Kaelan Luka Borisyuk




Kaelan Luka Borisyuk
Kаелан Лука́ Борисюк in native language
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Kae-lan luk-AH BOR-is-yuk

Kaelan means "slender and fair"
Luka means "bringer of light"
Borisyuk is deprived from the word boris which translates to "wolf" or "snow leopard"

Kaelan honestly likes his name more than his brothers, and feels that it fits him well, even though he is most certainly not slender at all. Due to his natural curiosity with arithmancy, he is aware of what his full name means. He looked into his first name and while it typically means slender and fair, he uses the other meaning for it, which is warrior. He believes that this is what his mother might have been looking for, since that is also the meaning of Killian's name.

Kaelan's name was chosen by Cretia from the moment that Kaelan was born. She knew that this was Gaelic, and it also meant slender and fair. Kaelan was born smaller than Killian and Kieran, so she felt that it fit. Igor was fine with it so long as the names of his childrenstarted with, so long as they all had a matching letter in the beginning of their first and middle names. He held that tradition even over to the other women he spawned children with. Once the triplets were born, all were given letters that start with K. The middle name Luka came from Igor himself, as he felt that Kaelan would fit the "bringer of light" meaning, though he also liked how it sounded with "Kaelan". It also fit the requirement Igor had. The surname Borisyuk extends far into the history of Russia in the magical world. Not for being pure-blood, muggle, none of that nonsense. It was known for their ties to crime. The black markets, anti-ministry, and overall shadiness followed the Borisyuk name. Kaelan did follow the darkness and blood that came with the history, but started to branch out and become his own person.

Kaelan doesn't mind nicknames, and would actually like one but there's not a good shortening of his name as no one would bother calling him Kay. His mother called him the Tasmanian Devil because he used to run around a lot. Kaelan does not remember the nickname from his mother because it had been too long since he was called it. Like Killian, Kaelan does not reveal anything about the relationship that he had with his parents. So far, the name he heard the most besides his name would be curse words. Although, when talking to people, he uses the nickname 'sweetheart' with just about everyone. He tried it once with Killian and was almost knocked out.

Chaotic Evil
"A chaotic evil character has no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. They value personal freedom, but do not have much regard for the lives or freedom of others."
Kaelan tends to cross the line of good and evil a fair bit, but his disregard for people and their lives puts him squarely in the evil category. He will do what he wants, when he wants, and be damned for anyone who gets in his way. He is more of a free-spirit, and is chaotic because of his constant dislike for society and their orders. He feels that people would be better off if they didn't have laws.

Kaelan was born on May 1st, 2033 at 4:34AM. He, and his brothers, were carried for eight months and delivered naturally out in the mountains considering Cretia's large stature. He was born four minutes after Killian, and delivered right after Kieran. It was a rainy night in Krasnodar, Russia, and the three boys were healthy and thriving. Igor and Cretia noticed how large they were, though Cretia thought she was giving birth to one giant baby versus three smaller babies. Kaelan was the smallest of the triplets, and didn't gain the same weight and height until he was a month old.
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Kaelan was born a male, and considers himself a male, therefore he is cis male.

Kaelan's first language is Russian, and he is fluent, and it is the language that he frequents the most. He can speak English and is somewhat fluent, but accents tend to give him a hard time. He also struggles to remember certain words as well. He can also speak Italian, but only enough to get by. It is the same with Hebrew. He only knows enough to do the Jewish traditions. He is by no means fluent. Kaelan would love to learn more languages, but he does not pick up on them very easily.

Like his brother, Kaelan might not be religious, he does follow a healthy, kosher diet. This means that he cooks and prepares his food by Jewish law. He only eats meat from animals with split hooves, so he avoids pigs. He also does not eat scavenger animals (shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters, etc). He also never consumes meat and dairy in the same meal. He also cannot have processed foods due to his lifestyle. Kaelan tends to make and eat more extravagant meals. He also has a larger pallet than any of his brothers. Kaelan will try anything once, except food that is not kosher.

Kaelan took up a similar area to Kaelan, and currently lives close to Wanaka, New Zealand. However, he cloaked his house with magic in the Mount Aspiring National Park. He had to cloak it to keep muggles away from arriving to his giant house. His house is looks like this image. He has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large kitchen, a large dining room, a den he transformed into a gaming room (or man cave), a bar, living room, and a gym. He also has a swimming pool outback that is enclosed in glass. He lives alone. Everything in his home is more than twice the size because it is tailored to his height. It is spacious, thanks to magic.

Kaelan was born in Krasnodar, Russia, but he moved to Khabarovsk Krai, Russia when he was a young child. He does not have any memories of Krasnodar, just that he was born there. He lived between Okhotsk and Khabarovsk, though frequented the latter a fair bit in the magical community. Kaelan no longer has his childhood home there, as their adopted father only kept their house in Oymyakon, Russia. Like his current home, the other houses that Kaelan resided in were tailored for his size.

Kaelan's mother and father were both born in Russia, and descended from Russians, so he is fully Russian.

Because Igor Borisyuk was a half-blood, and Cretia was a giantess, that makes Kaelan a mixed-blooded wizard, and he is 1/2 giant.

Kaelan is a bit more chill with blood status in its entirety. However, that being said, his own blood status makes him biased because he is very proud about his blood, including his non-human part. He is not a fan of pure-blood supremacy or those that are prejudice against people like him, or other part-being wizards and witches. He doesn't really like muggles for similar reasons that Killian doesn't like them. He is aware that hiding himself a fair bit more difficult so he has to be careful not to expose magic. Kaelan would prefer not to deal with blood status debates since he will just roll his eyes and stay quiet. That is, if someone says something bad about his kind, or others like him, he will lose his temper.


Curly 24" Unyielding Cedar with Acromantula Web Core

This wand was tailored just for Kaelan. It is very long, as it is 24 inches to fit well in his large hand. It is unyielding, so it will never change owners. The wood is cedar, which means that one would never fool a cedar wielder. It also means that he is good at reading people, and hard to sway. The core of his wand is the acromantula web core. The acromantula web makes the wand a powerful wand, and tends to lean more toward the darker nature. However, it will immediately stop working in front of a wand with a basilisk core, or around a basilisk in general.

Kaelan currently works at Saint Mungo's as a healer, more specifically, in the Plant & Poison Division. Kaelan uses this as a reason to redeem himself in his brother's eyes and to get back in his good graces, to show that he is turning his life around. He does enjoy his work as he loves working with plants and poisons, and he can identify them from his background. He does keep to himself because of his temper, and how others might be weary around him - and with good reason. He works long hours and even takes his lunch well away from others.

Kaelan is not very close to many of his co-workers, or even any. However, he is friends with the janitor, Arvel Ayers. He even brought Arvel home to drink and have some fun. The other co-workers are a different story. He does not care about them because he has not been approached, nor has he approached others out of his way.

Prior to becoming a healer, Kaelan worked in Russia as a body guard that was hired for several different jobs. Some were legit roles and others were more underground that he swore to secrecy. He did this from the moment he graduated until he left suddenly to go to New Zealand in 2059. He worked as a body guard for 8 years, and he was rumored to be among the best and the most brutal. He got bored of his job and needed something more to fulfill his mind. He never told anyone why he quit, he just up and left.

Kaelan often did not get along with his previous co-workers. None could compare to his raw strength, and he often bragged about it. He did have lustful feelings over a previous co-worker, Onyx Smirnoff. The others he did not bother knowing the names to.

Thanks to his lifestyle, Kaelan has a very healthy balance between work, social, and relaxation. He never brings his work home with him and relatively forgets everything that happens at work until he is actually there. Kaelan enjoys his free time when he is not working, and spends it relaxing with gaming, swimming, or even working out.

Kaelan is in excellent health, with everything working properly.

Kaelan shares the same deathly allergy to tree nuts and peanuts to Killian. While he was cooking at home when he was 20, he made a dish that had peanuts in it, and promptly needed medical attention where he was given the knowledge. It was lucky that he was at work when it happened so he was attended to before his throat closed.


Personality Strengths
Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Personality Weakness
Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus Likes
Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands
Taurus Dislikes
Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics
Element Meaning
Practical, stable, grounded
Green, pink
Friday, Monday
2, 6, 9, 12, 24
Scorpio, Cancer



Kaelan is known as a water ox. The characteristics are: "hardworking, ambitious, tenacious, and able to endure hardship, with strong sense of justice and keen observational abilities." As a male ox, it is described that he is "strongly patriotic. They have strong ideals and ambitions for life, and attach importance to family and work."
Lucky Numbers
1, 4, and numbers containing them
Lucky Colors
White, yellow, green
Lucky Flowers
Tulip, peach blossom
Lucky Directions
North, south
Unlucky Numbers
5, 6, and numbers containing them
Unlucky Colors
Unlucky Direction
Most Compatible
Rat, Snake, and Rooster


Kaelan was often referred to as the worst triplet because of his risky behavior (though in reality, Killian is much worse). He is smart, cunning, proud, a sadist and a masochist. He often pranks people and never takes the hint of when to actually stop. He can be a bit immature about his antics. Kaelan also has a lot of pride in his giant-blood, and hates adjusting his form to suit others. He is highly aggressive and is constantly working on controlling his temper. Kaelan does not trust people often at all, and will close himself up when people want something personal from him. Kaelan is often seen at parties and clubs, having fun and playing games. He also loves video games and will spend hours talking about them.

Meaning: introverted, observant, thinking, prospecting, assertive
Group: Explorers
Also Known As: Virtuoso
Strengths: Optimistic, energetic, creative, practical, spontaneous, rational, know how to prioritize, great in a crisis, relaxed
Weaknesses: Stubborn, insensitive, private, reserved, easily bored, dislike commitment, risky behavior

Kaelan is Jewish, and was raised with the judicial beliefs and traditions, but ultimately, he is not strict with it. He will keep his diet kosher and celebrate Hanukkah. He is more knowledgeable with his religion. His faith is not very up front because he is reserved. He prefers to keep his beliefs to himself, though because of his temper, he regularly breaks the law, so he often sees himself as a hypocrite - which he is since he picks and chooses what to believe for his own benefit.

Kaelan loves the simple things in life that are often overlooked. He does love to fight. He might not be as good as his brother, Killian, but he does love to fight to prove his strength. He is also rather materialistic, so he loves money. He loves spending it and making it. He lives in a high-class lifestyle so he requires it to fund his every day activities. Kaelan also enjoys watching Quidditch matches. His favorite team is the Vratsa Vultures. He will go to every game if he does not have other plans. Kaelan loves drinking, which he will drink rum or spiced rum. He will occasionally enjoy wine, but rum is his alcohol of choice. He will gamble with a limit, so he is responsible with it. He also enjoys weapons of all kinds. Kaelan will also play a lot of video games, even if he isn't good at it. Nintendo is his go-to system.

Kaelan absolutely hates corrupted authority. He does not like it when there are corrupt politicians or aurors. He believes that absolute power will corrupt absolutely, so he is lawless for that reason. He also does not like part-goblins - mainly because he doesn't pay much attention to where he walks, so he doesn't want to kick them by mistake. Like Killian, he is not a fan of prejudice people because he is very proud of his part-giant heritage, and sees it was a perk versus a curse. He might not be fully human, but that never bothered him. He cannot stand the color yellow-green, and will avoid all clothes with that color. While acromantulas don't bother him, smaller spiders he hates, which by standards, are all spiders except tarantulas. Kaelan also does not like to be told what to do.

Currently, if Kaelan were to encounter a boggart, it will turn into an army of small spiders. It is not specific at all, just as long as they are small and hard for him to see. He is truly afraid of such creatures.

Kaelan believes that if he were to stand in front of the mirror of erised, it would be him surrounded by so much money. Like a Scrooge McDuck situation. Just galleons everywhere. However, this is not the case. He would see himself with children, including holding a baby in one of his arms, and a wedding ring on his finger since he truly desires a functional family. His siblings would be around him as well.

He shares this with Killian. His worse memory would be when his little brother, Kade, was ganged up on and nearly died from the attack. Seeing his little brother and hearing his screams still bother him to this very day.

Kaelan's patronus memory would be the feeling he had when he bought his place without relying on others. It felt like he was truly independent, and could decorate it his own way.


Truth is, his biggest secret is that he loves video games but gets frustrated because he tends to break the controllers by mistake

If Kaelan was exposed to amorentia, he would smell cinnamon, the beach, and another component that is mild but sweet, like a shampoo that he had never smelled before. He has not been this close to the person that uses this shampoo.

Kaelan has several strengths, though one of his most notable would be his physical strength because of his giant's blood. He works out and shows off any chance he gets. He is meticulous about his body care. Also due to his giant's blood, he is resistant to magic, so it is hard to bring him down. Kaelan is also rather rational, so during stresses, he will remain calm and logical. He is talented with fighting, though he often uses dirty tactics to overcome his opponents. He learned how to do that because of Killian. He is very mathematically skilled, which is fortunate when it comes down to antidotes, potions, arithmancy, and finances. He handles money well, better than the rest of his family. He is very knowledgeable with weapons and their usages. He considers his family, when they are as a whole, his strength as well. He does have a high pain and alcohol tolerance, so it takes a long time before he will go down or get drunk. When it comes down to magic, Kaelan is best in theoretical subjects such as History and Astronomy. He is also very good with Ancient Runes and Arithmancy.

Kaelan's weaknesses are many, and one of them would be the fact that he would hate to admit that he even has weaknesses. He can be slower because of his size and his unwillingness to run into people if he can help it. English remains a weakness for him because he can be seen struggling with his speech from time to time, especially if his temper is ignited. Kaelan finds himself a little anxious while in crowds, but his absolute greatest weakness would be his temper. He can and will lose it frequently. He does not go into a blind rage, but he will incapacitate anyone that dares to get in his way. Kaelan also gets involved in shady, risky behavior without a thought since he is drawn to it. Another weakness is that Kaelan can become easily bored, so he will get sidetracked from one thing easily. Like Killian, he can be extremely stubborn. Once he is set on something, he will but budge unless he manages to convince himself to concede. He can be rather proudful, and does not know how to manage his jealousy. He might not be as bad as Killian is with his jealousy, but his obsession with his object of desires can spin out of control.

There is no one that Kaelan idolizes. Even as a child he never really looked up to anyone, even in history. The closest thing would be Grindelwald because of his determination and anti-ministry.

Confident, proud, punctual, intolerant, stubborn

Kaelan has a plethora of talents. Several of his talents are rarely seen. He is very talented in fighting, including using whatever he can and form it into a weapon. This might even include a tree. Anything he can get his hands on, he can use it as a weapon. He is also great at dueling, though not as much as Killian. He is excellent with math, most of which he does in his head, and surprisingly, he is a great dancer. He also knows a fair bit about wand lore.

Kaelan's loyalties are currently to himself because he doesn't trust people in general. He wants to rely and be loyal to his family if they would have him. However, this is not happening anytime soon, so he is only loyal to himself.

When Kaelan becomes annoyed or irritated, his right eyebrow twitches, which is out of his control.


Kaelan's hair is dark brown, though if he were outside, the light will shine that it has some red tints to it. It is otherwise straight, though has some very, very light natural waves to it. He uses many hair products in his hair to keep it soft and healthy. He also has the same style as his brothers, for the most part. He has it shaved around the sides and the back of the neck, but the top is long. It is enough to come to below his cheek bones, but above the chin (slightly shorter than Killian's. He keeps it slicked back, and keeps it in place using gel and other products. He refuses to change the colors of his hair since he feels any other color would wash out his skin tone.

Kaelan shares the same eye color as his father and siblings. He has green eyes that blend in well with his skin tone. However, there are times when it looks like his eyes will be gray or blue. They might be truly green, but they can trick people in the different settings. The shape is average oval, and he takes it after his mother. The expression that he holds behind his eyes is a little more expressive than his brother, Killian. He shows his playful side somewhat, and they can soften to look friendly. The most common expression from his eyes would be when he is up to no good at all.

Due to his giant genes, he stands at exactly 11'9" (358cm). His body is perfectly proportional as well.

While 522lbs (237kgs) might be extremely obese for a human, it is fitting for a part-giant and his build. He is extremely muscular and does not have much body fat. His weight is mostly toward his muscles. He is slightly lighter than Killian.

His build is very large. He has broad shoulders and is built with defining muscles. Even when shirts are enlarged, they often have issues buttoning up near the top because of his chest. He does not have a six-pack, but his waist and torso are thick and wide. He does not have veins that stick out either, so it is more of a natural look with no added steroids.

Kaelan has many, many scars but they are all covered by his tattoos. He does not have as many as Killian due to Killian's boxing career, but Kaelan still has several when one looks closely at his skin.

He also has a lot of piercings, such as both of his nostrils, two on his left eyebrow, his nipples, tongue, and several in his ears (4 in each ear). Unlike Killian, his earlobes are not gauged, but he keeps basic earrings in. He has a grand total of 15 piercings. He is covered head to toe in tattoos. He is covered head to toe with tattoos, which match his triplet brothers as a show of what they all love, and their bond as siblings. Several are linked to mythology, religious symbols, and people from history. It was a collaborative event with the three choosing what went on all of their bodies. Kaelan chose the designs, including the floral design that is on their heads. He also chose the large piece that went on the chest that is the goddess of destruction.

Kaelan's scents are more of a warm, spicey smell than any other scent. His scents often are the opposite of Killian's.

Kaelan wears suits or robes when he is out and about, but at home, he will dress down to a simple robe to relax. He tends to favor button up shirts and slacks, but when he is out doing normal activities, he will dress down to jeans (but keep the button up shirt). Like his brothers, he wears plenty of jewelry, such as numerous necklaces. He also wears a Star of David around his neck. He also prefers several bracelets on his wrists. His shoes are usually boots or slip-ons, depending on the occasion.

Kaelan actually knows how to smile, and he is aware that his smile is charming and contagious. When he does smile, his dimples are obvious to anyone that looks at him. However, the smile he has when he is being genuine matches when he is up to no good - especially when he is pranking people. His smirk, on the other hand, he saves for when he is about to do something horrendous.

Kaelan's voice is a low baritone. His accent is heavily Russian.

Kaelan is right-handed. He does everything with his right hand. He has tried to do things with his left, but it has all failed. The only thing he can do in his left hand is drink from it.

Kaelan is full of himself. Arrogant and cocky because he feels that he is extremely handsome, and going as far as thinking that he is irresistible to women. He is very comfortable in his body and doesn't let anyone believe otherwise. Anyone who does not appreciate his looks are just blind, of course!



Shashlik (basically a shish kabab with large, cubes of meat)

Kartoshka (means potato in Russian, but it is a dessert that is made of chocolate cake and just looks like potatoes)

Spiced Rum

Polar bear

He doesn't have a favorite spell

Hard rock, metal, electronic






Before Kaelan attended Durmstrang, he was homeschooled with his brothers. He learned to read, write, and do basic math before he went to Durmstrang. While reading and writing seemed to bore him, Kaelan excelled more in mathematics than his brothers. He never showed his work, but he always had the right answers. He was even accused of cheating! Kaelan was educated at home under the guidance of Pasha. Because of their genes, Pasha wanted to keep the triplets out of a magical day care. This might have been for the best because they were so much larger than other children, and also had little to no control over their strength.

June of 2044 rolled around and Kaelan had an acceptance letter to two different schools, but Pasha pulled strings and asked favors to make sure that Kaelan and his siblings went to Durmstrang Institute. Kaelan had his fair share of people attempting to pick on him and his brothers, but their tempers and strength was no match for the bullies. Kaelan often shared detention days with Killian because of his temper. His temper tampered off when he was a fifth year, as he resorted to using pranks to get out his energy. Harmless pranks, of course. He was a rather decent student overall, and even mentored a few others in Arithmancy. Kaelan does not mind talking about his experiences since he views them as a positive experience.

September 2044 - June 2051 (Y29 - Y36)

Kaelan only had one club, and that was the wizard's chess club. He loved using his mind to outsmart his opponents, but it didn't help that he might have scared people into giving up their moves too early. He did not join the dueling club because he knew that he would never participate in a tournament because of his giant genetics. He could relate to Killian's frustration because of that.


Kaelan's favorite, and best class, was Arithmancy. With his mathematical skills, he saw the magic in numbers and powers that they held. Only those that were less than smart could see that (though he is insulting Killian and Kieran when he thinks that). He poured everything he had into Arithmancy, and might have considered teaching it. His professor urged him to do that, but Kaelan had no interest in becoming a professor. And to this day, he still does not. He also loved Herbology and Ancient Runes, but not to the same extent as Arithmancy.

Practical classes frustrated Kaelan a lot because he was more of a theoretical person, but his hatred for Transfiguration reached new levels for him. He was constantly failing at his spells, and it wasn't until Kieran helped him out that he could even pass the NEWT level. He felt that he would need it if he wanted to work in a higher up career, so he forced himself through the class. He absolutely hated it and vowed to only use it with prank items.

Kaelan graduated in June 2051, and felt sort of indifferent about it. He liked school, but he also did want to get out and start working, which he did. He had the freedom he wanted, and loved being without authorities there to really boss him around. In the job world, he thought he could pick and choose his bosses - which he was mistaken.

Prior to the NEWT, Kaelan's grades went from anywhere between P and O, depending on what class he was in. When he finally moved on to the NEWTs, his average increased. He also focused more on making good grades. He did have some help with his practical part and potions from Killian and Kieran. If he did not have help, his grades would have been much worse than the average between A and O. It did show that he tried his best while he was in school, and the effort paid off when he got the NEWT results.

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LIFESPAN April 30th, 2010 - October 26th, 2040

FULL NAME Igor Nil Borisyuk
LIFESPAN January 3rd, 2008 - October 26th, 2040
EDUCATION Durmstrang Institute


FULL NAME Killian Lev Borisyuk
LIFESPAN May 1st, 2033
BLOOD STATUS Mixed-blood
MARITAL Seeing Amethyst
EDUCATION Durmstrang Institute

FULL NAME Kieran Laurent Borisyuk
LIFESPAN May 1st, 2033
BLOOD STATUS TextMixed-blood
EDUCATION Durmstrang Institute

FULL NAME Kade Ludwig Borisyuk
LIFESPAN June 13th, 2037
BLOOD STATUS Mixed-blood
MARITAL Seeing Luna
EDUCATION Durmstrang Institute

OCCUPATION Tattoo Artist
FULL NAME Kira Liliya Borisyuk
LIFESPAN February 23, 2035
BLOOD STATUS Mixed-blood
EDUCATION Durmstrang Institute



Kaelan never had a connection to his parents, so he did not have a direct relationship with them. They were killed when he was seven, so he does not remember much about them. He was on good terms with his mother, but he remembered his father and heard stories about him. If he were alive today, Kaelan would not have a relationship with him, especially since Igor only wanted part-giant children for their perks, not because he wanted to be a father. Kaelan asked Killian about the entire ordeal when he was younger, and he had received information from Pasha as well. That information sealed the deal. If Kaelan chose who to bring back, he would bring his mother back since she was ultimately caring for the children, even those that were not hers. She was the perfect mother, and Kaelan misses that deep down.

Kaelan's relationship with Pasha was stronger than Killian's relationship with him, mainly because he actually had a childhood, and was not forced to grow up like Killian did. Kaelan held Pasha to a high regard, and assumed that the man tried his best with a couple of part-giant boys and two other kids. He even carried a picture of them in his wallet, up until he moved to New Zealand and misplaced the picture. Kaelan honors Pasha for everything, and hopes that he is looking down at them from the afterlife. However, despite this and how Pasha attempted to keep Kaelan off the dark path, Pasha likely would be disappointed in Kaelan.

Kaelan's relationship with all of his siblings would be best described as strained. His history and often violence pushed his brothers and sister away. Prior to his dark path, he was closest to Killian. Both of them often teamed up against their enemies and now, Kaelan misses that. He ruined the relationship he had with Killian by using pranks on him. Things came to a head when Killian and Kaelan were 19 and Kaelan was up to his ears with pranks. He pranked his oldest with giggle water and whipped cream pies almost every day. Killian had enough of it, and did a 'prank' himself to get it to stop. That forever made a wedge between the two. Kaelan developed trust issues with everyone he met. Now, Kaelan is close to Kieran, and even helped him grieve when his wife died. Kaelan wants to repair the relationships that he had damaged over the years with his siblings, since none of them have family outside of each other. He currently fears Killian because of his temper and decided to work to save lives in order to get his siblings back and prove that he is changing for the better.


Kaelan currently believes that he will never be able to have children, even though they would end up as a quarter giant if he were to have children with a regular human. He thoroughly believes that the baby would end up killing the other because of the size, though as a healer, he is learning more and more medicinal magic. Deep down, Kaelan dreams of having children because being a father and a family delight him and will make him feel whole. The number of children does not matter, but he does want more than one. He'd actually love to have four or five children, but no more than six.



Kaelan is ultimately heterosexual, though he can be experimental for a bit just to try something once. When it comes down to his romantic orientation, it is actually demiromantic because he needs an emotional bond to someone before he will seek them out romantically. He will sleep around to whoever entices him and flirt if he believes he will get something out of it.

Kaelan is currently single and is not actively seeking a relationship.

Kaelan actually has a crush on Onyx Smirnoff, although he believes that he is only attracted to her because she is gorgeous, and no other reason. She is also disinterested in anything intimate, so he wants what he thinks he cannot have.

Kaelan has never had a relationship. This is likely due to the fact that he is hard to see someone as dating material and won't allow himself to become too attached.

No longer intact

Panina Mikhailovna is the girl that stole his first kiss. In his third year, this girl crushed on him and gave him a kiss when he was studying. Nothing came of it since Kaelan didn't like her and thought she was weird. It was more of a sneak attack on him, so he doesn't consider it to be a real kiss.

Kaelan has never been french kissed. He is interested in how it turns out, but as of currently, he will not change his body (shrink slightly) in order to do that. If he tried that at his size, it would be incredible uncomfortable and awkward.


Kaelan's first date was with Razina Savelievna; in his fifth year, he took Charlotte out on a date because she wanted him to. He didn't really know her that well, so he took her to a locate café and had some tea and small desserts. He didn't seek her out after that.

In his sixth year, Kaelan was seduced by a seventh year named Vera Kohlberg. Since his body was much, much larger than hers, she tried to have sex with him without any magical assistance. It did not work. Kaelan didn't bother trying again after that. He considers this an embarrassment and does not like to bring it up.

Kaelan was never involved in a committed relationship so he has never had a break up.

Kaelan never had his heart broken


As a sadist and a masochist, he requires embarrassment or pain - inflicting or receiving, in order to get him in the mood. He also loves physical contact, and video gaming, even if he loses.

Kaelan will feel like he is doused in ice cold water if he even comes across the color yellow-green. He experiences the same thing if he sees stupidity in the general area. He cannot handle either.


Kaelan has an immeasurable amount of partners that he had. They were all one-night-stands and he does not even remember the names of the women. He is rather promiscuous.

His preferred date would have to be an evening with some spiced rum (he prefers Kraken) and playing video games in his game room. Despite the fact that he lives a high class lifestyle, he prefers the simple things.

Kaelan wants someone who can humiliate him as much as he humiliates them. He also wants someone who will look good next to him, and is a nerd like he is.

Kaelan's reputation with anything in the romantic department is soured with how he treats people after he got his use out of them. His lack of ability to connect to people hinders his romance overview. In order to have a good, solid relationship, it will require him to change the size of his body from time to time, and he hates the very thought of changing himself for anyone, for any reason. Because of his stubbornness, it brings a limit to what he can and can't do.


Kaelan Luka Borisyuk is the youngest from a set of triplets. His father, Igor Borisyuk, comes from a Russian crime family, and thought that if he seduces a giantess, then he can have offspring that were strong, large, and have similar perks that giants had. Thus, Igor manages to seduce a giantess named Crethia, and produces triplets with her. However, due some fighting families, and the giants not liking Crethia lowering herself to be with a wizard...the Borisyuk siblings were soon orphaned, even after Igor's affair with other witches. They were taken in by their distant cousin, Pasha Balakin. Pasha lived a rather good life, working in the Russian Ministry. Killian and his siblings are the last surviving Borisyuk's in that area of Russia. The only family that they had were Pasha and each other, so it was natural that they formed a tight bond, and Kaelan had somewhat of a dependent childhood.

Pasha sends the siblings to Durmstrang to learn their magical heritage. Kaelan and his brothers were all skilled in different aspects. Kaelan was fantastic at herbology, history, and arithmancy. Theoretical work was what he truly thrived in. Because of the fights due to the brothers' huge tempers, Kaelan learned how to heal. He might not have fought as much as Killian did, as he was only physical when the situation called for it (though when pushed, he would gladly use his size to overwhelm his opponents). Kaelan made a life riling Killian up. The two butted heads a lot because Kaelan was a prankster that didn't know when to stop pushing buttons, and Killian's short temper created for enjoyment for Kaelan. Kaelan graduated from Durmstrang and laid his pranks to rest temporarily to strengthen the bond between the triplets, even having them all go get matching tattoos, though they disagreed on locations of some piercings.

Rather than finding a job immediately, Kaelan decided to have some fun and go out to play cards, drink socially, and have general fun. At times, he worked as a body guard for people of a higher status. He found it to be fun, but like Killian, found a void that begged to be filled. In 2055, Pasha passed away. Pasha was the only one that kept the Borisyuk siblings together. Kaelan kept butting heads with Killian until the oldest had enough of his antics and left the country completely, right after Kieran became a widow. Kaelan felt that had he worked at a hospital, maybe Kieran would not have suffered. This thought was put to rest as he continued to support Kieran, and control the inheritance that they gained from the deaths of their family. After so long, Kaelan decided that he would try out New Zealand since it attracted both Killian and Kade to see what the point of it was. It was not long before he decided to buy a house and settle down. Once he had his house, he went job hunting, and became a healer at Saint Mungo's - his ticket to get his siblings back on his side.

He did not expect his past work to follow him to see why he left.
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