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Aonghas Fergusson

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Aonghas knew that one of these events at school he would need to wear a kilt, but he was resigned to hold off on it for as long as he possibly could. Unwilling to actually wear a kilt that was so clearly mark him out from everyone else. Instead Aonghas was wearing his usual fitted suit. He was dressed formally, as he always should be. Though he didn’t have a date for this evening. Since none of the girl’s he’d met so far apart from one had been up to the standards he needed the boy had just decided to ask no one. Aonghas walked into the great hall, feeling a little twinge of jealous at all of the happy couples dotted about the room. There was something sad about attending the Valentines day event alone. More so than other school events. But, Aonghas didn’t have much of a choice, if he was to fix his parents mistakes he didn’t have a choice but to follow their rules so it meant not doing like his brother had and dating various non-purebloods. The hufflepuff was also looking for anyone in amongst the rest that he might actually know, maybe the older boy, Abian or Lauren, just someone to spend time with. Instead however he just looked over the room.
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