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Fraser Fergusson

quidditch obsessed; dejected
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10/2046 (14)
Fraser had been sorted in Gryffindor. He was a gryffindor. Fraser had never minded where he might end up, knowing that it wouldn't really matter so long as he got to play quidditch to some degree. But he was a gryffindor and it didn't even occur to him that he was the first gryffindor of his family in generations. Fraser watched the sorting ceremony keenly, looking at all the faces of the students in his class, trying to put at least a couple to memory. He wanted to know all the others in his class, but it did eventually wrap up. He was glad when the food appeared and noted that Liusaidh had definitely lied about some things, because none of the food was marked out solely for first years as she had told him.
Zerrin was out of his seat the second he could, darting through the Great Hall and wiggling his way around the crowd and other people, before finally reaching his little brother. He launched at him, throwing his arms over Frasers shoulders as he knocked into the boys back. "Gryffindor! Oh my god!!" He couldn't stop smiling, slipping next to him. "I was hoping Hufflepuff but we can still hang in the common room, but we have to write dad, like as soon as we can." Zerrin was bouncing in his seat. "I've been studying the family tree and histories, do you know how long it's been since there's been a Gryffindor in the family?"
Fraser smiled as he felt his brother hug his back before he slipped in next to him. ”Gryffindor!” he agreed excitedly. ”I had been hoping for Hufflepuff too,” Well, he would've been as happy for Hufflepuff and having Zerrin about with him would've been fun, but he was equally excited for Gryffindor and all it would hold. He hadn't realized that it had been so long since there had been a Gryffindor. He knew that Fergussons were largely Hufflepuffs, with a couple of odd Slytherins especially in latter generations, but him being the first Gryffindor in a while seemed fun. ”Really?!” he said. He didn't think it would change much, but it was cool. ”That's so cool! I've never read the family history, it's so boring,” he agreed excitedly.
Zerrin shifted, gathering them both up a plate of food. "Usually I'd agree with you, but after dad adopted me- I don't know, there was never more than me and Mom, I just- wanted to know where our family came from," He gave Fraser a shy smile. "But you're the first in- oh man- I think at least four generations, we'd have to ask dad." He laughed lightly. "Are you going to try and get permission to try out for Quidditch?" He asked, looking to his brother. "I think if we get permission we can still go down and fly at the pitch. I don't want to try out for the Hufflepuff team, but I'll train with you if you want."
Fraser gave a little smile. ”That's fair, but you know you don't need to,” he told him. he didn't want Zerrin to feel like he had to learn things about the family. He was part of the family no matter what, and the best brother that Fraser could've ever gotten. Fraser nodded. ”Do you think in the same letter to dad, we can ask dad to ask Abby if I can call her mum?” he asked. He'd been thinking about it, and speaking with people who asked about family, he didn't have an easier way of introducing her. ”Oh I'm going down to that pitch regardless! And I already know who the Gryffindor captain is, so I'm gonna ask him, but I know my chances this year are slim, but next year!” Fraser was going to try his best. ”What clubs are you a part of again? I wanna sign up to the same things,”
Zerrin chuckled. "Sure, I don't need to, but I want to," He countered easily. He ran a hand through his hair, blinking at Frasers question. "Hey, of course we can." He put a hand on Frasers shoulder, ducking to try and catch his eye. "Mom would love that, she absolutely adores you. Honestly, you don't have to ask, she would just die of happiness if you started calling her mom." He promised, an easy smile on his face.

He chuckled at Frasers words. "Then I'll go down with you. You know I love hanging out with you on our brooms." He took a sip of his drink. "I'm in the Brotherhood, and I was thinking of signing up for the Wild Patch this year. We could do it together?" He offered to his brother.
Fraser smiled excitedly at Zerrin, pleased that he didn't hate the idea of Fraser calling his mother also mum. ”I know, but I want to…just be sure,” Fraser replied quietly, but he was very, very eager about it. He hoped that his mum would always be there, and couldn't wait to spend time with her and tell her all about his amazing Hogwarts Adventures. He was sure he'd have so many. ”I'll join those too then!” the Gryffindor said eagerly. He was sure both would be good an exciting clubs and exactly the right ones for him. ”Is there anyone I should watch out for?” he asked, looking for any information now that he was at the school, whether on professor or other students, gossip would be useful enough to know.
Zerrin put his hand on Frasers shoulder, rubbing it gently and just smiling. They were already a family, he knew his mom would love it that Fraser was so accepting of her. He took a sip of his drink, chuckling as Fraser agreed to the clubs. At the question, he thought about it. "Well, the History of Magic Professor for the older kids is huge, like a giant, he's massive." He explained. "And try to avoid the Styx kids... mostly the Slytherin ones I think. I'm pretty sure a few of the second years are bullying my roommate pretty badly, but I can't do anything about it yet. Just avoid the dungeons if you can, I don't want you running into them, never go down there without me." He told his brother seriously, trying to look stern.
Fraser gave a surprised look, a giant?! That was amazing. The Styx kids he would need to avoid, but Fraser knew he probably wouldn't be too careful about it. He frowned a little at the sound of someone being bullier. "Oh, poor him. Have you told a professor?" Fraser asked, perhaps he wouldn't be able to, and Fraser was a bit worried that Zerrin had been bullied too. "Okay," he agreed. He would try to avoid them, but he knew it would probably be okay. "They probably wouldn't bully us though, because Styxes are loyal to Hensels, you know, who Aonghas married?" but of course he would listen to his brother.
Zerrin shook his head at the question. "I can't report something I have no proof of," He replied easily. When he brought up the Styxs' loyalty to their family, he shook his head. "Fraze, never trust the honor of adults to extend to their kids. We're far away, and they might not respect their parents loyalties. And besides, thats to Aonghas and his wife, not us. Isn't dad more withdrawn from the main family? And I'm only adopted. I'm not a real Fergusson." He pointed out.
Fraser knew that Zerrin was right about those things, though he was sure being even connected to it all would help them avoid the worst of the bullies. If Liusaidh was still here, then she would likely do more, but she wasn't. "Yes you are, you are a real Fergusson," Fraser insisted to him, not missing a beat as he said it. "You're my brother," he told him. not wanting him to think he wasn't worthy of the family name or anything like that. "We're family,"
Zerrin shook his head, not wanting to argue with Fraser. "No, I know, we're family." He repeated, laying his arms over Frasers shoulders. He didn't want to get into his doubts with his little brother; he was the oldest, it was his job to be the strong one. He had to take care of Fraser. Changing the subject, he squeezed his arm around Fraser. "So, Gryffindor, are you excited?"
Fraser nodded, "We're family," he repeated excitedly. he glanced about the table at the different gryffindors that he would be sharing his time with, and he was excited for it. Houses didn't matter to him that much to him. "I would've preferred to be with you, but it'll be fun!" he said. He knew that he would have fun in the house. "Are you going to try-out for the quidditch team?"
Zerrin chuckled. "I was hoping so too, but we can make it work." He promised, eating his food. "I wasn't planning to, no." He told his brother, sipping his drink. "Quidditch is more for you and dad. I'm definitely going to have to find something else to be passionate about." He mused, sipping his drink again.
Fraser nodded eagerly, knowing they'd made it work. "Quidditch could be for you too Zerrin," he told him nudging him slightly, but knew that if Zerrin wanted to find something else to focus on then he could help him. "What about like being outdoors," he suggested as a thing that Zerrin could do. "Or! Music!" he added excitedly.
Zerrin chuckled. "Sure, it could be, but I'm not as into it as you are," He offered easily. He sipped his drink, thinking over the outdoors as Fraser suggested it, but before he could get too deep Fraser suggested music. Zerrin blinked, and a slow smile spread over his face. "Hey, maybe all of your ideas aren't bad," He teased, knocking his shoulder into his brothers. "That could be interesting. I've heard there's a music room. Should we go check it out?" He offered, thinking it would make a fun adventure.
Fraser was glad that Zerrin liked one of his ideas. He thought both would be cool, but given that he knew that Zerrin liked music already, it had just been the more obvious good idea for him. He smiled. ”Of course!” he said excitedly. An arts or music room were not really for him, but he'd check anything out that was something fun and that his brother was into. ”What about tomorrow, like after lunch?” he suggested, since Fraser's first plan for the day was to get to the quidditch pitch.
Zerrin laughed lightly. "Let me guess, after a morning at the pitch?" He teased gently. "Just grab me on your way down, okay?" He asked, nudging Frasers leg. "I'll grab my broom and we can go play for a while, yeah?" He finished his drink. "Do you want me to walk you up to your dorm?" He asked. "I can show you where my dorm is on the way,"
Fraser nodded excitedly, "Course," he said, though if he forgot to it was just because he was too excited about the prospect of playing on a real quidditch pitch. He glanced up the gryffindor table, knowing the prefects generally showed them up to the dorm. But he wouldn't get to know where Zerrin's dorm was in that case. "Yeah!" he agreed excitedly, he wouldn't be that far behind everyone else and it would just let him see where Zerrin was in case he needed him.

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