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Onyx Derouin

Dramatic- Loyal- Growing- Soft Boi
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Jess S
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
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Eternally Smitten
Cedar Wood, Hippogriff Feather core, 13 1/2 inches
12/23/2033 (25)
Onyx was cold, he was wet, and his favorite jacket was covered in mud. He was almost sure there would be mucus on his calf from that nasty frog that had tried to climb him. But none of that mattered. He appeared in his bedroom with a pop, and couldn't help but fall immediately against the bedroom door. He sighed, biting his lip and smiling, bringing a hand up to press against his heart. I love him, he's perfect, he's the one, he sighed dreamily, closing his eyes to picture Jamie's face, letting himself get lost a moment in the fluttering of his heart and the dream that maybe Jamie really could be with him, could be his. That Onyx could belong to Jamie, that Jamie would love him back and care for him and they could be happy together. Onyx giggled a little, wondering if it would be too soon to send Jamie a note- no, a rose and a note. Maybe a red rose? Onyx giggled at the thought, sure in that moment that Jamie would be okay with it. Hell, maybe Onyx could change into his pajamas and go back, show up at Jamie's apartment and they could cuddle and take a nap together...
Jordie was bored, he was always bored when Onyx went out. He’d left at about ten that morning, and now it was six at night and almost time for supper; Jordie didn’t know where Onyx had run off to for eight hours. He was in Onyx’s room now, waiting for his older brother, bored and pouting at having been left home alone all day. He looked up from the comic book he had been reading when he heard the soft pop, smiling as he saw Onyx in the door. Er, on the door. Jordie sat up, tossing the comic book aside. “You look so cute,” He teased with a giggle. “Where’d you go, Nyxy? Was he cute, too?” He asked his older brother with a wry smile.
Onyx nearly jumped out of his skin, yelping in surprise and straightening quickly. “Jordan!” He ran a hand over his face, feeling embarrassed. “I went to a party,” He mumbled, walking over to his closet. He shrugged out of his jacket, glancing through his clothes for something decent to wear while he shimmied out of his wet outfit. “Why are you lurking in my room?” He asked, trying not to pout too much.
Jordie giggled, watching Onyx move around. “A party?” he asked, trying to act innocent. “Since when do you go to parties?” He asked, grinning widely. Onyx had been a homebody for ages, always curling up on the couch with Jordie and watching movies, or curling up on his couch and reading with his headphones in. Onyx didn’t go out often, so a ‘party’ was definitely a change of pace, especially one where he came back looking like that.
Onyx paid no mind to changing his clothes in front of his younger brother. If Jordie was going to lurk in Onyx’s room like a creeper, he could handle Onyx getting dressed again. Onyx briefly considered a shower, but he was honestly worn out from such a long and eventful day. “I do things,” He pouted, stepping into a new pair of pajama bottoms. “It was a birthday party for one of my friends, that’s it. We danced at the club for a while and then he showed me around Paris,” He shrugged. It had felt like so much more, but telling Jordie the basics of it made Onyx wonder. Had it truly been as simple as he was telling his brother? Jamie wanted to be friends, he was just being polite in showing Onyx around.

Onyx bit his lip as doubt crept into his mind again. This was just like it had been with Chrys, with Jake, wasn’t it? Onyx was fawning, thinking over every little thing and swooning, thinking of how much fun he had had and how they’d connected, was it possible Jamie was just… not feeling the same way Onyx was? Onyx stilled with his shirt in his hands, doubt twisting his gut painfully. That was it, of course it was. Onyx was reading too much into things, Jamie was flirting a bit, yeah, but he was just having fun, there was no way he had made any sort of lasting impression on the Frenchman, how could he? Jamie was perfect, young and fit with a flat of his own, a promising career, a bit of fame, plenty of friends. What did Onyx have to offer? He was a mess, jobless, living with his uncle with nothing to him and no real skills or social circle, literally the only thing he had was his Grandmother’s name and a bit of a trust fund. He sighed, wrapping his arms lightly around his torso.
Jordie watched Onyx, brow raised. How had his brother gone from looking like a lovesick fool to a kicked puppy? Jordie stood up and moved over, slipping underneath Onyx’s arms and standing in front of him. “Aw, I’m sure he thinks you’re cute, Nyxy,” Jordie promised, laying his arms loosely over Onyx’s waist and looking up to the man with a bit of a pout. “If he doesn’t it’s his own problem, I think you’re adorable and sweet and he would be lucky to have you,” Jordie tried to be reassuring.
Onyx jumped a little bit when Jordie appeared in front of him, pulling him from his thoughts. Onyx blinked, a light blush covering his cheeks. “Thanks, Jordie,” He smiled warmly, leaning down and cuddling his little brother. “You’re cuter,” He teased. He wanted to cuddle more, but he couldn’t help but sneeze loudly. Sniffling, Onyx straightened again. He rubbed his nose, feeling cold. He could feel his head starting to hurt a little bit.
James had been passing by Onyx’s room on his way to Jordie’s when he heard the sneeze. He peeked in, brow furrowing at the look on Onyx’s face. Oh no, James knew that look. It was always subtler at first, the sneezes and the dazed look as Onyx got cold. He sighed. “Boys, dinner,” He called, watching a moment before sighing and turning away. Great, this was going to be a blast. He shook his head, shutting the door. Better clear your schedule, he thought to himself, heading back down the hall.

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