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It was the second semester, and Thomas still had mixed emotions about being at Hogwarts. He had enjoyed the break. He liked spending time with his family. He was reluctant to come back for the second semester. The Hufflepuff hardly made any friends at school, it was hard enough that he wasn't the most social person to be around. Thomas was always nervous around people. He wasn't the best at interacting with people.

The Hufflepuff had spent most of his time at school in the gardens. It always reminded him of home. He tended the school plants from time to time, even though he wasn't sure if he was allowed to do so. The Hufflepuff sat amongst the tall plants, the sun was shining and just a small cool breeze was passing through. "Hello," Thomas whispered quietly to one of the insects he noticed crawling across one of the plants. He wondered what it was like to be an insect that size, not having a single care in the world, crawling around day after day.
Sofi wandered through the Hogwarts gardens, a serene smile on her face as she meandered down the winding paths. Her fingers lightly grazed the petals of roses as she passed them, thinking about the deliveries she had made not long ago. She was looking for a nice spot to sit when she came across a boy from her house and year. Surprised but pleased to see him, Sofi called out, "Oh, hi, Thomas!" She approached him curiously, "What are you up to?"
Thomas almost jumped out of his skin when he heard someone call out his name. He still wasn't used to many people knowing his name, especially with this school's size. The Hufflepuff looked up slowly to a familiar face, Sofi. Tommy had seen the girl around in classes and in the common room but hadn't really spoken to the girl. "Hi," Thomas said softly, a little nervous with the sudden interaction. The boy looked back at the insect that was starting to crawl away from him while Sofi had asked what he had been doing. "Oh... I'm just looking at the garden" Thomas says softly with a shy smile and shrug. "What are you doing?"
Sofi jumped when Thomas did, startled by his being startled She laughed softly, a bit embarrassed by her reaction on top of his. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump," she said with a smile. She glanced down at the ground, curious about what had captured the boy's attention. "What did you find?" she asked, peering at the insect that was now crawling away. "The garden is full of loads interesting little finds, isn't it? I just came here to get out of the castle for a while." She confessed, even though it was huge, she did find Hogwarts claustrophobic from time to time.

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