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Jenna Jusantrea

🐉Dragonologists |friendly| singer ‍🎤
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Half Blood
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Too Young to Care
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Pear Wand 11 5/8" Mermaid Scale
12 (10June, 2049.)
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It turned out that now was the right time to return home filled with joy. Jenna did not immediately run to her brother to embrace her, but the first she called was Bell. Definitely when the girl will go to see her best friend Daniel later because she was long overdue. ''Bella, Where are you?'' Jenna asked her dog, becouse she was so much miss her and she hoped that Bella would not lose weight and would not look weak and she was well cared for. It was nice to put her belongings in the room before and Jenna had already called half her friends when she was back home in New Yourk. '' There are you, Bella!'' She cried gladly when Bella was lying on the couch. Bella cheered happily and ran to her mistress. Bella was so sweet and Jenna raised her to caress. Then Bella was lowered to the ground and then the two started running around the house. It was nice to be back home. Bella roared loudly and cheered her tail as she ran after Jenna.

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