Hufflepuff Quidditch Practice - Y46 S2

Chase Campbell

⚡beater + captain⚡
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09/2045 (15)

Chase could hardly believe how quickly their game against Gryffindor had been over last semester. While he could applaud the Gryffindor seeker for catching the snitch so quickly he would've preferred a longer game. Although he was sure his thoughts on the matter would sway if Penelope had been the one to catch the snitch. "Right, huddle up." He told his team as he beckoned them closer. "We're just going to forget about the game against Gryffindor, yeah? We lost, that's it. No need to sulk about it. The only thing that's important now is trying to not end up in fourth place." Chase said, trying his best to come up with something a better captain than him might say. "So let's get some practice in." He simply nodded before setting the bludgers and the snitch loose and throwing the quaffle up into the air.

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No arrivals, let's get straight to it!
Callie moved to the hoops and got ready to protect them.
Bailey got her practice started by climbing on her broom and setting off to find the snitch.
Marley flew up into the air and looked for a bludger to hit
Oz nodded at the captain and took up the quaffle, heading for the goals. He didn't want to look as silly as he did last game.
Oz knew it was too much to hope for that he'd go straight to scoring when he got on his broom, but a boy could dream.
Penny started looking for the snitch quickl;y.
Penelope yelped as a bludger hit her, that was fast. She groaned, trying to keep herself focused.
Oz went back for the quaffle when nobody else did.
Somehow, he still missed. He blamed his smaller arms.
Bailey continued to look for the snitch.
Chase looked for another bludger.
Oz gave a hmph of annoyance as he took the quaffle yet again, seeing as the other chasers weren't paying much attention. He had to score sometime soon, he just had to.
Oz remembered to come back to this thread to try and score, and a good thing he did since the quaffle finally went through the hoops.

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