Madlyn Margera

Professor Madlyn Ateara

Part Giantess (7'6) | CoMC 3-4
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'M a d l y n (M o u t h) M a r g e r a'
12 • Gryffindor • Part-Giant • Different
&& t h i s i s w h a t y o u w a n n a k n o w &&

madlyn margera
date of birth.
february 3rd, 2014
solen,north dakota
blood stauts.
mixed blood
coconut wand 14 1/4" essence of star dust

('i know a girl she puts the color inside of my world')
&& t h i s i s w h a t y o u w a n n a s e e &&

curly very curly dark brown hair
nothing but a gentle black
six 'eight and still growing
tall lengthy, half giant but still thin as any young girl her regular height would be
overall appearance.
madlyn half giant blood can be spotted the minute you see the girl in perfect view. she doesn't hide that she different to be truthfully honest. she knows she different yet she lives her life in the same any normal human being would. besides her being freakishly tall, madlyn looks more like girls her age. she still has that young appeal, the same roundness no matter how tall she is curving her face, her eyes are just as innocent and black too. she resemble just that of both her parents her father being dark shaded with moco skin complexion and her mother being light and olive tone, she came out directly in the middle. both her sister came out either like her mother or just her father complexion. she has mesh of dark curly hair that falls gently down her back whenever she decides to leave it out. madlyn a big time tomboy, so she wears her hair often up and away from her face. its a few times when you will see her hair down, those times are when her mother would do her hair.
her constantly constants of denim jeans, plaid shirts and custom made sneakers made just for half giants like maddy. in the wizaring world she doesn't have to worry about buying clothes. she can wear anything she fancy, from dress, to shoes just because of wizaring shops and magic to help make her clothes. but being a girl that love playing in dirt and riding down hills on a wooden skateboard, she prefer wearing jeans more relaxing and fitting for her. on a off chance you could probably see her in a dress again, that's just to please her mother wishes.
overall personality here.
i would say madlyn very obnoxious at times, snapping a tude here and there when other can be so ignorant because of the way she looks. other than that madlyn very daring and loves to experience life to the fullest. she would do extreme sports, like jumping off cliffs, jumping off a 12 feet tree, climbing the mountains. she would do anything just to see her limits.
however for the sake of her mother not having a heart attack, she got herself into skateboarding because it gave her the same rush. her father would built them just for her, being an expert in different kinds of wood material, he makes madlyn many kind with stormy her friend (also a part giant) design. other than being a tomboy, madlyn can make friends if she wanted too, yet she rather just have a few close friends than entire crowd who possibly wouldn't know one thing about her no matter how much you tell them. madlyn just figures a few friends is all she needed to be happy, call it a clique whatever, she wouldn't care just as long as she not doing anything her parents would disapprove of.

('now i'm starting to see maybe it's got nothing to do with me')
&& m a y y o u k e e p t h I s b e t w e e n u s &&

- she likes to be daring at times
-likes to meet a few friends who will eventually become good friends
-like try out sports, since her father didn't get his boy he kinda did with madlyn
-likes skateboarding with her best frineds
-likes climbing up hills and running down right after also likes to roll down
-small places she can't get into
-being made fun though she hardly shows her emotions when she it happens
-dislikes small people but she can tolerate them, its more of a fear really
worst fears.worst fear would have to be being lost, maddy will cry in tears if she were lost. she hates it the most too, she figure being tall she would find places a lot faster. still her narration not as good as it should be.
its not the biggest secret in the world, but she hope to be a breeder of care of magical creature one day. her great grandfather from her father side had been one. he's the reason why she carried giant blood in her family. she wants to be a breeder and hopefully have one to care for her as her own.
favorite place in the world.
with her two friends in ireland just hanging out. or back in north dakota caring for the muggel animals her parents once own but had to give up because their extreme move to the green land.
greatest memory.would say meeting her friend Stormy, stormy the first half giant she ever met before. she share common interest like madlyn and understands how it feels to be different than the rest of the world. madlyn carries the memory in the forest back in ireland, just when she had thought moving to a foreign country had been bad, she found the better side to it.
worst memory.
i can't say she had any worst, but when her father was paralyze, you could say their entire family was distraught afraid of losing Jackson because of a job accident back in america.
Stormy- half giant, female, ireland native, punk sort of looking.
Apple- she not a giant but she just as tall, she also from ireland, loves boarding too, more of a casual person that loves her hobbies

('fathers, be good to your daughters,daughters will love like you do')
&& m y l i f e m y h i s t o r y w r i t t en i n w o r d s t h a t I. o w n &&

jackson margera
Retired auruor, 45,
Wood expert, mixed blood, giant blood
iris margera 42,
Healer,mixed blood
mandela 18, mixed blood, nyc student
jackie margera, 6,
living at home
none as of yet
Maddy was born in Solen, North Dakota on Sioux's tribal land, and raised in Glenbrook, Ireland. Throughout her childhood, Madlyn was very aware of how different her family can be seen from other point of views. How her mother is the lightest out of all of them and her father a dark reddish brown man who is twice the size and height of a regular man. Yes her father being a native american half giant may seem odd, and her mother an italian woman who fell for someone totally opposite from herself, they may seem different but to those who know them well enough, know they are just like any other family. Growing up she witness both her parents taking up great careers in the wizaring world, her father being an auruor and her mother once a healer, raised their three girls in the best way possible. Maddy had a regular childhood, by the age of four however, things change rapidly so did her height naturally. Her parents were convince eventually she would be just the same as her father Jackson, so they move out to Glenbrook Ireland, in a very more open wizaring community unlike the one they had once lived in Solen, North Dakota.

Madlyn transition to her new home made her feel out of place at first. For many reason, though one of them stood amongst the rest. She had mixed heritage, but besides that she always been extremely tall for her age. It wasn't till a couple months later, did she met another half giant girl name Stormy and very tall girl (6'5) name Apple. Both girls befriended Maddy instantly, that's where her loved for skateboarding had came from the very beginning. Maddy never intended to like sports, till Stormy introduced her to boarding.

Amongst other influence, Maddy began to gain more confidence, trusting herself to do whatever she set her mind doing. She learn to hike steep mountains, climb the tallest tree, she learn to sail harsh waves, Everything she learn, she learn with Stormy and Apple. Besides what she got use to doing, her father influenced her enough to care for magical creatures too. He had retired from being an auruor, after an accident left him paralyze and uncertain if he would walk again. Regaining his strength and now with a staff he walks around, and volunteering his time to care for certain magical creatures. Madlyn along side, gotten used to caring for extraordinary creatures, that she made it her goal in life one day to do the same, just like Jackson taught her along the way.

After a couple years in Glenbrook, Ireland, the Margera had taken residency in Sydney, Australia. Figuring it was time for a change, with their oldest attending college in New York City
(Mandela Margera) and their youngest (Jackie Margera whom btw was born in Glenbrook, Ireland) all accepted the changed except for Maddy at first. At first she hated the idea, she wouldn't get use to it. She didn't want to move because of her friends in Glenbrook and her attachment she grew with Ireland. She couldn't believe they where moving, but she had no choice, they had to move and so they did. When they moved that's when the acceptance to Hogwarts came for Madlyn, where she felt she rather not go at all. However, she decided, she might as well go, give it a try. If she finds she doesn't like it she can decide to come back home.

Now sorted into Gryffindor, a house she had wanted to be in, Madlyn little by little slowly adjusting to her new school. She already met a few students just about her age, whom she either like or dislikes. Its always counted their opinion on her at first and than that's when she makes her judgement on them. Most of the time she seems fond of their characteristic and quality of someone. Like Briar Rowan, she very weird, but she fast and very nice. Joe Walker, a comedian that's one of a kind, she thinks he's very funny at times. Than their are ones like Roze Castro, a girl she share the same interest, so far the ones she met she finds them to be exception of friends. She hope to gain many more, as the years go on.

('girls become lovers who turn into mothers so mothers, be good to your daughters too)
& & t h i s i s m y f i n a l l y u n t i l t h e n & &
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Professor Madlyn Ateara

Part Giantess (7'6) | CoMC 3-4
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RPS!!RPS!!RPS!! life.
madlyn meets giselle, a tomyboyish girl before being sorted into hogwarts while listening to a live band from afaraway. On a hill top, knowing her limits amongst the normal muggels. who later on became her housemate (gryffindor) and roommate amongst the rest of the first years!
where madlyn meets briar rowan, a much older girl than her by year. and discover someone else in the thinnest part of the forest. a creature named narniar.
madlyn meets joe, a second year puff who happens to be very funny. in attempt to make more friends, maddy jokes around with him, till she spills something on joe. so sorry joe!
in the mist of hiding in one of stalls of the antiquated lavatory, maddy stays hidden only to listening roze castro play the guitar and sing. listening for a while, she smiles silently till she tears the stall doors off its hinges and becomes spotted by roze.
.life. of. a. half .breed .is.complicated.
madlyn decides to go into a pub call the three broomstick and happens to meet tawny t he part goblin, who she end up sharing a butter beer between the two.
maddy sends her first letter home to her mom and happy to tell her that she was getting along well in school, instead of the way she had thought it would be,it felt upside down for her.
madlyn has a really big sweet tooth! she foes into the kitchen hoping to make something good to eat (with a little bit of healthy fruit to add to the mix) and meets a girl who happen to sneak up the very tall girl.
just one of those days she hates being a part-giant. cause of her extraordinary height she wasn't able to tryout for quitdditch like the rest of her house mates. sadly it puts her down, a point reason why she like skateboarding, cause it meant she was capable of doing something despite her height
while playing gobstones, madlyn meets a boy who's blind in one eye and tries to teach him the game of gobstones. daichi is his name. both were in the gryffindor common room.
madlyn goes to brightstones and ends up visiting the honeyduke shop, were tess lillis helps her out. by picking out candy for herself and a few friends.
madlyn dresses up as a foot ball player for hollow's eve and goes around looking for her friends.
briar, madlyn's best friend is caught cliff diving out to the ocean near the school grounds. with the warm weather amongst them, madlyn seeks to do the same acts, gather to have a good time.
madlyn see's joe one morning after returning from break. she sits down with him to have breakfast, her little crush on joe was slowly becoming aware in the girl's eyes. she just wasn't going to tell him.
madlyn and briar meet up with a few gryffindor who were getting tired of slytherin picking on others. they didn't want to be apart of the group, but they would stop anyone from getting hurt in genereal, no matter what cup house they are in.
joe tells madlyn he likes her, and madlyn confesses the same. much more happens afterwards.
after seeing her dad who at the time was astronomy professor, she sees briar and they hang out in the tower for a little while.
madlyn meets a transfer student, who is a part-goblin and very tiny! rue undersee, but the meeting was short, thinks they are both paranoid.
madlyn gets up to gibe grace to mother earth, that's when briar and her dad interrupts. later on into the role play, briar becomes apart of the margera family.
madlyn goes out an adventure on her own at the mall!
halloween with dad and briar ! we all had fun dressing up like gods and goddess!
madlyn and briar are a bit annoyed, both for separate reasons. they let off some steams hitting buldgers, till one is temper with and they find out jaden west had something to do with it.
madlyn meets a socially awkward girl name laura montiez, whom she discover a little older, both girls share a few laughs and silence.
after briar gets hit, they go to the hospital wing and where she treated for her injury.
madlyn and briar were summon at night, only to find out jackson had died. professor blaze tells them the news, both girl are sadly left devastated.
madlyn goes to the forest to get answers, till she meets aspen who happens to be briar adopted sister when she was young. a sweet reunion follow by the hardcore truth of jackson death, another centaur comes in the picture, one name narniar tells them the truth but in a harsh way. madlyn doesn't know what to believe anymore afterwards.
.strange. can. summon. it.

Professor Madlyn Ateara

Part Giantess (7'6) | CoMC 3-4
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madlyn doesn't meet that many students in her first year, just her room mate giselle richard and maybe other students during classes. she excited about Care of Magical Creature and is disappointed to hear she will have to wait till she a third year to take up that lesson. during her first years of hogwarts, madlyn gets use to the place, despite her warning of going back home if she didn't like it. during this year little jackie, her sister turns seven and mandela eighteen years old living in new york city. mom working at home, while dad helps out as best as he could. madlyn attends her first halloween bash as the whomping willow, but didn't win for most unique!
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still out of place and the biggest thing to walk around school, madlyn returns with her head held high. the more she gets acquainted with the school, the more others were starting to see past her height. she meets roze castro in the bathroom one day while roze was strumming her guitar, both girls hit it off, oddly she hurt her leg too that same day. she also meets briar rowan, a wild red head who gets a rush running around the forest grounds. they weren't alone, a creature, a centaur to be exact wasn't friendly about them being in the forest. he race briar and mock madlyn, she did not like that tricksta! she tend to stay away from the forest now, she found herself more in the great hall, she thinks this where she met joe, she couldn't remember she was to busy joking around with the boy than remembering the day they met. joe is to funny and made her laughing all the time, she grew quite fond of him and end up crushing on him.
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another year another round of few first year. she became more outgoing have her own set of friends to depend on, mandela was still in new york and jackie was getting bigger by the minute, she is now nine and looks like mom! we went to america to visit dad part of the family in north dakota, mom actually from new york and she italian but she adapted the sioux native american so much, you wouldn't think she was italian. (hence why mandela was in new york city) jackie got to meet so many family members while we visit america during christmas break. she was excited to know how many relatives they had there, everyone got along well with her, it was fun. this year went by fast though, comc was everything i expected to be, astronomy was fun too, when i came back dad was hired for the new astronomy teacher. it was great to have him around but not for me.

madlyn second term wasn't so hot but she quite she like muggel studies a lot too, professor Zhefarovich turn out to be delightful. she did pretty decent in his class, she can't wait for next year. madlyn was still tight with briar, and they both met a few others gryffindor who wanted to rebel against slytherin. casper huberta, two twins Vladimir, and a small gryffindor name elliot oz all wanted to rebel against the snakes. briar and myself said we'll keep an eye but not directly join. dad was around, she couldn't join. and than it happen, joe walker while hurting her leg (again!) ask madlyn out! first boyfriend and she felt happy and a little afraid. the end of the year ended great, at least for her! tags: briar rowan, joe walker, roze castro, professor pordan zhefarovich, lance and dylan vladimir, iris margera, jackie margera, mandela margera, elliot oz [Banner made by me;one,two,three,four]

Professor Madlyn Ateara

Part Giantess (7'6) | CoMC 3-4
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On returning from school everything seem to change at an instant. Dad was promoted from Astronomy Professor to Care Of Magical Creature, Briar became perfect, Joe was yet to be seen, and Madlyn enter her fourth year at Hogwarts. Besides that everything work just a bit the same, except the work load was pile up and the pressure to do good was burden onto her. She was actually doing well in most her class, except she didn't much like potion class that much, which included Herbology. She did the best she could in all her classes, but because the work load was piling she slip a few times. Halloween, best time of the year for all of them. Briar was newly adopted to her family, which meant another sister for Madlyn.

She left Joe or they split without having to have talk in ancient. Madlyn didn't mind it all, although it did mean that she had lost a friend. Oh well, she guessed it was okay, and that was part of life. She was getting along well in her second semester, she loved muggel studies. Muggel studies being a new experience to her in the muggel. Madlyn found the professor very charming, she will never admit to anyone she had a crush on a certain professor. Moving along towards the year, Briar and Gryffinpuff won the quidditch match this year. Due to her winning, a few Slytherclaw disagree to Hufflepuff winning. To make a long story short, Jaden ended up sending Briar Rowan to the Hospital Wing, the reason behind it was because she lost the game for Slytherclaw. Madlyn having to witness the attack took her sister right away to get help. Outcome, Jaden West gets kicked out off the team. Jaden being a new found enemy to the sisters. Towards the ending of the year, tragedy hits at Hogwarts. Professor Jackson Margera was killed by a herd of centaurs in the company of Professor Takuya Blaze. Leaving both Madlyn distraught and angry about what has happen to her father. The pair, Briar and Madlyn is left in despair, Madlyn becomes overwhelm of losing her father.
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the summer after school ended in her fourth year, madlyn had been in such a sadden state. she stayed mourning her dad's death. her mom irish did her best in helping her daughter cooped. she had to tell her daughter all over again about the cycle of life, she had to make madlyn understand once more that death was just a part of life, and when someone dies you have to give respect and wishes to those who have passed away. madlyn clearly didn't want to register this, took her a while.

she was sent to america, to visit a few family. jackie, her mom and her oldest sister mandela joined her every summer break to the U.S. apart of the states were many of their relatives reside. madlyn's mom and dad are orginally from solen, north dakota, that is where madlyn was born that is were they usually were they'd paid a visit mostly every year during the summer (winter break in new zealand) madlyn amongst her cousin tried her hardest to be okay, she got a tatto that year a few on her back, a dream catcher hidden under her arm. it ward away some of the dreams she would often have about her dad. the summer just wasn't in her favor, she return to australia. upon returning back she had met someone, a teen name aiden springfield. a whole set of neighbors, sadly their time was cut short and madlyn didn't get to spent enough time with the boy next door.

she return to hogwarts, with briar back and newly assigned perfect. their first encounter ended with madlyn threatening to curse the girl she had thought she'd consider her sister. she was mad only because briar had abounded her when she needed her the most. the school turn out not so great, madlyn attended a few classes and hid away from her peers. return of the second semester are when things got out of hand, a lie or should say truth was spread about briar. her connection back with her briar was the poster that was spread all of the school, apparently briar was a werewolf and that was why she had stayed away during the school recesses. minoas a young cub, whom madlyn consider a friend and somewhat of a brother, supported briar along with madlyn. she was in fact a werewolf, the truth was told, but now they had to faced a whole new set prejudice against werewolf haters.

there were mixed feelings about it, madlyn stood by her side however. it was what her dad would've wanted to see if he was still alive. school drew near to an end, almost to an end, minoas became a part of a new problem, the young cub grew obsessed with finding out more about her dad's death and madlyn did not approve of it one bit, she feared the worst for minoas and had warn him to be careful in what he did to get the information, the forest was his biggest clue, the fear of losing someone else made her uneasy. madlyn also encounter a new type of human, one whom seem to be afraid of everything. his name is andy hydran, upon their first meeting he fainted more then enough time, she had never handle such level of intense. it was a brand new experience, andy will be a boy never to be forgotten. [Banner by c2.0] [credit to shrimp]

briar last year of school. the return of sixth came pretty quickly, the summer was spent in the netherlans in their brand new home. it was a farm house much like ones in solen, north dakota. the house felt emptied without dad, but she continued to go o on. aiden her somewhat friend kept in touched by letters, she was happy to hear about the boy but at the same time felt like the distant was killing them and she was back in school before she knew it. she return to seeing a few faces, minoas, rakas (a gryffindor) she met in sixth year), andy (she tries to stay away from him), sara moon and of course her sister briar was appointed head girl, many weren't all that happy about briar having this new position. to everyone else, briar had well earn the badge. the other perfects however didn't seem so keen on the werewolf being head girl. madlyn tried her best to be there for briar for the most part, but at the same time she found her sister to be a bit of a discomfort.

school brought upon some more changes, one like the gossip magazine (jaden) briar's ex foe started a whole new trend, only she wasn't the one dishing out the mess. madlyn does her best to ignore it, when she sees sara moon crying about what was said about her an article, she found it to be annoying for a few minutes, till the claw told her truth in what was really bothering her. sara had suffered a loss, much like madlyn but of a dear friend, she knew she wasn't to keen of her, but at the same time she tries to be nice to anyone regardless if she found them foolish or not. madlyn tries to be less intimidated, despite her growing height she actually wanted others to like her for how she acted and not because she was tall.</COLOR></FONT>
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