Ilvermorny Practice S1

Pearl Parra

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04/2045 (15)
Pearl arrived at the pitch as most others did. "Right get in the air," she told them, wanting to waste no time. They had a game upcoming and they needed to be ready for it. She glanced at the co-captain to see f she had anything to say, and then she was done and Pearl was getting on her broom.

OOCOut of Character:
No entrances, just get started

Zoey didn't waste anytime grabbing the quaffle and getting in the air. They had work to do.
Pearl flew to the hoops getting ready for the quaffle to come her way.
Zoey came up to the hoops with quaffle in hand but it slipped at the last minute and her aim was off. With a sigh she tried to brush it off and stay focused.
Hadrian took up the quaffle after Zoey took a shot on goal, though he wasn't sure if he was warmed up enough to succeed.
Unsurprisingly, Hadrian wasn't able to score right away.
Pearl tossed the quaffle back out after the failed attempt to score.
Jenny did not catch the snitch.
Larissa took off around the pitch in search of a bludger to smack.
When no one else went for the quaffle right away, Hadrian swooped in to try again.
Zoey flew close to Hardian, putting on the pressure hoping it would push him to stay focused. If not she was ready to take over when he missed.
Hadrian was way too scared (and sensible) to tell Zoey she was totally throwing him off his game but he did quietly think it was her fault he whiffed his throw and missed.
Larissa did not hit anything.
Pearl caught the ball from the chaser and then tossed it back out.
Jenny did not catch anything.
Ocean hopped onto her bloom and chased a bludger.
Larissa did not find a bludger to hit.
Hadrian went for the quaffle again, at this point trying to save face a bit.
Ocean missed.
So did Hadrian, feeling rather self conscious now and hoping someone else failed for a bit.
Flexed her arm as she flew.
Hadrian picked up the quaffle again and quickly shot through and scored. He was pleased he did but his writer wasn't as she had meant to click the other action button and now feels like it was cheating a little. Thankfully, the young chaser was immune to these thoughts.
Larissa did not find anything to hit.
Neither did Ocean.
Pearl was a bit frustrated when someone scored, but she just grabbed the quaffle and then tossed it back out into play.

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