Ilvermorny Practice S1

Jenny was very surprised when she spotted and then with ease caught the snitch.
Larissa saw Jenny catch the snitch and shouted, "Way to go, Jenny!"
Hadrian was, when he thought about it, scared of most of the girls on this team, but he tried not to show it as he cheered for Jenny and then went in to pick up the quaffle again when nobody else did.
Larissa continued to search for a bludger.
Hadrian had less luck this time around. Maybe he just needed to take more underhanded opportunities, but he was a decent lad and also feared what Pearl might do to him if he crossed her.
Larissa wondered where the bludgers were.
Larissa still found nothing to hit.
Larissa managed to find a bludger, and she smacked it, where it swerved and hit @Pearl Parra instead.
Pearl caught the quaffle again and then tossed it back out into play.
Ocean swung her bat at a bludger, meaning to aim it for one of the seekers but it sailed for @Larissa Baros instead. "Heads up!" She called out to the other beater hoping she might be able to smack it away.
[slinks into practice a week late oops]
Melrose had been lurking, doing slow laps around the pitch for most of the practice, still unsteady on his broom and even more uneasy around the team members. With so many of them being older students in his house (and girls to boot), it wasn't like he could lie and say he'd played well in practice if anyone asked, so the pressure to actually do well had stayed his hand for most of the practice so far.

Still, he had to make a move eventually, almost surprised by his daring as Melrose shot forward and grabbed the quaffle when Pearl threw it back into play.
Hadrian hung back, watching the younger boy with the quaffle in silent relief that he at least wasn't completely surrounded by terrifying girls.
Melrose was still feeling off balance, trying to keep ahold of the quaffle and his broom without looking like a total idiot. He spotted Hadrian lurking nearby, wondering if he should try and pass it instead of risking taking a shot but as he neared the hoops it seemed like Pearl might be just distracted enough that he could spot an opening in the far hoop, shocking himself as the quaffle barely rolled through. "I did it!" He said excitedly, immediately quietening himself after the outburst even if the ember of pride stayed.
Hadrian had to lift his game to not get shown up, though he was pretty happy that Melrose had scored. "Nice one!" he called, flying in to grab the quaffle himself to hopefully get a successful shot on goal too.
Melrose was still riding his high, giving Hadrien a smile, pleased the other chaser had seen his goal. At least now if he told people he'd scored in practice, it wouldn't be a lie.
Hadrian unfortunately didn't manage to ride the momentum and also score, but Pearl was probably a bit more determined to block after the last one.
Ocean looked around for another bludger.
Melrose wasn't surprised when Hadrian didn't make it past Pearl too, fairly sure his own goal had a been a fluke, not that he would say so outloud. Still, feeling a bit braver, he grabbed the quaffle again as it was thrown back in, settling it under his arm a bit more comfortably this time.
Melrose was feeling less confident now as he approached the hoops again. What if he missed this time? Would that totally overwrite his previous goal? Had it all been beginner's luck? He glanced around for the other chasers, hoping maybe he could just pass instead.
Hadrian hovered around, keeping an eye on Melrose. He knew he was a year above the other boy but he didn't really feel like it sometimes, mostly feeling a bit out of his depth in this team. At home he was the eldest, but it was a completely different vibe here. Still, he at least felt like the two of them should stick together a bit, the big-brother instinct kicking in just slightly. "You good?"
Melrose was still hesitating when Hadrian spoke up, panicking and immediately making a frankly awful attempt on goal instead of doing something sane like trying to pass or aim. "Uh. Yeah. Sort of. Oops," he said sheepishly as the quaffle barely even made it close to Pearl, let alone the hoops.
Zoey was done letting the younger students have their turn and quickly scooped up the quaffle and made her way around the pitch.
Melrose wasn't about to challenge one of their captains, especially with how sweaty his palms were after missing his last shot. He half-heartedly followed her, not wanting to threaten or encourage her to pass to him but enough to maybe at least look like he was tryign.
Zoey tossed the quaffle but swore under her breath as she missed.
Melrose felt a little better after seeing both Zoey and Hadrian miss. This was practice after all right? He could miss a few times and not be a complete mess he tried to assure himself, feeling more encouraged to move forward and grab the quaffle as it was thrown back into play.

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