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February 27th (12)
Toby sighed as he sat himself down at the Slytherin table that morning. Once more he was at at Hogwarts and was having to put up with other people. Back at home it was fine. His parents largely ignored him and he could order the house elves to leave him alone and just bring him food whenever he got a bit peckish. But here, he was surrounded by so many other students and complete idiots he didn't have the time of day for. And if he mood wasn't already awful that morning, it was only worsened when the mail arrived and an owl landed in front of him bearing an envelope written in a familiar hand.

The boy huffed, putting down the knife he had been using to butter his toast to grab the envelope from the stupid bird. It simply hooted at him before flapping it's wings and taking flight again, very nearly knocking his breakfast on the floor in the process. Toby wrinkled his nose as he looked at his mother's handwriting before ripping open the letter, carefully unfolding the parchment so he could read the contents. It was the usual bather. Behave. Get good grades. Excel at your extra-curricular activities. But it was the bit at the bottom which really pissed him off. Try not to disappoint us with your choice of friends. "Oh, piss off," he grumbled, scrunching up the letter and carelessly tossing it to the side. Friends, as if he needed those in the first place. He knew why they were even saying that, they were already looking for the right person to match him up with to keep building their family dynasty.
There was nothing like the appearance of an owl to put Celia on edge. It was unfortunate, then, that breakfast at Hogwarts meant having to deal with dozens of them. Why the school insisted on such a public (and messy) method of mail delivery, Celia had no idea, and she grimaced as birds started swooping down around her. She knew it was unlikely she would get any more bad news via owl post at this point in her life, but she still didn't allow herself to fully relax until the last bird was on its way out. There was no better way to tempt fate than to assume she was safe.

It seemed one of her tablemates was not as lucky. Celia frowned as a crumpled ball of parchment skidded to a stop next to her coffee, and she followed its path back to a grumbling Toby. It was pretty obvious this was a letter of some sort, and she plucked the parchment from the table, raising her eyebrows slightly. "Careful, I wouldn't toss aside anything you don't want other people reading," she said, holding the scrunched up parchment aloft. However, she made no move to smooth it out and read it herself. In the past, she wouldn't have hesitated. But Toby was one of her teammates, and she knew from experience how much it sucked to have random people be privy to your private correspondence.
Why was his own life his parents business, anyway? It was not like they cared what he got up to at school, rarely even bothering to check in. The only time they wrote was when they wanted something from him or they wanted an update on his grades to make sure they were all up to snuff. It was infurating to know they cared so little. But Toby was a good son. He had always been a good son, bending to their will and always trying to do what he knew pleased them. It was his duty as the eldest son. Their only son, to carry on the family legacy and really make something of himself.

He glanced down the table to where the bunched up piece of parchment had ended up, letting out a breath as Celia picked it up. "Who says I care if anyone else reads it?" Good luck with that in the first place given it was all in Japanese. "It's just some old drivel from my parents, anyway. They never have anything interesting to say."
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Celia wasn't sure if Toby was just posturing or if he truly didn't care, but she decided to take him at his word and smoothed out the parchment. She was a little surprised to see that it was covered in what looked like Japanese, and she folded the parchment into a neat square. "Good thing you're here and don't have to listen to them," she said, placing the letter on the table for now. It probably wasn't the most responsible thing to say as head girl-slash-theoretical role model, but Celia had always been anti-parent. God knows how many letters from her own parents she'd burned at this very table. "But define 'interesting,'" she said, curious to know whether Toby was just being a typical 11-year-old or if there was a legitimate reason for his grumbling. "Or, I guess, define 'drivel.'"
He watched as Celia took him for his word, folding out the parchment he had crumpled up. For a moment, he did wonder if she could read Japanese, but by the fact she was soon folding the paper back up again he was going to take it as he couldn't. "I suppose that is something," he did have to admit. While he grumbled about how much he disliked Hogwarts and most of the occupants, it did mean he could get away from his parents for awhile and not have to listen to them lecturing him about his life choices. "The usual things about making sure I keep up with my grades and make the right connections at school," he didn't mind sharing. He didn't think it was going to change things if people knew that he had his parents hanging over his shoulder all the time. "It's like they don't trust me."

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