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Mariposa Toviniski

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It was later than expected when Mariposa had finally begun to realize it was time to leave the little garden area she was sat in, and head back to the circus. The sun was setting by the time she'd even realized the situation she was in - not to mention she heard the family that owned the animals come home. Surely she'd have the cops called on her if they caught her in her circus clothing, sitting on their horse. The blonde slid off the back of the creature with a smile, and gave a few kisses to its face. If she had her way, the horse would come with her to the circus, after all, it did seem to like her. The small, fae-dressed girl turned and tiptoed through the barn she'd snuck into. The door was open, so it wasn't as if she'd broken in, and she made her way out. However, upon stepping bare feet on the cobblestone she realized another problem - she wasn't sure where she was.

Using a clever decision making skill called eenie, meenie, miney, moe - the girl decided on heading down one side street after another, trying to reach any sort of civilization. As she passed people who were wrapping up nights out and shopping she continued to ask stranger after stranger if they'd seen the circus lights. However, all she ever got from that were looks like she was insane. She wasn't. She was just a small adult dressed as a fairy looking for the circus - that was as normal as could be. Hoping someone, anyone, might be of help, she approached person after person - though quickly she became teary eyed and frustrated, now sure she was lost and she'd be eaten by a hag.

Eventine Shannara

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Eventine travelled alot, it was a hazard of the job really. He was a musician by trade, more to the annoyance of his father and though Even hadn't even really liked the guitar when he'd taken it up, he'd apparently been naturally gifted with music. So he'd continued. Almost everything he'd ever done in his life had been to piss off his father. Why wouldn't he, after all, the man was a real piece of work. Mistresses and illegitimate kids. Even himself was illegitimate and he hated it. Cal and the other two got all this stuff and Even and his non-pure siblings had to sort themselves out, coz that was fair. He'd, for some reason, decided to head to the Circus with a mate today, not that he'd expected anything to come of it. He'd left his friend at the other side of the circus and gone in search of some peace and quite. What he got, however, was a crying girl. He blinked uncertainly, dressed as she was, she could have been twelve, though, it was abundantly clear that she was definitely not twelve and Even had to slap himself in the face from being so vulgar. He was not his father. He approached her slowly, curiosity alighting his features. "Hey, you alright, did something happen to you?" He couldn't understand why a clearly grown woman, might be sitting under a tree crying. He hoped that the state of her clothing was not an indication of something having happened.​

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