Minnie Calida

Minnie Calida

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Minnie Lorenza Calida

Minnie - Origin of the name Minnie: A pet form of Miryam, a Hebrew name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished-for-child," and "mistress or lady of the sea."
Lorenza - The name Lorenza is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Lorenza is: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Oldname with many variants.
Calida - Greek Meaning: The name Calida is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Calida is: Most beautiful.

Minnie came after a very difficult period in her parents life, they had been trying for a child for a good number of years, with little success, and had begun looking into both magic and muggle methods for improving their chances when her mother finally fell pregnant with Minnie. It was a very tricky pregnancy, with her mother eventually giving birth at just 29 weeks, making Minnie very early. She was additionally tiny when she was born, given the difficulties that her mother had and the earliness of her birth, which was why her parents began calling her Minnie ust as a term of endearment, and it became her name. They had a few names planned in their head for her or him, had she been a boy, but none of them suited as well as Minnie did. They had thought maybe she’d grow out of the name and that they’d come to regret it but they haven’t. Minnie likes her name, there are the odd jokes about her name, but it’s not that uncommon a name that she has reason to be singled out because of it. Minnie has always liked the story behind her name, finding that it was just a name that suited her, and had started as a term of endearment, so much a more interesting story than her parents picking the name out of a book or from another member of their family. The middle name, is her mother’s maiden name and a long running tradition of her mother’s side. Her mother kept her surname when she married Minnie’s father, but agreed to have Minnie take the father’s surname, so long as the middle name was the family name and it came with the argeement that she could switch them around at any point without ill feelings from either parent. Her surname is of course her father’s surname. His family had moved around a lot, his great grandfather had been born and raised in greece before moving to Mexico, and finally her grandfather moved to the UK before her father’s birth, and despite all these moves, they’ve kept the name. Minnie doesn’t mind her names, or her full name. It’s an interesting enough name, and in her mind it’s just that. A name. She knows that names carry a lot of weight and certain her parents have reminded her the importance of a name, but she also knows she has to earn the surnames and the status that comes with them.

Given that Minnie is already mostly a nickname, she does not have any other ones. There aren’t any deep desires in Minnie to actually have a nickname, she doesn’t believe that she particularly needs one. Nicknames are for friends, and Minnie doesn’t have any. Her parents can often use terms of endearment with her like sweetheart, sweetie, honey etc, but those are not nicknames. She would only really respond to them on occasion and only from her parents. Minnie doesn’t mind nicknames in general but does just figure that she doesn’t need one at all.

Minnie is currently 11 years old. Her birthday has always been a relatively quiet affair, her parents shower her with age appropriate gifts and they go out for dinner to a nice restaurant, which as the years have gone on have gotten increasingly more fancy and upscale. Minnie had never been to a birthday party before, she’s never been allowed one or even to go to one, and she would love to experience such a thing, but she appreciates the time she can spend with her parents and enjoys the dinners that they have in a nice restaurant. She knows that even if it’s her birthday, there’s no time in her schedule for more than one event and her parents would always rather she spent it with them.

25th March 2037

As Minnie is too young for a real profession, she is just a student. Though she goes to her mother’s office a few times every month, to learn and shadow her in the different things that she does. Minnie knows she’ll need to work hard if she ever wants to get to her mother’s position. She also does very much enjoy going to work with her mother, it’s a different sort of challenge that she wouldn’t get in her day to day school. Something she’ll have to go without when she goes to magical school. Though she likes going to work with her mother, she’s also looking forward to not having to.


Name:Sofia Lorenza
DOB: December 2010
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Property Developer
Blood status: Muggleborn

Name:Pedro Calida
DOB: August 2013
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Park Ranger
Blood status: Muggle

He was born and raised in a suburb of London. His father was in the army before the move to the UK. He was raised in a very strict, religious family. He was studious student, achieving highly in school, so much so that he attended Cambridge university before joining the UK army. Where he served until moving to live in New Zealand with his wife. He is a muggle, who came to learn about the magical world when he and his wife finally got married. He is a very strict man, strong morales and work ethic. He now works as a park ranger in one of the national parks of New Zealand. He stayed at home during the first 6 years of Minnie’s life, being a fundamental part in her education and early development. He still is the person who takes most control of her education.

Muggleborn witch, she attended Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. Her parents were property developers who worked out of New Zealand, having moved to the country when they first setting up the company able to find a good piece of development. They weren’t keen to send their child far away, but knew she had to excel in school wherever suited her best and they’d learned that Hogwarts was the best school to send her to. Between the work she was doing at Hogwarts, especially in the breaks, she was made to continue her muggle subjects, achieving perfect grades in both, spending a year after graduating hogwarts catching up in her muggle grades. She attended Cambridge university where she met her future husband. They had a long distance relationship for the first ten years of their relationship, he was doing his thing and she was working in New Zealand taking over from her parents. She grew the company, expanding into magical property. She works exceedingly hard for everything she’s ever gotten.

Minnie is an only child. She has never really wanted any siblings either. In her schedule there would be no time for her to spend with the sibling and could imagine that they too would have no time either. She is quite satisfied with the current set up of her family, and would do little to change it.

All of her grandparents are alive.
Her mother had no siblings, her father has two older brothers.

Minnie has a complicated relationship with her family. She is exceedingly close to both of her parents. Her father spent a lot of time in her early years being there with her for most of the day. She is very close to him, they’ve always had a very personal relationship. She is also close with her mother, a little less close than she is with her father, but still very close. They’ve always been a very close knit family. With only three of them, it’s just always been that way. Minnie has some problems with her parents in that they control a lot of her life. Keep her to a tight timetable, and ensure she barely has any real time for herself - though that time she does have is still usually spent reading or working. So in recent years she’s acted out a little against her parents. She’ll always listen to what they have to say in the end, but she’ll argue about it on occasion, put up a rather loud and large fight, but will always eventually do what they say. This has put a bit of a strain on the relationship between her and her parents as they come up against a forming Minnie who is more vocal and increasingly more combative against their wishes. She’d never do anything to harm them, or hurt their feelings and she is always first in the family to apologise, but she is growing into a person who despite loving her parents dearly would like for the family to be a little less close and for her parents to control a little less.

The family has one owl, it is a snowy owl that Minnie’s mother got when she was in her last year of school and has remained the family owl ever since. It is most friendly with Minnie’s mother, but good to all of the people in the family. It is an old owl now, but still more than capable of doing jobs, which is it’s only purpose in the family. It is not necessarily a pet, though by the definition of a pet it is.

Minnie is half blood, her mother is a muggleborn witch and her father is a muggle.

Minnie has never been concerned with blood status, she has to work hard for everything, even if her parents have a good amount of wealth and status, she will need to work for her own. So, this extends to how Minnie feels about blood status, you can’t work for it, you can’t change it, so it doesn’t matter, what matters in life is how well you do, what position you end up in, how hard you’ve worked for something. She believes in working hard to achieve goals.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

There’s a little park next to her house, no more than a five minute walk from where she lives, and it’s the best park. Whenever she can and has the time to go, Minnie will go. This does not happen often, she doesn’t usually have the time to go to the park, with so much else to do but when she does, she loves it. It’s usually filled with other kids and though she doesn’t always play with them, she still enjoys spending time at the park. She likes reading in the park, and going on the swings. She likes the ones that spin around. It’s just a nice place for her to go, and a little different from the day to day stuff of being at home. Studying in the house rather than being outside.

Minnie has lived in the same house all of her life.

Growing up in a relatively religious household, as well as just a strict household, Minnie thinks of herself as hetrosexual but she hasn’t had too many experiences with people yet that would lead her to think otherwise. She is quite open to other orientations, but has not herself had much interaction with it, to know what a lot are or what any of it really means.

Too young to care


None - Minnie hasn’t had any real friends, much less someone who’d want to kiss her.



Too young

Too young

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Minnie has long black hair, she has always had it sit long, stretching down to her chest. It stays very straight and she does a lot to maintain it. Her parents have always been the ones to organise her hair cuts and have always decided what kind of style it would need to sit in. She has never minded the way that her hair looks, it’s long, black and when left alone can be naturally wavy. She likes having her hair be quite natural, but her parents are very insistent on presenting a certain image, thus she keeps her hair in the same style every day. She’ll have it up, in a loose bun or ponytail, but largely it remains down, sitting over her shoulders, having been straightened that morning. She likes her hair a lot, spends a lot of time taking care of it, ensuring that she’s using the right products for it. She’ll always keep it up and out of the way when she has sports or is studying. She doesn’t like when it falls into her face when she’s concentrating.

Minnie has never dyed her hair, nor is ever likely to. It is strictly forbidden in her household. She’s too young for it, and she wouldn’t be allowed to do anything more than keep her current colour. She can also agree that for Minnie to change her hair, given how dark it is it would be quite dark. She’d however be inclined for the option when she was older, and the only thing stopping her would be what her parents think about it. Her father is very critical of people with varying hair colour, anything out of the norm, and would be strictly against Minnie having anything of the sort. She would tend to agree with her father on most things, but she doesn’t agree that it’s always bad, sometimes spotting older people teenagers and adults with odd hair colours that look really really nice. She doesn’t think however, that she’d ever be brave enough to go up against her father and change her hair colour.

Minnie has brown eyes, they are the same as her father’s eye colour. Something she specifically gets from him. It’s the most noticeable similarity between the two of them, largely because Minnie takes far more after her mother. She doesn’t mind her eye colour, though, much like her parents she’s always been keen to present a good image to people, presenting a good and clear appearance, she has never really mind about her eyes and how they looked. She cares abbout her appearance but knows that if she can’t back it up with more it’s pointless. She likes her eyes but it isn’t a major factor in her life. She likes the fact that they are just like her father’s. She’s always been close with her father and wanted to be more like him for a large chunk of her early life, so having this clear connection is good to her.

Minnie has no noticeably scars or birthmarks, she has maybe a few freckles but none that are noticeable either. She has always been very active as a child, involved in a lot of sports, but with her mother’s magic, none of the cuts she’s gotten over the years have ever scarred. Something she is quite thankful for.

Minnie has always led a very active lifestyle, between her sports in school and her father insistence that she be healthy and active, she has a slim body. She’s a little smaller than most people her age, but this has never bothered her. She’s always been described as petite. Something she definitely has never minded. She likes her build, and likes the way that she looks. She’s always been a big fan of sports, she might prefer books but she’ll lean into sports too when she needs too, understanding the importance of having both in her life.

AB (+ve)
Since she was born early, it was vital that her blood type be known. It makes no difference in her life currently.

Right Handed
She has only ever written with her right hand. She isn’t keen on writing with both hands and doesn’t believe it any help for her to learn. She has enough to do right now, that it would not benefit her in the slightest to also be able to write with her other hand. So she never bothered to learn.

Minnie has mostly a Kiwi accent with a little english mixed in, given that her mother was raised in NZ and her father was raised in the UK, it makes sense that while she has mostly a kiwi accent there’s a little hint ever so often of the english from her father that can escape. She likes the way her accent sounds and likes sounding like her mother more than her father.

Minnie can speak fluent english - having been raised in an english speaking country, but she is also fluent in spanish, since both of her parents speak it and they wanted her to be able to speak two languages she speaks both english and spanish. Her father really took charge of her education before school and during school and often made Minnie do assignments in both english and spanish. Expecting her to be well versed and capable of doing anything in both languages. She likes being able to speak two languages, she learned some other bits and pieces of languages in school, but loves being able to speak two fluently, since they never really learned those languages in school that much.

Minnie has no known allergies

Since her mother picks out all of her clothes, Minnie has a style that is not her own. She dresses politely and conservatively. Not something she minds, she likes dressing nice, likes putting on nice clothes, wearing little heels with skirts. She would like to expand into other styles, particularly she doesn’t wear a lot of casual clothes and would very much enjoy trying to dress a little more casually. She knows that it’s important to dress well, since it will affect how people see you. She’s been taught to take enough pride in her appearance to actually care about it enough to do something about it. She’ll always do her best to dress well with the clothes that she has, but her parents play a rather large influence on how she dresses.

Camila Mendes

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Minnie likes sports, she’s always been very active and thus has largely fallen in love with sports. She loves the feeling after doing anything active, where she just feels really really good. She also really likes school and education. Her parents have her doing more classes and subjects even after school, and this started when she was very young, so she’s grown up with education and succeeding in school being such a huge part of her life that she loves learning and reading. She’s very intelligent, very keen and eager to pick up anything and read it. She likes learning pretty much anything, and will give anything a go. She loves reading in general, it doesn’t really matter what it is, she just likes reading a lot. Her favourite thing to read - which she keeps a bit secret from her parents because they certainly wouldn’t approve are teen romance novels. She just really enjoys all of those books. They aren’t the sort of books that have great moral dilemmas or any great meaning, they’re books meant to be enjoyed and minnie certainly enjoys them.

Minnie has never really had any friends in school. She’s not often allowed to any of the events that other kids have, and in the recent years they’ve stopped inviting her to things, this is a very big annoynace to her. She understands why, her parents would never let her go to anything, anyone she has gotten friendly with is then vetoed by her parents as somone Minnie could be friends with and finds their own friends. She hates not being even asked to go do things with others. Even if the answer will always be no she thinks that it’s just cruel to not even ask. Especially when she’s likely to still hear about it. She doesn’t like when people aren’t patient with one another, she knows that people learn at their own pace and so to ask others to speed up or to get frustrated when someone isn’t going at the pace they want she finds pointless and unnecessary. She doesn’t like having to get up early. Her days at home tend to start early around five thirty in the morning, which as she’s gotten older has gotten increasingly more difficult. She’s never had a proper lie in, only when she’s very unwell will she get to sleep more but she’ll still get woken up first thing to eat something and to shower.

Minnie has a lot of goals, she wants to do right by her parents and achieve highly in school. She wants to do a lot of subjects and get good grades, do right by her parents by putting all the early work they’ve put into helping her learn to practice and further. She wants to work with her mother in the family business. She knows that this is likely something that will happen to her but she still wants to work for it and achieve the status in her own right. Additionally, Minnie wants to write a book - a teen romance novel like the ones she reads in her primary school’s library. She finds them fun and would love to publish at least one. She’d do it under a pen name and would never admit that she’d done it, but it is something that she’d aim to do in her life.

Minnie loves her parents dearly, though they’ve had some porblems in the recent months, she still loves them dearly, so the loss of her parents would be devastating to her. She would likely see either of her parents harmed or dead. The loss of either or both would be a lot for her to handle and she likely would not handle it particularly well.


The day she got her hogwarts letter. Though this was likely something to happen, given the fact that her mother is magical and she’d been showing the signed of magic from seven she couldn’t wait for the letter and the joy she felt at finally getting it was immense. She knew that it was coming at a good time, when she would be able to go to a new school and use that time to grow and explore different things without her parents hanging over her, watching and deciding every move she would make. Minnie knows that they’ll probably still try to influence a whole bunch in her life, but at the very least this would still give her quite a bit of freedom from them. So, getting the letter was the confirmation of the future that she was likely to have.

Minnie’s life has had some difficulty, usually when she doesn’t want to do something her parents want her too. They’ve always both been very strict with her, and she was very unwell for about a week with a pretty bad flu, and on the first worst day of it, after she’d expressed to her parents that she hadn’t been feeling good the night before she was forced to still do a full day of school, clubs and after school lessons. By the end of the day Minnie was so unwell she could barely move, and was laid up mostly in bed for a whole week after. She had certainly pushed herself too much, and she just felt awful for the entire time. It was the worst day she’d ever experienced even if for most it wasn’t too bad compared with them.

Deep down, Minnie really resents her parents and the way that she was raised. The tight schedule that her parents keep her on gives her very little time to do anything that she wants. It has prevented her from making and keeping friends, no matter how hard she’s tried. She resents how early her days can start and how tired she can feel after so many hours of being awake and active. She resents that there’s little time for just herself and how she feels this desire to do as they say, to follow all of their instructions that she feels like if she doesn’t do well enough they won’t care about her as much.

She loves her parents and she loves doing well in school and sports but Minnie would really like a couple of friends. She would really like to be able to have a few people to hang out. In the mirror this is likely what she’d see, herself, having achieved some good grades surrounded by a few good friends. No where in this image would her parents be, but she would have friends who would let her be more herself rather than being the image her parents think she should be.

Minnie loves the smell of books, old books, new books. Magazines, old paperbacks, magical, muggle. She just loves books it is the single best smell to her. It’s the only thing she would smell.

Minnie has always looked up to her teachers and professors. She’s always had an inane respect for people who hold positions of authority, but given that these are also people who teach the youth, passing on knowledge to people younger than them, she has a lot of respect for the professor able to control a class of students and feels like that is a very honorable profession that she wouldn’t mind ending up in. She will always follow the authority of a professor, do as she is told by professors. She might not always agree with it and be vocal about her disagreement but she would still always do it.

Catholic - Minnie has been raised in a relatively religious household. She attends church nearly every sunday. She doesn’t particularly believe in god, since with the magic she has, she can’t be certain of a higher power. She’s open to the idea which it presents to her, but for a while she’s believed less and less in it. Minnie goes because her parents are relatively religious and since they are a part of the local community, it’s always been important for them to attend church. She understands the importance of presenting a certain image and so goes along still because she understands this. Her parents would make her go anyway, but at the very least she understands why.


Aries are fire signs and those born under this element are regarded in astrology as adventurous, active and outgoing. It won’t matter where you go or how remote or unusual it is – from the Outback to the Antarctic – you can be sure that an Aries has been there before you (or at the very least you will meet one along the way!). Aries is a uniquely naive sign. Although they are independent, outgoing and assertive they are also surprisingly trusting, often innocently walking into the lion’s den at times. No matter what upheaval, challenge or triumph they confront – an Aries has a wonderful ability to bounce back. Their faith in life and the future remains untouched by hardship. Their gift is that they are always children at heart and the world is always a magical place for them. Many famous sports people are born under this sign. Aries is regarded as the most physical sign and because of its Mar’s rulership; it is also one of the most highly charged masculine energy signs in astrology. No wonder women born under Aries are forceful, dynamic and aggressive, and as a result, these Aries women frequently find themselves with dilemmas surrounding their romantic relationships. For them, a man has to be a ‘real man’ to deal with an Aries woman, otherwise, she intimidates him. And conversely, for the Aries male, a woman has to be a real woman to deal with him, because he is looking for many balancing component traits (his true feminine side) in his partner. She has to run the gamut in his support system, from the Aries man’s best friend, true companion, through to his muse, and yet she must never ever answer him back! Therefore Aries can be a confusing sign because there is a complex combination of very strong masculine and feminine expressions all combined together. Because of the male energy surrounding it, when a woman is born under Aries, it creates some of the most interesting women in the world, women who are adventurous, independent and have competitive natures. It also tends to make them very forthright.

Minnie has had a lot of her life controlled with her parents. She is a very prim and proper girl, she will present a very put together image. She’s a very hard worker, is exceedingly smart and driven. She reads a lot and is very books driven, but is like her mother also very gifted with maths. She’ll always do as she’s told, but the older she gets the more driven and stubborn she has become against things that she disagrees with. She’ll be vocal when she feels very strongly about something, if she disagrees with a task given, or something that someone else has said. She’ll still currently cave to the other person, especially if the person is someone either older than her or in a position of authority but she’s growing to bbe bolder and stronger. She is growing in confidence too, in her own abilities and her own brains. She is active in a number of sports and extras that have helped her build an ability to take to anyone in a friendly manner. She’s never managed to make a firm, real friend and she doesn’t get included in a lot of things but everyone knows who she is and she is friendly and kind to pretty much everyone. She is a friendly and nice person, knowing that people will think more fondly on her if she’s nice to them. She’ll only act out in frustration or anger if she sees something she doesn’t agree with. She acts quite strongly against people who bully others, she might not jump into any fights, or be at all physical, but she’ll use her words and more often than not threaten to tell a professor. She is not a rule breaker at all - she doesn’t always agree with them, but she has always been taught to respect the rules and tries to do so in every aspect of her life. She’s a big reader, always has been. Though she likes sports and is quite sporty, she can’t think of anything better than sitting down with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. It’s not something she can do often, but she likes it a lot. Minnie is very active and in her primary school was involved in a lot of sports, she is very atheletic and enjoys doing that sort of thing. Most of what she currently does is at the instruction of her parents, she feels a lot of pressure to do well and do them proud. She knows she needs to earn her path in life, that just because of her parents position won’t mean she gets it immediately. She feels the pressure to do well, to be good, to be respect, and is very harsh on herself if she doesn’t do well in things. Minnie is not particularly sentimental and doesn’t hold on to items given to her that she doesn’t need.
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Minnie Calida

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St. Peter’s Primary School - the local catholic school, catering to a large area. It was a rather big school, and one that she had always going to attend before she went to Hogwarts. Her parents had agreed that despite knowing that she would be eventually going to magical school, it was important for her to have a well rounded and full education, learning about muggle things and doing muggle things.

From the age of 5 till she was 11.

No houses

Minnie had visited the school a few times before she had attended, and she was quite impressed with it. It was a large school, filled to the brim with students. She was eager to interact with other children her own age and begin to learn more with them. It was a good school for her to attend. She liked it, she made a few almost friends within her first day, but as they always would in the weeks that followed they fell away. She liked learning more in school than at home, it was easier.

Within her school Minnie achieved perfect grades, coming out on top of all of her classmates. She is exceedingly proud of this, and worked exceedingly hard for it. Her parents made her study so much more than she needed to, but it ensured that she got near 100% in all of her classes.

Despite thinking that being an author when she grew up would be cool, Minnie always really like maths classes. There was something so set in stone about them. There was no possible in the answers it was either that or it wasn’t. This made it easier to learn, and she didn’t have to put as much work into it. She was always ahead of her classmates which made it a little more difficult in classes, but her teachers in maths were always keen to give her more work to tackle rather than keeping her doing nothing. She was always keen for the extra work, she knew that sitting doing nothing wouldn’t be something that her parents would approve of, so she was always looking for more work to do, and occasionally would even help out the others in her class, always arguing that helping others was vital to ensure she had a good grasp of the material.

Minnie always hated art classes, it was one of her weaker subjects, she always tried very hard in it, and the teachers she had over the years were very critical of her and of her work. She had to put in more work than any one else, but she never thought she was good enough for it. It was the only subject she had real issues with and was pleased that the tests in the class were always theory based. She was able to do well in that element and always gave it her best effort.

Never. Minnie would never dare.

Minnie was involved in a lot of different clubs both within school and outside school. In school she’s involved in the student council, the welcoming committee, the debating club, the anti-bullying group, the soccer club, the hockey club, and netball club. She’s involved outside of school in the young boot club group - focusing on building strength, speed and respect similar to that in the army. She’s involved within her churches’ youth group, part of a running group, involved in archery, horse riding and flying - something she does under the instructions of her mother. She had also recently taken up playing the violin. With all of this, Minnie does not have a lot of free time.

In her final year at the school she became the head of the school’s welcoming committee, it was her job to welcome new students to the school, show them around the place and spend time with them as they got adjusted. She liked having this responsibility, and it made her very favourable to the professors. She liked the school overall and liked having this position, it was a but different and a bit more relaxed than some of the other groups that she was a part of.

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Aids in communication and learning. Removes blockages that prevent the flow of words and knowledge. It is the wood of the poet and the scholar.​


Hogwarts New Zealand





Minnie had been practically forced to put away the school book she had been reading on the train. She wasn’t allowed to have that back until she got to her dorm, whichever that would end up being. She had been told by her parents to just hit the ground running and just start reading, learning and revising. This wasn’t something she was particularly annoyed by, she’d done some learning about the different aspects of magic pre-hogwarts, but it had made her all the more eager to learn the different subjects they had on offer at the school. Her parents had given her a schedule that she was meant to keep to as much as possible, which had included the revising in the train, but being forced to put the book down and focus on the people around her was nice. It had been enough ahead of time that she was able to enjoy the scenery for a bit and just enjoy not having her eyes glued to a book. The girl was now with the rest of the class as they prepared for the ceremony. There were a lot of things that she had to do, a lot of plans that she and her parents had for Hogwarts. The girl was a little nervous about the sorting ceremony, her mother had attended the original Hogwarts, had been a ravenclaw, and though she knew that her parents probably wouldn’t mind where she ended up the conversation with her mother before leaving had left a heavy thought that she should hope for Ravenclaw, that was where smart people ended up, her mother wanted her to be smart and the house would prove it. Minnie wasn’t sure she wanted to be in ravenclaw, she knew she’d probably do fine in the house, and she wanted to be in it because that was clearly what her parents expected from her, but maybe it would be better if she wasn’t. If she wasn’t in the smart house, maybe she wouldn’t have to worry as much about doing well,
Minnie’s thought were broken as the crowd of students started moving, she followed with them, feeling a small amount of nerves gather as she lay her eyes on the hall. She knew she’d be spending a lot of time in this room, just the table space alone would be best for studying. The girl let herself glance towards the professors at the front and listened intently to the head mistress. She was the head mistress, so of course she deserved Minnie’s utmost attention. Her mind wandered a little in listening to her, but Minnie always dragged it back. This woman was the head authority at the school, so she absolutely deserved Minnie’s attention as undivided as she could make it. The woman’s speech ended and sorting hat began moving, she knew that the hat would sort them, and thus much like the head mistress got her undivided attention, though it was a little easier to pay attention to the hat, the singing was more grabbing. Minnie was feeling increasingly nervous about what the result of her sorting would be, she just wanted to get a house that would be good for her. Minnie hadn’t thought too hard about it until now, her mother had always gone on about how amazing Ravenclaw was, but until she’d left for the school it hadn’t minded. In her eyes, the house itself didn’t matter, she would stick to her parents schedule as much as she could in whatever house. She would work hard for her O’s, work hard to get into the sports team, she would work hard in whatever place she ended up, she would do her parents proud. Though, she did also think that being away from them would give her a little flexibility, and one she hoped to get in any house. Minnie’s attention remained on the sorting hat and his song which came to an end. It was in a little lull before the first name was read out that she let her attention move away from the professor at the front and around at the crowd she was in amongst, spotting easily the boy who’d stolen her book in the park, but knowing no one else. She knew that she wouldn’t have too much time to spend with most of these people, but she hoped she could become friends with a few. It wasn’t too long into the names beginning to be called that her came up, Calida was a name that had always tended to put her at the front of the class. She stepped forward and took her seat, smoothing down her skirt and looking up at the hall, with as much of a confident expression as she could manage. She felt the hat be placed on her head and mentally greeted it with as formal a greeting as she could manage to give a magical hat.

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