Last Chance

Daphne Dommino

networker; hates magic; three broomsticks barista
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Daphne had barely acknowledged her uncle since he began working at the school, and she was quite happy for it to keep it that way. Only, it was her last year at the school and she couldn't leave without at least speaking to some member of her family. Her cousins were useless and she didn't need them to be getting into her hair either. Thankfully Isaac had moved school so she didn't have to see him for her final years, but Maggie and Agnes were still hanging around. Apparently with Chaser now living in the area, Robert had moved down to be closer to them all, but the sooner Daphne could shake off those family members then she'd be finally free of all the magical ties she had left. That being said she still needed to make sure her career was going to flourish, and while she had a few ideas up her sleeve of what she was going to do, she didn't believe it would be a bad shout to run it past the professor. After all, that was his main job wasn't it?

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