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It's Your Heart That Holds Your Fate

Aurora Night

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There was an ever-growing list of horrifying things that Rory had come to realise during her fifth year at Hogwarts, and the latest thing happened to be that the all of the older students, who she'd ignored for most of her school life, were now just about the only people whose names Rory could recognise in her annual list of rose deliveries. It was madness to think that the younger kids were now the majority, although she could believe it with the way they spread themselves out all over the corridors between classes. She wished she could elbow them out of the way every time they did it but figured that the whining that would likely result wasn't worth the trouble. Merrill Piper was someone Rory was well acquainted with through her attendance at Quidditch games over the years and, thankfully, the older girl was still eating breakfast as Rory pushed herself up from the table to begin her deliveries. She was off to a good start. "Hey," Rory began, stopping in front of the older girl. "First rose of the day, just for you." She offered the flower out to Merrill with a grin.

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