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Indira Khatri

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Straight 10 1/2 Inch Flexible Hawthorn Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
11/2040 (15)
Indi was glad that they had won their first game of the season. But that didn't mean she could relax. If anything that meant that she needed to be practicing more. With last year's quidditch cup, the rest of the teams were likely practicing twice as hard to take them on and she wanted to be ready. After not getting a prefect badge over the break, quiddich was one of the only things she had left to hold over Natalia. She was a starting player and her roommate wasn't. It had stung to be pass up for the position but she also known it was probably dreadfully boring to patrol the castle and she didn't have the time, not with OWL's at the end of the year.

With her broom in hand she walked out to the pitch and was pleased to have it to herself. Indi glanced at her broom and sighed. It was an old thing, a gift form one of her uncles. Apparently he had used it in school which he had said as a positive thing, she didn't really agree. It worked just fine but she had hoped when her mom said she was getting a broom she had meant a new one. She wanted to believe that she could be just as good as anyone else if she just tried hard enough but there was also a part of her that believed you can only be as good as your tools and this wasn't a very good one. But there wasn't much use in complaining now that it was too late to do anything about it.

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