire to do as they say, to follow all of their instructions that she feels like if she doesn’t do well enough they won’t care about her as much. Minnie more than anything deeply hates and resents the way the love her parents give her is conditional. She hates that it causes her to stress about exams, about grades about whether she’s wearing the right clothes. She just resents them. Minnie would never say it, she knows how much they do value her, and how much work they put into her, that she’s their only daughter so of course she’s like this. But she feels its, deeply.

Minnie would see herself happy and loved, simply put, she’d be able to tell that she wasn’t stressed out by something or another. She could tell that she was just relaxed. She’d note the fact that she had friends, and there would be some of people she’s got in her life right now, but the fact they were friends would be just so clear. There would an outpouring of platonic but unconditional love. She would see her grades, they’d be perfect and she’d be able to be proud of them without worrying that they weren’t the sort of perfect that her parents wanted for her. She would see the book she wants to write beside the grades, pointedly absent would be her parents, she loves her parents more than they love her in her mind, but they’ve never brought her anything than misery and she selfishly believes that she might be happier without them around her, so the mirror would certainly reflect that given that really the only desire in all of this is to be happy and loved.

Minnie loves the smell of books, old books, new books. Magazines, old paperbacks, magical, muggle. She just loves books it is the single best smell to her. It’s the only thing she would smell.

Minnie has always looked up to her teachers and professors. She’s always had an inane respect for people who hold positions of authority, but given that these are also people who teach the youth, passing on knowledge to people younger than them, she has a lot of respect for the professor able to control a class of students and feels like that is a very honorable profession that she wouldn’t mind ending up in. She will always follow the authority of a professor, do as she is told by professors. She might not always agree with it and be vocal about her disagreement but she would still always do it.

Catholic - Minnie has been raised in a relatively religious household. She attends church nearly every sunday. She doesn’t particularly believe in god, since with the magic she has, she can’t be certain of a higher power. She’s open to the idea which it presents to her, but for a while she’s believed less and less in it. Minnie goes because her parents are relatively religious and since they are a part of the local community, it’s always been important for them to attend church. She understands the importance of presenting a certain image and so goes along still because she understands this. Her parents would make her go anyway, but at the very least she understands why.


Aries are fire signs and those born under this element are regarded in astrology as adventurous, active and outgoing. It won’t matter where you go or how remote or unusual it is – from the Outback to the Antarctic – you can be sure that an Aries has been there before you (or at the very least you will meet one along the way!). Aries is a uniquely naive sign. Although they are independent, outgoing and assertive they are also surprisingly trusting, often innocently walking into the lion’s den at times. No matter what upheaval, challenge or triumph they confront – an Aries has a wonderful ability to bounce back. Their faith in life and the future remains untouched by hardship. Their gift is that they are always children at heart and the world is always a magical place for them. Many famous sports people are born under this sign. Aries is regarded as the most physical sign and because of its Mar’s rulership; it is also one of the most highly charged masculine energy signs in astrology. No wonder women born under Aries are forceful, dynamic and aggressive, and as a result, these Aries women frequently find themselves with dilemmas surrounding their romantic relationships. For them, a man has to be a ‘real man’ to deal with an Aries woman, otherwise, she intimidates him. And conversely, for the Aries male, a woman has to be a real woman to deal with him, because he is looking for many balancing component traits (his true feminine side) in his partner. She has to run the gamut in his support system, from the Aries man’s best friend, true companion, through to his muse, and yet she must never ever answer him back! Therefore Aries can be a confusing sign because there is a complex combination of very strong masculine and feminine expressions all combined together. Because of the male energy surrounding it, when a woman is born under Aries, it creates some of the most interesting women in the world, women who are adventurous, independent and have competitive natures. It also tends to make them very forthright.

Minnie Calida

independent | perfectionist | co-captain & seeker
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Half Blood
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Knotted 15" Unyielding Walnut Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core
3/2037 (16)

Minnie is an exceedingly hard working individual, she is naturally smart but she works exceedingly hard for everything she has achieved and would work hard for everything she might go on to achieve. She will work more than others and will spend most of her hours in the day towards working. She does the homework near immediately after getting it, will read and re-read pieces for classes. She’s the sort of person who would just find unacceptable to not put in 110% into her work, into doing the work. She is an unrelenting hard worker, for her classes or for her sports. This was something instilled in her by her father who was her primary care giver when she was growing up. He was a military man and a hard worker, so he made sure that Minnie had the same unrelenting work ethic. This can present some difficulties as Minnie is very much a perfectionist. She will re do homework and essays several times over until they are perfect. She’d re-write a whole essay rather than just correct a mistake on it. Minnie has always aimed to do and be perfect. She works hard to achieve perfect grades and achieve perfectly in other places. Her parents absolutely demand this of her. If her work isn’t up to their standard they would’ve made her redo it, so she’s really carried that forward into every aspect of her life. At times it can very much feel like she can never be the perfect they are looking for, but she pushes herself constantly to be it. She will dress in a manner that she knows her parents want, she will style her hair like her parents want, and until Hogwarts she also let them decide everything she ate and every person she was friendly with.

Until Hogwarts Minnie hadn’t ever had a friend because there was no one in her parents mind that was good enough for her. That was as perfect as they needed to be. These two things have diminished since Minnie went to Hogwarts where being apart from them gives Minnie more choices with friends and other elements. But she does always still feel their pressure to pick certain people, to be a certain way and she’ll notice in others the elements her parents would like and not like. Minnie's greatest source of misery in her perfectionism is her quidditch, because there is so much out of her control she hasn’t ever managed to be perfect in it. Her parents are harsh in their view of her sports, thinking that because she doesn’t achieve well that she should give up. Minnie is constantly worried about not being perfect enough, not being good enough, and she knows as she’s grown up that with her parents there is a conditional element of their love. She feels when she is less than perfect that she hasn’t earned their love, so that is the biggest driving force, had always been. Somewhere along the way, Minnie has adopted it very much into her own. Where she knows now that if she doesn’t do perfectly she’ll struggle with it. To her it can feel like the world would end if she doesn’t get perfect O’s. Because of both these factors Minnie feels exceedingly pressured in everything she does, she’ll work at something until it’s perfect because she feels like she has to. She feels pressured from her parents and from her professors and head of house, whether the pressure is there or not, she can’t really separate it. She just feels under pressure. It also means that Minnie's self worth is linked very directly to how well she's doing, whether at school, or in quidditch. If she does poorly on an exam it's because she didn't work hard enough, she wasn't good enough for the better grade. a bad game means she's a terrible quidditch player. Not doing well will mean she doesn't deserve to have fun or have friends.

Because of all this, Minnie is usually quite stressed, she doesn’t have many methods of relaxing, and is usually just thinking about the next step. Sometimes she will take a step back, flying relaxes her to a degree, but quidditch does not. Going to certain school events and spending time with certain people can relax her but perhaps not to an acceptable degree, even in these things she is always thinking about what’s next. What things she has to do next, what revisions she’s missing out on by doing or relaxing at that point in time. Minnie can be occasionally harsh, though she aims to be kind and she is kind at heart, sometimes she can snap because of her stress levels, or she can be harsh towards others. She is usually envious of people who seemingly have it easier than she does. She can react quickly and not always give it too much forethought. However, this specifically applies to her peers - she would never react as such in front of professors, or her parents. She can be stubborn and she’ll argue about things to her parents and might disagree to a professor but she’d never snap at them and is far more likely to concede to a professor or her parents than she is with people her own age. She has grown slowly more assertive as she’s disagreed with her parents work pressure on her, but this assertiveness is always one bad mark or decision from crumbling. She wants to be stronger, make more of her own decisions but it’s hard to when the affection they give her is pretty conditional and when she wants to prove that she can manage.

Minnie despite her best efforts at trying to make friends is unfortunately fairly lonely, she doesn’t have that many people she can speak to in a more casual setting, there are few people she can express her worries about things to, even fewer people she can just have fun with. She isn’t really good at having fun, and doesn’t entirely know how to do it. She has always struggled to relate to her peers because she’s got pressure and work to do. Minnie is honest with people, she’ll be the first to admit that she’s lonely and she wants friends if directly asked. She finds herself being very lonely, she wants to be friends with more people, and spend more time with those people but she doesn’t really have the time to. Even while at school she’d say her roommates were not people she was that close with. This highlights one of the problems which minnie ends up having, she is usually so wrapped up in the work she has, in doing what she needs to, to be perfect that she doesn’t have time for just hanging out with friends. If she spends time not studying and with a friend, she’ll make sure she makes it up elsewhere. She’ll work into breakfast, lunch and dinner if she has to make up for it. She isn’t the sort of person to miss meals because of her work, each hour of the day is carefully timed, but when she’s catching up, or making up for lost revision she’ll put it off until the work is done. Which does mean that she has limited time to spend with her friends and it can mean she hasn’t formed as close bonds with them as she’s noted there are in her year and those around her have.

Minnie’s favourite past time however is reading, it so helps that one of the things she loves doing is reading, she does a lot of reading in her free time, and most of it is not then books for school, it is something that does relax her and she gets ultimately lost in the books she’s reading. Minnie has always enjoyed reading, and books are precious to her. Before she had actual friends, the only real company she had were the books she read. Prior to Hogwarts Minnie didn’t have the time to make friends and her parents didn’t like most of the people she tried to become friends with, so all she had were the books. The first small act of rebellion which Minnie did and one which has lasted the years is in her reading. She has a deep love for trashy teen romance novel, and this started when she read her first one when she was about seven, having read most of the other books she was supposed to. She entirely borrowed these books from her old school library and never told her parents about any of them. She just loves the way nothing matters but the other half, the drama of them, the way they defy expectations, defy their parents authority come what may. All in all, Minnie is a kind heart, perfectionist who just wants friends and the time to spend with them.



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St. Peter’s Primary School - the local catholic school, catering to a large area. It was a rather big school, and one that she had always going to attend before she went to Hogwarts. Her parents had agreed that despite knowing that she would be eventually going to magical school, it was important for her to have a well rounded and full education, learning about muggle things and doing muggle things.

From the age of 5 till she was 11.

No houses

Minnie had visited the school a few times before she had attended, and she was quite impressed with it. It was a large school, filled to the brim with students. She was eager to interact with other children her own age and begin to learn more with them. It was a good school for her to attend. She liked it, she made a few almost friends within her first day, but as they always would in the weeks that followed they fell away. She liked learning more in school than at home, it was easier.

Within her school Minnie achieved perfect grades, coming out on top of all of her classmates. She is exceedingly proud of this, and worked exceedingly hard for it. Her parents made her study so much more than she needed to, but it ensured that she got near 100% in all of her classes.

Despite thinking that being an author when she grew up would be cool, Minnie always really like maths classes. There was something so set in stone about them. There was no possible in the answers it was either that or it wasn’t. This made it easier to learn, and she didn’t have to put as much work into it. She was always ahead of her classmates which made it a little more difficult in classes, but her teachers in maths were always keen to give her more work to tackle rather than keeping her doing nothing. She was always keen for the extra work, she knew that sitting doing nothing wouldn’t be something that her parents would approve of, so she was always looking for more work to do, and occasionally would even help out the others in her class, always arguing that helping others was vital to ensure she had a good grasp of the material.

Minnie always hated art classes, it was one of her weaker subjects, she always tried very hard in it, and the teachers she had over the years were very critical of her and of her work. She had to put in more work than any one else, but she never thought she was good enough for it. It was the only subject she had real issues with and was pleased that the tests in the class were always theory based. She was able to do well in that element and always gave it her best effort.

Never. Minnie would never dare.

Minnie was involved in a lot of different clubs both within school and outside school. In school she’s involved in the student council, the welcoming committee, the debating club, the anti-bullying group, the soccer club, the hockey club, and netball club. She’s involved outside of school in the young boot club group - focusing on building strength, speed and respect similar to that in the army. She’s involved within her churches’ youth group, part of a running group, involved in archery, horse riding and flying - something she does under the instructions of her mother. She had also recently taken up playing the violin. With all of this, Minnie does not have a lot of free time.

In her final year at the school she became the head of the school’s welcoming committee, it was her job to welcome new students to the school, show them around the place and spend time with them as they got adjusted. She liked having this responsibility, and it made her very favourable to the professors. She liked the school overall and liked having this position, it was a but different and a bit more relaxed than some of the other groups that she was a part of.

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Knotted 15 Inch Unyielding Walnut Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core

Length: A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.

Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: A wand for the brilliant, often used by innovators and creative types - a Walnut wand in the right hands will do its owners bidding unquestioningly.
Core: Since so many wizards are afraid to go near Augureys due to their association as 'omens of death', Augurey tail feathers are rare as wand cores. They are good for use in divination work.
Flexibility: Unyielding: A wand which takes a special skill and determination to master; but once mastered its spells leave an unforgettable impression.

Minnie was nervous about getting a wand, she knew it wasn't something that she could get wrong, but it was certainly something she feared she would somehow get wrong. She worried that her. parents wouldn't like the wand, or find it to not be of their standards. She'd brought her mother with her to get the wand, and she did wait in the corner for her but it didn't help. It took a while before she got her wand, and when she touched that one she knew. Before she cast she asked what. it was like and then made sure her mother didn't give any impression that it was a bad wand. But he didn't, and when she. cast, it was undeniable. She likes the slightly longer length, she likes the wood and how it looks and she enjoys the core. To her it's a perfect wand.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Minnie wasn't too concerned with what the school looked like. Since she knew that it. didn't matter how looked so long as she was working hard and doing what she was supposed to. She knew it wasn't really the best attitude to have towards a brand new school but it could've amounted to a room and a library and she would've been happy with it. Her mind was entirely on just getting started on her education to ensure she made her parents proud. However, as time has gone on she has really come to appreciate how the school looks, she appreciates the structure the more time she spends in it.


Minnie's mother had attended Hogwarts in Scotland and there was a pressure for Minnie to be in the same house as that. It was the house for the smart people, those that were above everyone else. in intelligence and in her household that was the best house. She wanted to be in ravenclaw because it would just make things easier with her parents but she also wanted to not be. If she started out in school by letting her parents down, she might not have to follow what they wanted for her as much. However, she had to admit she was more relieved than anything when she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Minnie had been practically forced to put away the school book she had been reading on the train. She wasn’t allowed to have that back until she got to her dorm, whichever that would end up being. She had been told by her parents to just hit the ground running and just start reading, learning and revising. This wasn’t something she was particularly annoyed by, she’d done some learning about the different aspects of magic pre-hogwarts, but it had made her all the more eager to learn the different subjects they had on offer at the school. Her parents had given her a schedule that she was meant to keep to as much as possible, which had included the revising in the train, but being forced to put the book down and focus on the people around her was nice. It had been enough ahead of time that she was able to enjoy the scenery for a bit and just enjoy not having her eyes glued to a book. The girl was now with the rest of the class as they prepared for the ceremony. There were a lot of things that she had to do, a lot of plans that she and her parents had for Hogwarts. The girl was a little nervous about the sorting ceremony, her mother had attended the original Hogwarts, had been a ravenclaw, and though she knew that her parents probably wouldn’t mind where she ended up the conversation with her mother before leaving had left a heavy thought that she should hope for Ravenclaw, that was where smart people ended up, her mother wanted her to be smart and the house would prove it. Minnie wasn’t sure she wanted to be in ravenclaw, she knew she’d probably do fine in the house, and she wanted to be in it because that was clearly what her parents expected from her, but maybe it would be better if she wasn’t. If she wasn’t in the smart house, maybe she wouldn’t have to worry as much about doing well,

Minnie’s thought were broken as the crowd of students started moving, she followed with them, feeling a small amount of nerves gather as she lay her eyes on the hall. She knew she’d be spending a lot of time in this room, just the table space alone would be best for studying. The girl let herself glance towards the professors at the front and listened intently to the head mistress. She was the head mistress, so of course she deserved Minnie’s utmost attention. Her mind wandered a little in listening to her, but Minnie always dragged it back. This woman was the head authority at the school, so she absolutely deserved Minnie’s attention as undivided as she could make it. The woman’s speech ended and sorting hat began moving, she knew that the hat would sort them, and thus much like the head mistress got her undivided attention, though it was a little easier to pay attention to the hat, the singing was more grabbing. Minnie was feeling increasingly nervous about what the result of her sorting would be, she just wanted to get a house that would be good for her. Minnie hadn’t thought too hard about it until now, her mother had always gone on about how amazing Ravenclaw was, but until she’d left for the school it hadn’t minded. In her eyes, the house itself didn’t matter, she would stick to her parents schedule as much as she could in whatever house. She would work hard for her O’s, work hard to get into the sports team, she would work hard in whatever place she ended up, she would do her parents proud. Though, she did also think that being away from them would give her a little flexibility, and one she hoped to get in any house. Minnie’s attention remained on the sorting hat and his song which came to an end. It was in a little lull before the first name was read out that she let her attention move away from the professor at the front and around at the crowd she was in amongst, spotting easily the boy who’d stolen her book in the park, but knowing no one else. She knew that she wouldn’t have too much time to spend with most of these people, but she hoped she could become friends with a few. It wasn’t too long into the names beginning to be called that her came up, Calida was a name that had always tended to put her at the front of the class. She stepped forward and took her seat, smoothing down her skirt and looking up at the hall, with as much of a confident expression as she could manage. She felt the hat be placed on her head and mentally greeted it with as formal a greeting as she could manage to give a magical hat.

Sixth Year

(Y33) First Year: Minnie's first year got off to a rough start, the first little piece of freedom her parents gave her before going ended in tears and she ended up in trouble because. of it. However, she was sorted into ravenclaw which made things a little easier. She didn't waste any time, spending most of the first few weeks getting herself into a routine, joining the quidditch team as an alternate seeker and joining a few clubs. She went to several of the school events and though she didn't make very many friends she enjoyed herself thoroughly. Minnie also managed to get straight O's. She had a few run ins with Eric Holland which tended to end with her in tears but it was the only negative thing in the year.
First Year Yearbook Picture - Valentines Day Picture - Yuleball Picture
(Y34) Second Year: Minnie returned to school with an eagerness. She wanted to just get started. Her parents had wanted her to do even more work, so she couldn't waste any time. She moved to become the quidditch team's seeker and spent a lot more time practicing. She worked exceedingly hard over the year once again managing to get straight O's. She became friendlier with her roommate Emily Hastings, and though she had run ins with Eric once more, after admitting to him that she didn't have any friends, it felt as though something had shifted. She didn't do particularly well in the quidditch games which. increasingly was becoming in parents mind's a distraction.
Second Year Yearbook Picture - Yuleball Picture - Valentines Picture
(Y35) Third Year: Minnie started her third year feeling vaguely overwhelmed, while she had only wanted to take one or two of the electives her parents had said she should take all of them, so she did. It was the counter to her remaining on the quidditch team. Her first game of the year did not go well and she was hit by bludgers three times before being knocked off her broom. She had decided while in the hospital wing that she would quit quidditch after the season, however, it was Leda Layton, who Minnie spoke to after who persuaded her to think on it. Result in her opting to not quit. Minnie managed to still get perfect O's and even found some time to have fun - on one occasion with Eric Holland. To Minnie though quidditch could've gone better it was a very good year, and she ended it with the top points.
Third Year Yearbook Picture - Valentines Day Dance Picture - Yuleball Dress
(Y36) Fourth Year: Minnie came to hogwarts having fought for her to keep playing quidditch, she had been award the position of co-captain and had gladly taken it, but had really had to fight her parents on it. She did win, one of the few occasions where this has ever happened. She ran try-outs with Lars and helped put together a team. She of course couldn't let her education fall behind just because of quidditch and her parents were stressing to her the importance of fourth year for positions like prefect. She therefore was very stressed when she first arrived at school for the year and ended up taking it out on Eric. They had a massive falling out that lasted most of the first semester - she found that she missed his company and was glad when they were friends again. Though she was trying hard with the quidditch team, they won only one game, something Minnie was very proud of. She also in this year got together with Noel Waldgrave, it's her first boyfriend and she knows she needs to balance that against her studies. She finished the year with perfect grades and was the top points earner for her house and the whole school.
Fourth Year Yearbook Picture - Profile Y36 S1- Yuleball Picture - Profile Y36 S2
(Y37) Fifth Year: Minnie's fifth year started off poorly, following not recieving the prefect position she and her parents had a massive arguement surrounding it and this resulted in her mother no longer speaking to her and her father being as cold with her. She returned to school and broke up with her boyfriend and saught out guideance over what had happened with her head of house. This only seemed to make things worse for Minnie as it was explained to her that it was somply that she'd done too much and there would be no explaining that to her parents who had always hated Minnie's continued passion for quidditch. She threw herself wholeheartedly and with a whole new drive into her work and quidditch, thinking that if she just managed to be perfect she might not lose her family or the respect of her professor. She managed to gain top grades in her OWLs and the top points position in her house and overall, but that wouldn't be enough. her father wrote to her a limited amount of times, and she wasn't able to secure a quidditch victory which might've helped. She also received her first detention after pairing up on a blind date with Blake Irons for the yuleball which ended with her punching him. She has since resolved that with Blake. Minnie went to the valentines ball with housemate Hattie and would admit to that being the first fun she'd had in months. Overall, she ended the year in no better a position than when she started it.
Yearbook Picture - Yuleball Picture -
Profile Y37 S1

(Y38) Sixth Year:
Yearbook picture

Minnie has received one detention in her fifth year after she punch Blake Irons in the face for saying something very sexist.






At the end of her third year of school, Minnie gained the most house points for her house, Minnie hadn't even realised that she had done enough work to merit it but was both happy to get and embarrassed to receive it in front of everyone. In her fourth year of school, after being on. the team since first year, she was appointed co-captain with Lars Van Houten, she was very nervous about getting this and after being asked by the former captains, Alexis Kramer and Joshua Toubia she picked a co-captain. Minnie had to debate her doing it with her parents, and was very pleased when she wont but she knows there's now a lot of pressure on her to win. At the end of her fourth year of school, Minnie gain the most house points for her house and for the whole school. She was also named in the yearbook as Most like rowena ravenclaw. In her fifth year, where she had thought she might get prefect, Minnie did not. It was a pretty crushing blow to her and has deeply affected her relationship with her parents. In her fifth year she whon the top points for her house and the whole school for the second year in a row.

First Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODADA: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: OFlying: O

Second Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODADA: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: O

Third Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODADA: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: OMuggle Studies: O
Arithmancy: OAncient Runes: ODivination: OCoMC: O

Fourth Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODADA: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: OMuggle Studies: O
Arithmancy: OAncient Runes: ODivination: OCoMC: O

OWL Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODADA: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: OMuggle Studies: O
Arithmancy: OAncient Runes: ODivination: OCoMC: O


Minnie excels in all of her classes, she works very hard in each of them, dedicating an equal amount of study to each one to ensure that she does well. She doesn't really have a favourite class because she doesn't have the time to play favourites with them, but. she find transfiguration the easiest to study for. She just has a liking to it, and will never be that frustrated if that's the class she has to study that day. She likes the way it's taught, the heavy theory and the sort of magic they end up doing. It's everything she knows she's every wanted in a magical class.


Minnie doesn't have a bad class, though there are classes she dislikes a little more. Most of the time she finds studying for Arithmancy to be torture, there's nothing about. this class that she enjoys and she always finds herself three times slower in this class that any other. It was the one class that she really hadn't wanted to take and the one her parents really wanted her to take. She doesn't dislike the professor and she doesn't really dislike the subject matter, she just can't always get herself to enjoy it. It's very difficult for her to enjoy it, but regardless of that she knows she needs to get an O.


I know you're scared of the unknown ,

You don't wanna be alone


Above everything else, Minnie would absolutely love to write trashy teen novels, they have always been a reading escape for her when she felt overwhelmed with her work. She was usually able to hide them behind the textbooks she. was supposed to be reading and would read each one with such speed that she just loved it. Minnie thinks she'd be pretty good at writing them too, and it has been her dream to write one. Minnie didn't think she'll ever be able to achieve her dream, but with her mother shutting her out entirely Minnie knows she might have a small chance at it.

As Minnie is too young for a real profession, she is just a student. Prior to Hogwarts she went to her mother’s office a few times every month, to learn and shadow her in the different things that she does. Minnie knows she’ll need to work hard if she ever wants to get to her mother’s position, which is something that her mother really wants for Minnie. It was also something that for a long period of time Minnie wanted also. She works at this company a little during the breaks between schools, on the weekends outside of her usual schedule, and the older she’s gotten the less she’s enjoyed the work. However, her mother’s desire for Minnie to follow her and do what she did has only gotten stronger as the years progressed, until minnie was going into her fifth year. She worked Minnie very hard when she was at the company, though Minnie only shadows her mother’s position, she’d be given her own work and her mother had never been above getting her to do it over and over until it’s to her standard. When Minnie didn't get the prefect position her mother stopped speaking to her entirely, and has not invited Minnie to come back to her woork with her, pretty much saying that she could no longer work for her if she hadn't managed to get this position at school.

She used to occasionally go to her mother's office to help out for a few days in a week, but she did not have a job while at school. Both of her parents believe it would have merit but that she cannot be distracted from her work. Which given all that happened may now have changed.


Currently during any time outside of school she is employeed at the Hogs Head as a chamber maid. She cleaned rooms.

It's not really the first job she had in mind for herself, but it is the job she has. It isn't too hard though she like everything strives to make it perfect, resulting in her usually taking two or three times over to do it. She likes it, it is a good job, pays enough and it is distracting her from thinking about home.

She started there in the winter of 2053.




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Minnie Calida

independent | perfectionist | co-captain & seeker
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
too busy to bother
Knotted 15" Unyielding Walnut Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core
3/2037 (16)

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Feel love, how it hurts

Minnie was born in the late morning on the 25th of March 2037. Her parents, Sofia and Pedro, were elated at the birth of their only child. They had been attempting to have children for years but Minnie’s mother suffered a number of miscarriages and they were generally just pretty unable to have children. Minnie was in their minds a miracle. She was the only child to be born to them. They tried to have more kids after, but after a few years stopped bothering, as Minnie was getting older and they just weren’t having any success. It seemed, in their minds, pointless to keep trying with just so little success and so much heartbreak. Minnie was primarily raised by her father who had decided that he would go back to work when Minnie was older. He was in charge of her primary care, education and food. Her mother kept working as she made more money that Minnie’s father had and she had always felt she’d worked too hard to give up her job for any long length of time. Minnie’s mother has always been a harsh and more distant figure in her life. She achieved highly, worked hard and expects the same of her daughter.

With only one child, both parents have spent a lot of time raising her by their ideals and desires to have a perfect child. They get one shot at it, raising their perfect daughter. In the first few years of Minnie’s life, her father, a former military man, was rigorous in his education of her. He read to her constantly, taught her spanish as well as english, made her start learning how to write as soon as she could hold a pen, made sure that when she began speak that he didn’t baby talk to her, and pushed to make sure she spoke with clarity and almost full sentences. She developed quickly and was praised as being a gifted child. When she was three and able to begin writing, speaking, her father started to teach her more formally, they opted to not send her to any elementary or nursery school and instead taught her at home. By the time she reached primary school age she was reading pretty decently, spoke English and Spanish fluently, could play some basic piano and knew how to write. This was all taught to her by her father. Both parents were around in the evenings, and her mother used the time she had with Minnie before and after work to teach her about her business even if Minnie didn’t understand at all, she was always the one to start teaching her about magic. Her father was a very strict man, he had very firm ideals and was always keen to teach them to Minnie. From a young age, Minnie was being taught how to tidy up after herself, to make her bed, how to get washed properly and how to keep her room tidy.

She started at a local school when she was of age and when it was appropriate for her to do so. She had never really interacted with many children her own age, her own experiences of it were before and after church on a Sunday and even then, she wasn’t usually allowed to play very long. She didn’t really know how to interact with most of the students and was largely shunned by them because she was more advanced than they were and didn’t know how to just ‘have fun’. It wouldn’t really have mattered if she did make friends, her parents are very critical of those around her and wouldn’t have allowed most, if any of those kids into their home. On top of this, Minnie didn’t have much free time to go with these kids after school or go to birthday parties. Outside of school Minnie didn’t get a lot of play time, she would come home to more lessons from her father, covering extra bits that the school hadn’t covered and then her mother would do the same with magic when she was home. She couldn’t bring any friends home without asking explicitly first, she couldn’t relax until she’d done all of her homework and then the work her parents had set her. It made it difficult for Minnie to fit in, she was always ahead, but always bored in her classes because she was ahead. Her father had insisted she keep at the school and in the same grade as that of her peers despite teachers saying she’d be better suited to skip a couple. Her teachers liked her enough, usually ignored her, and most would allow her to go to the school’s library when she finished work.

When she was about seven and showed her first signs of magic, her parents increased their education of her. It was around this time that her father began working again, so the schedule would always be changing. She would wake up exceedingly early and her father would ensure that they started the day with physical exercise and sports. Her mother bought her a broom to be able to learn to fly, and in muggle school she joined some sports teams, which would fill the hours before her dad could pick her up from school. In these teams she was friendly with people, with a common goal, but she was never able to interact with them outside of games and practices so she wasn’t able to form any deep bonds with them. She was constantly excluded from discussions just because she hadn’t been there for some of it, they started by inviting her to things but she always said no, so eventually they stopped asking. Minnie felt frustrated by this, her parents didn’t believe any of the people on the teams were worthy to be her friends but she thought the opposite. In her schooling she kept working exceedingly hard and ended up a lot at the library, it was there she started reading books more casually, because she could rather than them being books that her parents wanted her to read. She picked up a love for trashy teen romance because they had such interesting lives compared to her, they were fun and engaging and it didn’t seem to matter that they were dramatic and poorly written.

Her parents grasp on her life tightened the older she got, since they seemed to know that she would start forging her own plans. She began arguing back against her parents, though she never won. She didn’t like getting up early, she always found it really difficult and she didn’t want to keep doing it, but she never won anything. Her mother didn’t like it, but she also seemed pleased that Minnie wasn’t totally spineless, but her mother had a short temper and was prone to reacting poorly if Minnie didn’t like something and was vocal about it. She was also pretty harsh on Minnie if Minnie didn’t do well enough in something. Her parents requested frequent meetings with her teachers and if she got anything less than a perfect she would have to do more work and it was likely her mother wouldn’t speak to her for the night. It was during this time, pre-hogwarts that Minnie really began to buy into the fact she needed to be perfect, she wouldn’t be able to be anything less than perfect. In the back of her mind this was the first clue that perhaps her parents love was a little conditional. She was however, very much looking forward to school, where she knew that she would need to be perfect but where at least she’d be apart from her parents. She was keeping her reading of trashy teen novels from them, and always was half in fear of being caught with one. Her first run in with Eric Holland prior to school, led to him damaging one, and she had been beside herself in tears when she’d returned it to school, thinking she’d get in trouble and her parents would find out about it.

Minnie went to hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw, both to her annoyance and to her relief. She knew she’d likely be one, with her education, her drive and her passion for reading, but her mother had been a ravenclaw and really wanted Minnie to be one too. She had thought if maybe she didn’t get it and ended up elsewhere they’d lay off a little, but she was in ravenclaw and she knew what her parents expected of her. Perfect grades from the get go. She knew they wanted her to get prefect and become head girl, while doing perfectly in all of the classes and never one failing at anything. She joined the quidditch team in her first year, being an alternate seeker, which was where the problems with her parents started. She was sending them weekly letters and they were not happy that she hadn’t made the team as a full member and told to quit, because it wasn’t worth it, but she didn’t. She kept at it, knowing that she’d benefit eventually, she’d get a full spot. She stuck mostly to the schedule that her parents had given her a little afraid to stray from it, she didn’t really manage to make many friends and got into a lot of trouble for attending the Halloween and valentines feasts.

Between her first and second year at home, her education didn’t stop she was always being taught other things, her father sticking to teaching her muggle things like the science and her mother made her come to work with her. In the next few years Minnie began making changes to the schedule, she stopped telling them everything about what happened - though they seemed to always find out and she kept at the quidditch. In her third year when she got taken out of a game by three bludgers she became sure that her parents would make her quit, since she wasn’t getting any better at it and she’d gotten taken out that it wasn’t worth it. But Minnie fought for it. She began in her third year making friends, and become closer to people, Eric included. She knew that she needed to make friends and spend time around people her own age rather than books. She started having fun at school, and doing things that interested her. Even if it wasn’t too much. In her fourth year she was made quidditch captain which was much to the alarm of her parents who thought this was too much for her to be doing when she had a lot else to do, but she fought for it and managed to hold the position. She also managed to lead the team to a victory which was their first in a while, which she was very pleased about.

She became very close with Noel Waldgrave in her third and then especially her fourth. Her parents didn’t seem to mind him, as long as he didn’t detract from the plan and her goals, he was well rounded enough that they didn’t mind. They started dating in the second semester of Minnie’s fourth year. Her fourth year was where she managed to be the most well rounded of students, balancing as best she could her grades with socialising a bit more, with quidditch and with her boyfriend. All of which she believes she managed well, but for Minnie the important years are yet to come.

Minnie came back to school for her fifth year, feeling entirely different than every other year of her schooling so far. She hadn't managed to make prefect and it had broken the relationship between her and her parents entirely down. After getting her school letter which didn't have a badge, her parents - who'd made her open it in front of them - were so exceedingly disappointed, they had an argument in which every part of Minnie's school life, decisions and push backs agains them were highlighted and thrown in her face. her mother screamed at her in a way that no one had ever screamed at her before. They blamed, Minnie's lack of focus, her lack of drive, her pulling away from their dream, her boyfriend, the quidditch role. Everything. Minnie was in tears for most of it, just near promising anything to get back into their good graces. But it didn't help much. Her mother stopped talking to her from that moment. Her father was mostly just short with her. She is intending to work twice as hard, do more than ever, break up with Noel and just hopeful set her life right back onto the path she needs to.

But I don't think you love me ,
and it kills me everyday


Bio written by me, picture credit to google
Lyrics: 7up - boy in space

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