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Kaelan Borisyuk

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Kaelan Borisyuk had years of experience impersonating Killian. Although, writing a letter and sending it to Amethyst was a bit tricky. He already pranked her once and it did not go well. His shoulder still ached from time to time from the aftermath. He knew that Killian would be absolutely livid if he knew that his brother was meeting with his girlfriend, but honestly, Kaelan wanted a favor. In order to try to limit the whole monstrous temper of his oldest brother, perhaps Amethyst could sweet-talk him into not beating him into a pulp upon meeting him, again. He knew that if two part-giants tousled and fought, the muggles might wonder if the town was under an earthquake. It was best to keep tempers down, and Kaelan knew that if he could prove to Killian that he was trying to actually make amends and do something with his life, he might be accepted more. Might even apologize for what Killian did to him. But that was reaching. For now, he remained a ways away, to see if Amethyst would show up at the bench that he said Killian would be waiting for her. Kaelan would have to make sure that she doesn’t try to run and at least hear him out.
How strange for Killian to write her a letter to meet. Though perhaps she was in for a romantic surprise! Nah, that wasn't like her Killian. The blonde had dressed up a little, after all it was Killian and she adored looking good for him. Even if he didn't always appreciate it as much as he could. She spotted the bench and took a seat, she didn't bother looking around. If Killian showed up he'd be easy enough to see. Her shoes tapped the ground and she crossed her arms, waiting. He better not be pulling one over on her. If he did that she'd be miffed.
Kaelan was not sure if this was the best idea he had regarding his history, but he was going to try anyway. He noticed that she even dressed up somewhat, which was unfortunate. He stepped out from between the buildings, and approached from the side. The manner that he dressed and the double eyebrow ring should definitely let her know who he was. "Killian won't be joining you today, but I honestly didn't know how else to get you out of the castle." Kaelan put one hand on his hip and grabbed his wand with his other hand. "Let's not make a scene and just hear me out, okay?" Kaelan flipped his wand around and held the handle out to her if she wanted to leave him unarmed during the conversation.
Amethyst stood the moment she spotted him, backing up slightly and reaching for her wand in defense. Kaelan... had he done something with Killian? She looked up at him, craning her neck and glaring. Then he surprised her. She looked at his wand, and then up again. Slowly Amethyst reached out for it, still not trusting him. "You have five minutes to explain yourself and convince me Killian is safe." She said, setting a firm boundary on this interaction.
Kaelan knew that he had to tread carefully since the last thing he wanted was to make a large scene. It wasn’t like he could hide anything. Once she had his wand, he let go of it so that she could hold it. Kaelan could not help but chuckle, "I’ve not done anything to him. If anyone should be worried for who’s safety, it is me from him. He probably doesn’t even know that you are out here for starters, and teaching whatever subject he teaches." Kaelan took a couple of steps backward, and knelt down so that she wouldn’t strain her neck. "I just wanted to apologize for treating you like I did. And see if you can help me when it concerns Killian."
Amethyst held the wand in her non-dominant hand, still looking quite suspiciously at the most gruesome member of the triplets. She still remembered the prank he had tried to pull on her. She would repeat her defensive mechanisms if necessary, in public or not. As he knelt down she moved back just slightly, her legs bumping the bench as she did. But he seemed content to talk rather than reach for her, and so she stayed. She scoffed at his apology. "Apologies mean nothing if you can't show you've changed." She said. "I can't help you with him, he wants you no where near me. When he finds out about this he'll have your head."
Kaelan figured that his apology wouldn't get him anywhere, not that he wanted to manipulate her. He chuckled at her warning because it was likely true. Killian's temper had no limits, especially regarding Amethyst. "Well, Killian always told me to get my life together and find direction. So, I don't know if this would help show that I am improving myself or not." Kaelan reached into his pack pocket and took out his work ID to show that had a job now in a very respectable area. He held it in Amethyst's direction and dropped it at her feet so that she didn't think he was going to grab her or lift her. "I didn't want to have to show you that since I know you work as a nurse over at the school and not the hospital. I am learning to restrain my temper and not use my size against others." Kaelan clasped his hands together, and rested them on his knee. "Is that enough to prove that I am going in the right direction?"

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